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What is berry yew and how to use it

yew berry

Among the many ornamental plants, berry yew is one of the most popular among gardeners. It is loved not only because of its attractive appearance, but also because of its durability. If you plant and care for a plant correctly, then it will decorate the garden for thousands of years..

Yew berry: description of the plant

growing berry yew

Berry yew is an evergreen coniferous tree or shrub that is distinguished by its unusual appearance. The plant is abundantly covered with branches of different lengths. All of them are covered with soft, rich green needles that grow up to 3.5 cm in length. The flowers are presented in the form of small greenish cones. You can observe them in early spring. Closer to autumn, they turn into deep red berries..

All parts of the yew berry are poisonous, except for the skin, which covers the cones..

This plant is popularly called mahogany or greenery. In nature, yew grows up to 27 m tall. But, he will be able to reach this size after 270 years (for 20 years, the tree grows only by 2 m). The trunk diameter ranges from 1.5 m.

The crown of the yew berry is cylindrical in shape. The bark has practically no growths, a brownish-red hue. The entire trunk is strewn with dormant buds that give new shoots.

The grains of the plant are hard, therefore, it is necessary to stratify them before planting. Pollination takes place in the second part of April or early May.

Composition of berry yew and its use

yew berries

In fact, this is a dangerous plant, as it contains many harmful substances. But if you follow all the recommendations for preparing healing infusions and take them correctly, you can cure many diseases..

For the preparation of medicinal infusions, needles and ripe fruits of the tree are used..

Yew is composed of:

  • texin;
  • steroids;
  • toxifylline;
  • tannins;
  • lignans;
  • different vitamins;
  • phenols;
  • fatty acid;
  • flavonoids;
  • anthocyanins.

They use infusions on yew needles both internally and externally. In the first case, you should be as careful as possible so as not to cause poisoning..

Plant-based remedies help get rid of headaches, coughs, and painful urination problems. Also, the mixtures perfectly cope with pathologies of the digestive system..

A decoction of pine needles in folk medicine is used for dermatitis, erysipelas, rheumatism, scabies, mycosis and gout.

In order to prepare a remedy, raw materials are harvested in the fall. Berries are picked only by those that have acquired a deep red color. Like needles, fruits are dried in a warm but well-ventilated area. In this case, it is important to ensure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight..

It is necessary to keep the finished raw materials only in glass containers, which are tightly closed with a lid. The best place is the closet or the bottom shelf of the bedside table..

The use of yew in traditional medicine

decoction of yew berry

According to the studies, it has been proven that the yew infusion helps with various tumors, and also alleviates the condition as a result of chemotherapy.

To prepare a healing infusion, you must take:

  • 150 g sprigs of yew (dry);
  • 1.5 l of vodka (no additives).

Grind the plant and put in a bottle. Then pour vodka and place in a dark place for infusion. Keep the mixture at room temperature for 2 months, shaking occasionally.

infusion on the needles of yew berry

The infusion should be taken very carefully, as it is poisonous. Before use, the drops are diluted in 30 ml of pure water. You need to drink just before eating..

If nausea appears during the treatment, then the water in which the drops are diluted must be replaced with tea with mint or lemon balm, but without sugar.

Scheme of receiving funds:

  1. First week – 3 drops early morning and evening.
  2. Second week – 5 drops, 3 times a day.
  3. Third week – 7 drops 3 times a day (every day increasing by 2 drops to reach 25 drops).

The course of treatment is 2 months. The first 30 days, drink 10 drops, and the next 25 drops (alternating).

Yew wood is the strongest and most durable material

berry yew wood

The trunk and branches of the tree were very popular in our ancestors. When properly processed, the material gains incredible strength and durability. Ships were made from wood, and also used to make bows..

Nowadays, yew is an irreplaceable part of the carpentry business. Due to its flexibility, ease of processing, beautiful products are obtained, the bark of which does not lend itself to decay..

yew ripens

Berry yew has found its application in landscape design. The tree goes well with various types of plants. It can also be grown indoors and in conservatories..

Berry yew is a beautiful shrub that, in addition to its toxicity, has a number of useful properties. If you use it correctly, you can get rid of even the most dangerous diseases once and for all..

Acquaintance with berry yew in the forest – video

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