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Planting and caring for perennial evening primrose

planting and caring for perennial evening primrose Knowing what the planting and caring for perennial evening primrose should be like, you can grow a beautiful and healthy plant. This is a unique culture that not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has medicinal properties. How to properly plant and care for perennial evening primrose can be seen in the photo below.

Description and main types of evening primrose

flowerbed with evening primrose As soon as they do not call a perennial plant with beautiful yellow flowers blooming in the late afternoon. Florists call it evening primrose or primrose, and the people affectionately called the plant “night primrose” and even “evening candle”. There are many varieties of evening primrose – about 150. Each variety has its own external differences and requires some features in the care. The flower is in high esteem among gardeners, it helps to decorate flower beds beautifully.

The most popular are the following types of evening primrose:

  1. Fragrant evening primrose. Shade-loving representative of the “night primrose”. The variety is best placed near trees or some kind of canopy that gives shade. The tall plant reaches a meter in height, it goes well in flower beds with other, lower flowers. The fragrant evening primrose has very large yellow flowers, open in the afternoon and evening.fragrant evening primrose
  2. Large-flowered or biennial evening primrose. The donkey grows up to 2 meters, therefore it is very popular. Reveals bright yellow inflorescences during the day, spreads a very pleasant aroma.Evening primrose grandiflorum
  3. Shrub evening primrose. The cultivar forms strong stems about 90 cm tall, they are highly branched, yellow. In the autumn, the leaves of the plant change color from green to burgundy, which looks very beautiful with flowers.shrub evening primrose
  4. The Missouri variety came to us from the southern part of North America. A perennial rarely exceeds 40 cm in height. Planting and caring for Missouri evening primrose is no different from other species. The buds are very large, resembling cups, reaching 10 cm in diameter. During flowering, a delicate aroma with a slight citrus hue appears. Flowering period – from summer to almost frost.missouri evening primrose
  5. The quadrangular variety of primrose was also brought to our region from North America. It blooms in June and blooms until the end of summer. Winters well, does not freeze. It is easy to plant it by dividing the bushes into parts. The height of the specimens is about 70 cm.Evening primrose quadrangular

Beautiful evening primrose is no less popular. The flower grows up to 60 cm tall. Small buds of pink or white shade. The value of a plant is not only in its beauty. The donkey is also used in medicine; cosmetic mixtures are prepared from it..

Planting and caring for perennial evening primrose

nutrient soil for evening primroseThe plant is demanding for good lighting, but it can grow in rather shaded areas. Planting and caring for perennial evening primrose of different species is the same. With regular fertilization, loosening the soil, the flower tolerates frost well.

Evening primrose does not tolerate excess moisture, so it is better to plant it on sandy soils or loam.

The soil for this flower should be fairly loose, with sufficient air permeability. It is necessary that water does not accumulate in the ground, otherwise it will quickly lead to rotting of the roots of the flower and its death.

At the end of winter, you need to prepare the beds with evening primrose so that it can endure the winter well. The aerial part of the stems is not sparingly pruned. Near the root, the soil is covered with a mixture for mulching with a layer of 6-7 cm. You can use compost or peat for these purposes. Pruning not only helps to withstand frost, but also regulates the growth of the bush. If this is not done, then the lush evening primrose will “drown out” the neighboring flowers..

powdery mildewThe donkey does not cause much trouble to its owners when growing. Another big “plus” of this flower is that it rarely gets sick, and pests practically do not settle on it. The only “sore” that haunts yellow flowers is the ubiquitous powdery mildew.

First, all parts of the plant are covered with a whitish bloom. Later, it darkens, and the affected leaves and buds turn brown. The plates curl, dry, fall off. The formed buds dry out even before they begin to bloom. In order to prevent powdery mildew, beds with “night primrose” must be treated with sulfur before the buds begin to form. If plaque begins to form, then the leaves should be washed with a solution of soap and soda.

fertilizer for evening primroseIn order for the plant to please with abundant flowering, it needs top dressing. The ideal option is complex fertilizers. In the summer, superphosphate is added at the rate of a tablespoon per square meter. This must be done before flowering begins. When the yellow buds bloom, you should make a special feeding for flowering plants. It is beneficial to feed evening primrose during this period with wood ash (2 tablespoons per square meter) or potassium sulfate (1 tablespoon per square meter).

Evening primrose breeding methods

Growing evening primrose from seeds is a snap. It is important to choose a suitable place for the plant..

Sowing in open ground

evening primrose seedsBefore planting evening primrose seeds, you should choose the best place. Since the plant is light-loving, it is best to choose the south side. Sowing can be carried out directly into the ground. To do this, in late summer or early autumn, ripe plant seeds are harvested. If this is not done, then the ants will perform this task themselves and will spread the seeds of the “evening candle” throughout the entire territory of the site..

Before sowing grains, humus should be added to the ground, as well as fertilizers containing a sufficient amount of phosphorus and potassium compounds. Then the soil is dug up, well watered. Sowing is carried out to a depth of about 3 cm, the seeds are slightly covered with earth.

Growing evening primrose seedlings

growing evening primrose seedlingsEach method has its own advantages. Sowing seeds is much easier to do. But if you grow evening primrose from seedlings, then it will bloom magnificently in the first summer after planting. The bushes will be strong, huge. Therefore, this method is often used by florists when growing a primrose..

Any plants, including evening primrose, should not be transplanted in the heat, when the bright sun is shining..

To get good seedlings, even in winter (in February), you need to sow seeds in pots filled with peat. They are placed in a greenhouse or covered with foil to speed up the germination of seeds. When the first leaves appear, the greenhouse is removed, and the seedlings are watered until 5-6 leaves appear. No earlier than May, it will be possible to plant it on the beds. The depressions are significant, about half a meter. Enough space is left between individual specimens for the formation of bushes – 50-60 cm.After planting, the sprouts should be well watered.

Dividing the bush

division of evening primrose bushEvening primrose can be successfully grown not only from seeds. Good results are obtained by separating the bushes of this flower. This must be done at the very end of spring or already at the beginning of autumn, when there is no heat. Parts of the plant are chosen so that they have creeping roots with a developed growth point.

Evening primrose is such a tenacious plant that it can be transplanted in the summer. The flower takes root well. The bushes do not wither for several days without planting in the ground and without abundant watering. After planting, the plant quickly takes root and begins to develop.

The bright sunny evening primrose flower, if properly cared for, will adorn any garden plot. If you water and fertilize in a timely manner, then it will delight all summer with its beautiful flowering..

Evening primrose flower blooms – video

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