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Known and little-known species and varieties of periwinkle

types and varieties of periwinkle Periwinkle is a unique plant that can grow in the most shaded and driest places, covering the soil with green carpet of leaves. But in addition to beautiful leaves that attract attention, beautiful flowers bloom on the stems. Florists classify the plant as an aggressive type, since in the struggle for fertile soil, periwinkle displaces other plants.

Famous types and varieties of periwinkle, which are popular all over the world:

  • herbaceous periwinkle;
  • large periwinkle;
  • periwinkle;
  • terry periwinkle;
  • pink periwinkle;
  • variegated.

In our country, only 3 types are popular. The rest are grown in Europe and Asia, the Caucasus.

Each species includes its own varieties, which are determined by interesting characteristics of the structure and color of the flower, leaf, stem. Some species are created through selection. Often there are hybrids that combine the best properties and characteristics..

Depending on the characteristics, some varieties have become widespread among florists and avid flower beds. Other varieties grow only in the wild and are often found in fields, forest edges..

Main characteristics of periwinkle large

periwinkle large Among all types and varieties of periwinkle, one of the most common and popular among gardeners and summer residents stands out.. The main characteristics of this variety are the following features:

  1. Large smooth ovoid leaf.
  2. The flower has a diameter of about 5 centimeters.
  3. The most popular flower colors of this variety are blue and blue..

All these features determine the great periwinkle, which is native to the Caucasus. The variety was widely popularized in Europe. There are sub-varieties:

  • Alba;
  • Variegata;
  • Maculata.

Here the difference lies in the color and color of the veins on the flower petals..

It is worth highlighting the subspecies that grow in nature: var. Oxyloba and var. Hirsuta. The external data of the wild version of the plant is slightly different from the cultivated one: the leaves are narrower, the petals are wider and the cover of the shoots is dense and dense.

Periwinkle is an evergreen and blooming option for decorating your own plot. To make the right choice, it is worth considering the characteristics of the plant regarding the appearance and principle of growth..

The flower grows very quickly and captures new territories, so in the process of leaving it is worth controlling the territory occupied by the flower.

How much you can learn about the lesser periwinkle

periwinkleMinor periwinkle varieties are not as widespread as a commercial product. It grows actively in the South of Russia and the Mediterranean. The varieties are conventionally divided into 2 categories..

Classic color

This includes:

  • Bowles Variety (Bowles, La Grave) – resistant to weather conditions, has a large flower and grows quickly;Bowles Variety variety
  • Dart’s Blue is characterized by a pale flower color;Dart's Blue grade
  • periwinkle variegata differs from the rest in its special color of leaves – golden stains on foliage;
  • Marie – a standard flower, but the stem spreads low;grade Marie
  • Sabinka – almost identical to Marie’s description, but more miniaturized in size and compact in shape.

Periwinkle white

The species has its own characteristics, entering the plant sub-varieties:

  • Alba – completely repeats the characteristics of a wild relative, but the only difference is the presence of a red pipe inside a white flower;grade Alba
  • Emily Joy – characterized by the contrast of the flower against the background of its own leaves;grade Emily Joy
  • Gertrude Jekyll (Miss Jekyll) does not grow over huge areas, ideal for small-sized flower beds and flower beds;Gertrude Jekyll cultivar
  • Atropurpurea (Purpurea, Rubra) has a purple color;cultivar Atropurpurea
  • Lesser periwinkle vinca minor is a unique representative of its species, since it combines only positive features. The color scheme includes 3 primary colors: white, white-magenta, white-blue.

If you want to plant periwinkle on the site, you should choose a variety that will be relevant for the type and parameter of the garden plot.

In this case, the species and varieties of periwinkle are almost identical, differing only in the size of the flower and the texture of the leaf. There are no special differences from wild relatives here either..

Interesting information about pubescent (double) periwinkle

The pubescent or double periwinkle includes several varieties characterized by a different structure of the leaf, flower. This species is not cultivated, therefore, the pubescent version of the periwinkle can be found only in the nature of the North Caucasus..

The pubescent periwinkle includes the following varieties:

  • Albo Plena has white flowers that rise above a carpet of oval green leaves. Medium-sized bud with geometrically regular shapes.Albo Plena cultivar
  • Double Purple is a green carpet with small purple flowers. The buds are located above the main part of the shoots.
  • Flore Pleno (Florepleno, Multiplex). You can see popular photos of blue periwinkle in many gardening magazines that belong to this variety..periwinkle varieties Flore Pleno
  • Azurea Flore Pleno has blue flowers that bloom for a long time, but each branch throws out just one flower.periwinkle Azurea Flore Pleno

The main feature in the varieties of the presented species is the interesting shape of the petals and the weaving of the stem. Interesting shapes attract the attention of gardeners and florists.

The most interesting about pink periwinkle

pink periwinkleThe pink periwinkle in the photo often looks completely different from other relatives. The flower is a shrub. The stems can reach, under favorable conditions, almost half a meter in height.

A photo of a pink periwinkle surprises with the shape of the leaf and the beauty of the flower. A bright pink flower crowns the stem of asthenia, on which neat emerald leaves are located. Flowering lasts all summer, starting in May..

Only 2 varieties stand out:

  1. First kiss is a shrub with several small pink flowers on top..grade First kiss
  2. Perepmint cooler. The flower appears pink due to the red spot in the center. In fact, the petals can be white or cream..grade Perepmint cooler

Special types of periwinkle

The periwinkle, which is a herb that grows in the South of Ukraine and the Caucasus, has a special look and significance. The plant of this species is significantly different from all varieties. It is difficult to decide what constitutes the stems: a bush or a creeping carpet. The flowers are small, blue or purple in color. The stem is crowned with sharp oval leaves, and the bottom is round.

variegated periwinkleVariegated periwinkle in the photo is determined by the name of the Variegata variety. It has several analogues that stand out for the unique color of the leaves. Usually the edges of the green base are bordered with a lighter color: yellow, gold, white. Subsorts can be accurately identified by bordering Argenteovariegata – white, and Aureovariegata – yellow.

Periwinkle golden motley is represented by the following varieties:

  1. Golden. Pronounced border of the leaf.
  2. Valley Glow has almost snow-white outlines on the leaves for a glowing effect.Valley Glow cultivar
  3. Ralph Shugert presents a thin border on a dark green leaf.Ralph Shugert cultivar
  4. The variegated periwinkle in the photo is a standard type of flower, but the original leaves. All veins and edging are yellow.Periwinkle variegat
  5. Alba Variegata (Albo-variegata) is an inverted specimen, since the leaves are painted white at the edges, and the flower itself can be either cream or also white.Alba Variegata cultivar
  6. Sterling Silver is a very popular variety with distinctive flowers and leaves..Sterling Silver grade

Herb periwinkle is actively used in medicine, as it contains a lot of alkyd substances.

herb periwinkleThe unique coloring of the leaves attracts attention, makes the flower bed brighter and more attractive. It is easy to care for such a plant, as it is not whimsical. Therefore, periwinkle is usually the main decoration of the yard.. periwinkle in landscape designPeriwinkle in landscape design in the photo always looks beautiful, bright and unique. With the help of a plant, you can decorate any flower bed, filling empty spaces and forming a whole composition.

Such a simple and so unusual periwinkle – video

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