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These amazing species and varieties of Volzhanka

types and varieties of Volzhanka The species and varieties of Volzhanka are known all over the world. These are unique flowers that are recognized by their colorful inflorescences and neat bushes. What are the flowers and how they differ, read on.

Popular types and varieties of Volzhanka

lush bloom of aruncus Another name for Volzhanka is aruncus. This plant belongs to horticultural crops, lives for several years and is a real decoration of any site. This is the flower that does not require special care, but at the same time it develops well and blooms profusely..

As a houseplant, it is better to grow the Noble Spirit variety..

Volzhanka horatio

Volzhanka HoratioThis plant grows not too high – up to 65 cm. Horatio is distinguished by its original stems, which have a red tint. Therefore, the flower is widely used for decorating flower beds and winter gardens..

It is recommended to grow this variety in one place no more than 5-7 years. If you take proper care, the flower will live over 10 years and all this time it will delight you with its original flowering. Proper care consists in systematic watering, especially if direct sunlight constantly falls on the bush. It is also recommended to periodically feed the culture..

Kamchatka Volzhanka

Kamchatka VolzhankaUnder natural conditions, this type of plant lives in Kamchatka, Alaska, Sakhalin, the Far East, Japan, Korea, Okhotia. This flower is tall enough. With proper care, it reaches more than one and a half meters. Oval leaves, lush inflorescences, a strong root system – these are the main features of the Kamchatka aruncus. Flowering occurs in mid-summer, the seeds ripen in September. The best place for a shrub is partial shade. Because of this, it is often used to decorate flower beds near which trees are planted..

Volzhanka etusifolius

Volzhanka EtusifoliusThis species is one of the smallest. The bush grows up to 27 cm tall. Flowers of white or beige color are collected in long inflorescences. The leaves of the plant are oval bright.

The most famous variety is Noble Spirit. The bush reaches a height of 35 cm. Flowering occurs in early summer. When opened, the buds acquire a snow-white hue. After the flowers wither, the inflorescences remain and delight the eye with their decorative appearance for a long time. They turn brown, and seeds appear inside. In order for Noble Spirit to please with abundant flowering, you should provide it with good drainage, as well as periodically fertilize and loosen the soil.

Volzhanka dioicus (dioecious, common): plant characteristics

Volzhanka dioicusThis variety of Volzhanka comes from the Caucasus. Despite the external resemblance to astilba, the plant differs in size and color of the buds. They are completely different, it all depends on the gender of the flower. In Volzhanka dioecious, female flowers are often painted only white, but male flowers acquire a beige tint. In terms of size, the buds are quite large, in addition, they are much more powerful than that of Astilbe..

Volzhanka has been living on one site for over 9 years. In autumn, its leaves become deep red and do not fall off for a long time..

Dioecious Volzhanka grows up to 1.9 m tall. The plant is distinguished by long, even stems. With proper care, the bush grows in diameter up to 1.1 m.Leaves appear from thick petioles, which outwardly are somewhat similar to fern plates.

There are the following types of Volzhanka common:

  1. Forest Volzhanka Dzineya fow. The plant throws out white-pink flowers, reaches 1.9 m in height.
  2. Volzhanka Kneffi. The flower loves water, grows no more than a meter, is distinguished by carved branched leaves.Volzhanka Kneffi
  3. Misty Lace. The bush grows up to a meter in height. It has a neat appearance thanks to its bright green leaves. The buds have a soft creamy shade.Volzhanka Misty Lace

Volzhanka blooms in the middle of summer. Flowers exude a tart but pleasant scent. Due to this, many insects are always circling around the plant. Seeds from the Volzhanka are harvested in September – then they are already fully ripe. Grains are sown at the end of November, however, it is worth considering that the bush will begin to bloom only after a few years..

Varieties of Volzhanka dioecious

In the garden of flower growers, you can often see the volzhanka dioica and its interesting varieties..

Volzhanka kokoryshelistnaya

volzhanka koryshilistnayaThis is a small bush, the height of which reaches only 27 cm. The plant is considered to be undersized, but at the same time original and sophisticated. Beautiful dark leaves charmingly shimmer under the sun’s rays. Creamy white flowers form on the plant. They are located above the leaves. Flowering occurs in June-July. This type is most often used to decorate flower beds and borders..

To make the bush beautiful and healthy, feed it with organic fertilizers. It is also recommended to use universal granular products..

Aruncus perfection

aruncus perfectionThis type of Volzhanka also does not differ in its large size. The height of the bush grows about the same as that of the cocoa-leaf volzhanka. Aruncus perfection has a compact form. Inflorescences in this species have the shape of a panicle. The buds are white and dense. The seeds form in capsules, which turn red by the time they are fully ripe. This variety is often used in landscape design compositions..

Arunkus perfection looks beautiful in flower beds, near ponds.

If Volzhanka grows in an area with a warm climate, it is simply covered with a film for the winter. This will be enough for the flower to tolerate low temperatures well..

Many gardeners speak warmly about this variety of Volzhanka. This is due to its beautiful appearance and unpretentiousness..

American Volzhanka

American VolzhankaThe homeland of this variety is North America. The plant is quite tall – almost a meter. Flowering occurs in early summer. The rhizome of the bush is quite long, and about 7 cm is added to it every year. This variety is considered not as spreading as the dioecious volzhanka. The leaves are light green, carved. Inflorescences are collected in light spikelets.

Volzhanka American has much fewer buds than ordinary.

The plant has earned its popularity due to its neat appearance and small size (it does not take up much space on the site). Due to this, this variety is the most popular when creating landscape compositions..

Asian Volzhanka

Asian VolzhankaThis is a tall plant that occurs naturally in Siberia. One bush reaches a height of two to three meters. The leaves are deep green. They are all feathery and small in size..

Unlike others, this species has small roots. Flowers are collected in compact inflorescences. With proper care, they bloom in June. This variety is not as susceptible to frost as the dioecious Volzhanka. After all, the natural habitat of the bush is not only Siberia, but also the eastern regions of China..

The most favorable conditions for Asiatic Volzhanka are considered to be a partial shade area and a fertile moist soil. In decorative arts, the Asian variety is used to decorate walls and other vertical surfaces..

In addition to the above species, there are numerous artificially bred varieties. Distinctive features of hybrids are various shades of buds, as well as a small compact bush, which is grown both in winter gardens and indoors..

Best hybrids

Popular hybrid varieties that are increasingly found on the windows of high-rise apartments:

  1. Johannisfest. This is a small bush, the height of which does not even reach 40 cm. It has fluffy spreading shoots. The leaves are bright and large. It blooms in pink and cream shades. The shape of the inflorescences resembles panicles with graceful curves. The variety tolerates drought and heat well. Therefore, even slightly dry soil will not harm the bush..Volzhanka Johannisfest
  2. Waldemar Meyer. This variety is slightly higher than the previous one. Its height is within 55 cm. The plant looks favorably under the sun’s rays: dark leaves shimmer beautifully and reflect light. Inflorescences of extraordinary beauty appear from dense red stems. The buds of the Volzhanka are white-pink, bloom in the middle of summer and bloom for 30-40 days.Volzhan Waldemar Meyer

We hope that you have received the most complete information regarding this type of plant like Volzhanka. Numerous varieties and types of Volzhanka allow you to choose the one that will most suit the chosen apartment interior or landscape design. These plants will perfectly decorate any area and will become a real highlight of your winter garden..

Unpretentious volzhanka for the garden – video

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