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Growing freesia at home: tips, rules, recommendations

growing freesia at home Growing freesia at home has become a truly exciting experience for many gardeners. Indeed, the plant often adorns garden beds. But when it blooms in the house, the hearts of fans are filled with indescribable joy. Practice shows that freesia is a rather capricious flower. Therefore, flower growers make a lot of effort so that she gives them exquisite buds..

The plant was introduced to Europe 200 years ago. At first it was grown in flower beds and gardens, but over time, freesia migrated to window sills and became a houseplant..

Description of a delicate flower

freesia in the garden

Freesia is a charming plant with graceful buds that exude the unique scents of summer:

  • the freshness of the rain;
  • ripe fruits;
  • green foliage;
  • lily of the valley;
  • jasmine.

delicate bloomGrowing freesia at home is truly worthwhile. The plant grows up to 60 cm in height. Large buds of various shades develop on long, upright shoots. The root system consists of bulbous tubers.

freesia blooms in a potFreesia belongs to the Iris family (Iris). Its homeland is considered to be the tropical part of Africa, as well as the Cape region of the South African Republic. At least one species was brought from Sudan. Being in their natural environment, freesia tubers are in a dormant state. And as soon as the rainy season begins, they come to life. During this period, the thirsty earth is filled with the indescribable beauty of blossoming buds. How you want to transfer such a miracle to your home and turn it into an oasis of pleasure. planting materialExperienced growers know how to achieve this goal..

Planting material (bulbs) should not be kept in the refrigerator so that rot does not start in it.

Growing freesia at home: expert advice

freesia in a potBefore you get down to business, you should choose a plant variety that can take root indoors. After all, the homeland of the flower is the African continent, where the climate is far from ideal. The main thing is to create suitable conditions in the house, and it will turn into a valley of lush flowers..

freesia varieties for growing at homeFor growing freesia at home, a hybrid version is used. It combines 2 types – “Broken” and “Armstrong”. It was specially brought out to decorate the premises. To date, more than 20 types of such specimens are known..

Before planting freesia in a pot, select high-quality viable tubers. They are distinguished by the following features:

  • lack of rotten spots;
  • elasticity and density;
  • maximum size – 2.5 cm.

When the planting material is ready, it is placed in a dry and warm place for 14 days. Some color lovers place them on a cabinet where the temperature does not drop below 25 degrees.. processing the bulbs before plantingBefore planting freesia bulbs, they are first soaked in a weak solution of foundationol or potassium permanganate. The soil is shed with the same means, in which the African princess will “settle”.

During soaking, you do not need to remove the scales from the tubers, so as not to damage the planting material.

Next, you should take the following steps:

  • special holes are made at the bottom of the container for drainage;
  • pebbles, brick chips or expanded clay are laid:
  • prepared soil is poured;
  • watered with water;
  • at a distance of 3 or 5 cm, place the bulbs with a sharp tip up;
  • with a slight movement of the fingers, the tubers are buried into the soil by 2 cm;
  • cover with earth.

planting freesiaIn order for the freesia in the pot to take root successfully, it is kept in a room with a minimum temperature of 18 ° C. After 3 weeks, sprouts will appear, which need to be provided with bright lighting..

A guest from Africa is a rather sociable plant, so it is better to grow it several pieces in one pot or container..

Planting freesia in a pot for a home greenhouse

home greenhouseOne of the advantages of the African beauty is its cultivation in any climatic zone at home. Depending on the time of planting, you can plan its flowering. If you plant freesia in a pot in spring, it will bloom in 3 months. As a result, the room will turn into an oasis of pleasure. In order for the buds to open in January, the plant is planted in the fall. The best option is October.

the process of growing freesiaYou can grow freesia on a windowsill in a container, the diameter of which is about 15 cm. Its bottom is covered with expanded clay, and sprinkled with drainage charcoal on top. Next, prepare the soil:

  • sod land (2 parts);
  • sand (1 part);
  • humus (part 1);
  • phosphate-potassium dressing (1 portion).

The ingredients are mixed and filled into the container. About 6 tubers are planted in it, deepening 6 cm into the ground.The plant is placed in a room with diffused lighting and a temperature of at least 15 ° C. When sprouts appear, moderate watering is carried out..

When the first stems get stronger, it is advisable to transfer the container to a place where the air temperature is not lower than 20 ° C.

Growing freesia from seeds

freesia seedsThe original way to acquire a tropical beauty is to sow its seeds. The best period for this is March. In order for the plant to germinate faster, the planting material is soaked for 12 hours in warm water. At this time, containers and soil are prepared..seed shoots

Growing freesia from seeds begins with the following actions:

  • a drainage layer is placed on the bottom of the container;
  • a soil mixture of sand, peat and humus is poured over the expanded clay;
  • seeds are laid to a depth of 10 mm and covered with soil.

Next, the container is covered with glass or cling film to accelerate the germination of freesia from seeds. The room temperature should be approximately 20-25 ° C. Crops are periodically moistened with a spray bottle. The greens will appear in about 10 days.

To avoid condensation, it is necessary to ventilate containers daily by removing glass or film..

Forcing and transplanting an African princess

flowers for the holidaySince freesia can be grown throughout the year, experienced color lovers use various methods for this. The most popular option is distillation. The process is delayed for about 20 weeks, after which the house turns into an original greenhouse.

sprouted bulbsIt is best to plant freesia for distillation according to the seasons, having previously calculated the period of its growth and flowering. As a result, the buds can be admired in early spring, in the winter cold or in late autumn. The process begins by planting tubers in containers. Then they are brought into a room where the temperature does not exceed 16 ° C. They must be there for 7 weeks.. forcing freesiaIn winter, the plant needs additional lighting. If all the rules of distillation are observed, at any time of the year the house is filled with delicate flowers..

Freesia is most often transplanted in the spring. The procedure is performed in a room where the temperature does not exceed 15 ° C. It is important to maintain such a microclimate for 3 weeks until the first shoots appear..

Freesia care rules at home

freesia careLike all indoor plants, the African beauty requires special attention. Experienced flower fans have noticed that the plant grows better away from direct sunlight. Moreover, he needs diffused light for 14 hours. The best place for a flower is the west side.

Competent home care for freesia involves a number of simple activities:

  • selection of soil of any acidity;
  • timely feeding;
  • regular watering;
  • keep the plant out of drafts.

successful cultivationIn addition, freesia species that have spreading branches and foliage should be planted in large pots and propped up. To keep the plant lush, the room should be kept at a temperature of about 22 ° C. Withered buds must be cut off. This procedure helps to strengthen neighboring peduncles..

As practice shows, watering a plant corresponds to its development phase. During sprouting of tubers, freesia is watered moderately, and when it blooms – abundantly. Before each watering, you need to check the condition of the topsoil. It must be completely dry. Excessive moisture can lead to rotting of the plant tubers..

spraying freesiaDuring hot periods of summer heat, freesia should be regularly sprayed with a spray bottle. This procedure contributes to the active growth and exuberant flowering of the African beauty. The plant needs feeding every 14 days. For this, gardeners use special chemicals..

When the freesia has completely bloomed, there is no need to rush to prune the shoots and foliage. For 2-3 weeks, tubers are formed, after which the flower will again throw out the buds.

Growing freesia by March 8 – video

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