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The subtleties of caring for amazing acidity at home

Beautiful oxalis in the interior Oxalis, a flower of happiness, a butterfly – it’s all about her, a gentle guest from a shady forest, who settled at the window. A cute oxalis flower care at home requires uncomplicated, loved and unusual by everyone. Its triangular leaves resemble butterfly wings, fold in pairs when touched. The leaves are colored from dark purple to bright green. Flowers also have different colors. Caring for acid is easy, within the power of a novice florist.

Basic information about the plant

Oxalis ordinary – a resident of deciduous forests in central Europe and Russia. This is a perennial plant that reproduces in the spruce forest by creeping rhizomes. Leaves resembling butterfly wings are located low above the ground. Air tassels of flowers soar above them. Ripe seeds shoot out of the capsule, giving life to new plants.

The plant is named acidic for its sour taste, they contain vitamin C and oxalic acid. Vitamin spring greens.

The leaves are trifoliated, there are types with four lobes, forming a circle when folded. They have a different color due to the presence of carotenoids in the composition. The modest Oxalis acetosella grows in the forests; indoor oxalis is much more decorative. In home breeding, the most common variety has become violet oxalis. Many amateurs breed varieties of a different color and structure of the leaf blade..

Agrotechnics of the flower of happiness

Room oxygen deppe An unpretentious flower is little susceptible to disease, but the ubiquitous pests of indoor plants can also settle on it. But if oxalis receives proper care at home, insects are not afraid of it. A healthy plant, according to signs, brings happiness to the house, a flowering bush will become a herald of happiness if you give it to friends at Christmas.

Plant height does not exceed 30 cm, leaves are large, flowers are collected in a panicle. How to care for sour so that it always pleases? The conditions for keeping a flower are simple:

  • any window will do, except for the northern one, but shading in the summer is mandatory;
  • temperature in summer 20-25, in winter 12-18 degrees;
  • uniform watering without frills;
  • spraying leaves in spring and summer;
  • top dressing with complex fertilizer during flowering after 2-3 weeks;
  • dried leaves and flowers need to be removed, the plant is clean.

In the process of caring for acidic sour at home, their own proven techniques and methods will appear that are applicable to the plant..

How to Provide Proper Oxalis Care

Triangular purple oxalisIf there is not enough light for the flower, it will stop blooming, the leaves will turn pale and fall. Therefore, the north window is not suitable for the plant. If you take good care of the acid at home, it will look like in the photo..

Kislitsa is demanding to comply with the water regime. The earth should not dry out, but delicate plants cannot stand moisture stagnation either..

Winter watering should be sparse, just not to dry out. Leaves love when droplets of soft, settled water collect on them. You need to fertilize a delicate plant little by little, using half the recommended dose..

Requirement for soil, planting capacity and plant transplant

Planting acidic tubersThe root system of all Oxalis species is superficial. Therefore, you need to choose a planter wide so that the plant grows. A drainage layer is created at the bottom. Even short-term stagnation of water in the care of room acid should not be allowed.

The soil for the indoor flower is prepared loose and neutral. It consists of equal parts:

  • turf;
  • leafy land;
  • humus;
  • peat;
  • sand.

You can buy ready-made soil for indoor plants.

How to care for an oxalis flower during transplantation and during dormancy

After a week of acclimatization, the purchased acid must be transplanted into a new pot. The event should be timed to the moment when the plant wakes up, in early spring. Transplant a young plant into a large bowl by transshipment.

In an adult flower, you need to lightly shake off the ground and carefully pick off the old dead roots. Plant several bulbs next to each other. In winter, when the plant has stopped growing and wilted, it is easy to disassemble. After replacing the soil in a month, the oxalis will begin to bloom..

When transplanting, the flower can be easily propagated by selecting several nodules to the edge and planting them separately. In addition, you can take a leaf with a part of the stem and put it on rooting in water or in wet sand under a film. Roots will appear in 35-40 days.

Oxalis flowering lasts until DecemberIn December, oxalis still blooms, which is why it is called the Christmas flower of happiness. But later, growth stops and the leaves droop. This is the period of rest. The cuttings are pruned, leaving hemp one and a half centimeters high. The pot is placed in a dry cellar or other room with a temperature of 12-15 degrees. During the dormant period, the plant is only watered a little, preventing the earth from drying out. Expose the acid plant in a bright place with the appearance of the first shoots.

Simple care for sour – video

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