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Unusual medlar at home from a bone

medlar at home from a bone In order for the medlar to grow at home from the bone well, you should know the features of this plant and the rules for planting it. It grows in the form of a tree, which is appreciated all over the world not only for its attractive appearance, but also for its interesting berries. Many have heard about this culture, but not everyone knows how medlar grows.

Description of the plant

ripens loquat In nature, there are about 30 species of this plant. But despite this variety, only a few of them can be grown at home. The most popular is the Caucasian or German medlar, as it is also called. It is also good at home and in the open field, the Japanese medlar develops.

These types of fruit trees differ significantly from each other. The only thing that is similar in them is the fruit that tastes good. The berries of the Japanese medlar look very much like an apricot. The pulp is soft and juicy. They tolerate transportation and long-term storage well..

For the first time, the ancient Greeks began to grow medlar more than 2,700 years ago..

As for the German medlar, it is not intended for fresh consumption. Before tasting the berries, it is necessary that they mature well and freeze a little. It is these conditions that give the pulp tenderness and pleasant taste..

Fruits are rich in nutrients such as:

  • potassium;
  • iodine;
  • vitamins A, C, B;
  • folic acid;
  • selenium;
  • manganese;
  • calcium.

The native land of the plant is the Balkan Peninsulas, Iran, Asia Minor. It can often be found in the Crimean mountains and in the Caucasus.. medlar in the Crimean mountainsThe plant belongs to the group of thermophilic crops, therefore, loquat is increasingly grown at home. In a room, she is capable of reaching 2 meters in height. Deciduous plates are leathery. From above, each of them is shiny, and from below – velvet. During the flowering period, the room is filled with a pleasant almond aroma, which lasts for quite a long time..

loquat blossomsThe flowers are self-pollinating. But despite this, many housewives, in order to increase yields, carry out artificial pollination. At the end of flowering, berries appear in place of the buds. Their diameter ranges from 8 cm.The fruits grow in bunches.

Rules for growing plants in indoor conditions

growing medlar at homeThe medlar at home in a pot is a real decoration of the family nest. She is not very demanding in care. Observance of several rules, and your house will acquire a beautiful appearance, pleasant aroma, and children will enjoy exotic fruits.

To grow a loquat in a pot, you can use both shoots and seeds. For those who decide to use the first method, you will need to separate last year’s shoots. Cut the twigs into small cuttings and place in moist soil. Then cover the container with a glass jar and put in a warm place for a month..

The fruits of the plant are used to treat pathologies of the intestines and genitourinary system..

As for growing medlar fruit at home from a stone, this is the simplest and most popular method. Everyone can plant an exotic tree in this way. If everything is done correctly, then soon your windowsill will be decorated with a beautiful plant..

ripe medlar berriesThe first thing to start with is the selection of ripe berries. Bones must be removed from them and cleaned of pulp..

selection of seeds for plantingPut the seeds in a container and rinse well under running water. Then put the seed on the windowsill so that it dries well. Since the grains are covered with a dense shell, apply scarification. To do this, you need to take sandpaper and rub the seed with it. You can also use a file. Processing with these methods allows you to destroy the dense part, thus accelerating the germination of the bone.

The second step in growing a medlar tree at home is to soak the seeds. To do this, you need to immerse the seed in a container with water. It is important to keep the liquid at room temperature. All seeds that float can be thrown away. They are unsuitable for planting. Only those grains that remain at the bottom of the vessel need to be planted in the soil..

the seed of the medlar sproutedAfter the first shoots appear, the container must be rearranged to partial shade. This is due to the fact that the seedlings are afraid of the scorching sun and may stop developing..

After the appearance of a full third pair of leaves, the plants can begin to form. It is during this period that you should pinch the medlar. This will allow you to get a beautiful tree that will delight the eye for many years..

Caring for a medlar in an apartment

crown formationIn order for a young plant to feel good, it is necessary not only to water it correctly, but also to choose the optimal place in the room. Also, special attention should be paid to watering. After all, a lot depends on the amount of moisture..


This is one of the important conditions for growing medlar at home. The tree develops best on windows that face south. It also feels good in the southeastern part. The plant gives a bountiful harvest only if the flowerpot is not in the shade.

Before growing a medlar at home, it should be remembered that an adult tree responds well to direct sunlight..

Indoor air temperature

temperature controlMedlar is a tropical plant, therefore, the indicators must be appropriate. The optimal figures are 20 – 250 C. When growing in room conditions, care must be taken that the thermometer does not fall below 150 C. In the warm season, it is recommended to take the flowerpot out into the fresh air. It can be a balcony or a terrace. In winter, the tree is kept on the windowsill or away from the window. In the second case, installation of additional lighting is required..

Planting substrate

quality substrateBefore planting a medlar, you need to prepare a mixture. A peat substrate is best. You can buy it at any flower shop. When growing such a tree, it is important to ensure that the soil is neutral in acidity..

To prepare the earth yourself, you will need:

  • four parts of sod soil;
  • one part of sand (coarse);
  • two pieces of deciduous land;
  • one part of compost.

All components must be mixed well. The resulting substrate does not need additional processing, so it can be used immediately for the procedure..


If you follow the rules of soil renewal, you can be sure that the tree will always grow and bear fruit well. Unfortunately, not everyone knows when to replant the medlar, so often the leaves begin to fall off, and the tree does not increase in size..

The soil should be changed once a year. For this it is necessary to use the “transshipment” method. If the plant has grown significantly, then the flowerpot will need to be replaced. Adult crops need to change the soil every three years. The pot should be a few centimeters wider than the root system itself. It is imperative to lay drainage at the bottom of the container. To do this, you can use pebbles or crushed broken brick. Small crushed stone also performs its tasks well.


fertilizerThe tree should be fed from early April to September. The number of procedures performed should not exceed twice every 30 days. Complex preparations are best suited for this. A good option is products designed for cacti and indoor roses..


regular wateringWatering the crop directly depends on the season. In summer, when it is hot outside, you need to irrigate the tree often and abundantly. The soil should always be slightly damp. Winter is a dormant period for the tree. Therefore, the procedure must be carried out to a minimum, while making sure that the earthen lump does not completely dry out. Water for irrigation should be taken exclusively at room temperature. It is recommended to stand well before use..

In order for the air to penetrate well to the roots, the top of the soil should be loosened once a week..


It is necessary in order to form a beautiful bush. Using scissors, you need to periodically remove the tops of the shoots. To accelerate their growth, you will need to cut off the peak part of the plant. This significantly activates the growth of lateral branches..


plant pestsThe tree is often affected by insects. Also, the plant can suffer from improper care. If the leaves of the medlar have begun to dry, it is necessary to carefully examine their back and front sides. Often a similar trait appears as a result of the development of insects. In the case of bystanders, the tree must be treated with an insecticide. Also, wilting of leaves can be observed as a result of waterlogging of the soil. If nothing is done, then the root system will fester, and the plant itself will die..

In order to get rid of the sooty fungus and scale insects, systemic drugs will be the best option. You can also treat the plates with water and laundry soap, but only after carrying out this procedure, you should buy the trees under a warm shower..

In order to grow medlar at home only bring positive emotions, you should follow the tips and rules. Timely watering, proper feeding and the right choice of place will allow you to grow a healthy and beautiful tree with an unusual appearance and colorful fruits. Delicious and incredibly healthy berries will become the best fruits of dining tola.

Video about the beneficial properties of medlar

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