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Choosing alstroemeria varieties for your garden

alstroemeria varieties in a bouquet Alstroemeria is a perennial flower brought from South America. There are about 200 varieties of alstroemeria. The height of the flower reaches 2 meters in height. The diameter of an alstroemeria flower reaches 5 centimeters. The color is different: green, white, orange, purple and red. Not all varieties of alstroemeria are grown in summer cottages.

Only the most popular are preferred by florists and gardeners. Flowers are characterized by their individual characteristics. Each variety is beautiful in its own way. Alstroemeria is grown to decorate the garden plot or create bouquets. Recently, the flower has gained great popularity in the creation of summer wedding bouquets, it looks very gentle, fresh and light.

There is an opinion that alstroemeria has its own similarities with orchids and lilies. Some varieties have names with the word “lily”. Alstroemeria has no hybrid similarities with these colors. One of the features of the plant is their curved petal shape, bends and twists at one hundred and eighty degrees..

Alstroemeria varieties for the garden

Alstomeria Ligtu In the last century, a species of alstomeria Ligtu was discovered, which dies immediately after flowering.

Virginia variety

Virginia varietyAlstroemeria Virginia is considered one of the largest varieties. The flower has large shoots, reaching a height of 70 cm. The shoots of Virginia are distinguished by their strength, large white flowers bloom on them. Waviness can be seen along the edge of the petals. Flowering begins in June and lasts until November or the first frost.

Alstroemeria can keep its freshness for up to three weeks. New buds will open one by one. The smell of the flower is absolutely absent.

Variety White Wings or White Alstroemeria

Variety White WingsWhite alstroemeria is an incredibly beautiful flower, its shape attracts most florists. White Wings is a tall flower reaching a height of up to 2 meters. Large stems and leaves distinguish this flower from others. This flower grows all summer, with a possible break of two weeks. The break occurs in July-August.

To keep the bouquet as long as possible, place it in a vase of water without touching the petals to avoid rotting. Flowers should be isolated from drafts and bright sun. Observing these rules, your bouquet will last up to two weeks..

Alstroemeria Orange King

Alstroemeria Orange KingIt is a decorative perennial flower. The bright color of the Orange King variety will certainly decorate your garden. They like to plant this variety even indoors in order to decorate their interior with bright colors. The orange king is a thermophilic plant, in winter it requires cover from the cold. This unpretentious variety is ready to grow on any soil, under the bright sun and in the shade, it grows well even on infertile soils..

a bouquet of different varieties of alstroemeriaLet’s figure out what they give alstroemeria to:

  1. The chief will certainly be delighted if he is presented with a bouquet of flowers from Alstroemeria. He will feel his gratitude and authority..
  2. White alstroemeria in combination with lilies and chamomile is considered a symbol of a happy family life. It is worth giving preference to a wedding bouquet of flowers of this variety..
  3. If you admire a creative person, you should give him a bouquet of blue alstroemeria, thereby you will show your positive attitude towards his work..
  4. When discharged from the hospital, a happy mother should be presented with a symbol of fertility – a bouquet of flowers from alstroemeria, showing her love for his wife and baby.

Blue Alstroemeria variety

Blue Alstroemeria varietyThis species does not have special growing conditions, is rather picky, it is rare in stores and sometimes even more expensive than others. The Blue Alstroemeria variety fits perfectly into exquisite bouquets, embodying love and tenderness.

It is recommended to purchase flower seedlings from nurseries or flower shops. Before you buy, be careful and check the flower for pests, various diseases and even minor damage..

Variety of alstroemeria purple or lilac

Variety alstroemeria purpleBeauty alstroemeria has purple-bluish petals. This Alstroemeria variety blooms in spring and blooms again in September. This variety has tall stems and grows up to 170 cm in height. The stem is strong and straight. Lilac alstroemeria is very delicate and beautiful.

When growing most types of alstroemeria, loose and nutritious soil is recommended. Growing flowers in heavy soil puts your roots at risk of rotting. To improve the air permeability of the soil, it can be applied before planting the straw..

Alstroemeria Peruvian variety (yellow alstroemeria)

Alstroemeria Peruvian varietyThis variety has another name “Peruvian Lily”, brought to Russia and is able to winter in the Caucasus on the Black Sea coast in open ground without any shelter. The plant is considered sufficiently cold-resistant down to -20 ° C. An adult flower can even tolerate frost..

After a successful wintering, Yellow Alstroemeria gives good shoots. The “Peruvian lily” does not experience physiological rest. Shoots regrowth even in slightly frozen ground.

Alstroemeria yellow loves loose soil. Reproduction occurs only vegetatively. In the middle lane, the flower is found most often in a potted form in greenhouses..

Flowers of the Alstroemeria variety must be planted against the background of bushes with gray and brown foliage, conifers are also great. The composition in the flowerbed will be well diluted by knifofia and evening primrose quadrangular.

Variety Pink Alstroemeria (Alicia)

Variety Pink AlstroemeriaThe flowers of pink alstroemeria are similar to chrysanthemum and rose. Flowers grow in bush. Flowering occurs between June and September. The distance between the bushes should not be less than 30 cm, in the soil to a depth of 20 cm to 25 cm.Pink alstroemeria is planted in well-lit places.

Alstroemeria Garda variety

Alstroemeria Garda varietyThis plant variety is white in color. The flower survives bad weather and sunlight well. It reaches a height of up to 170-200 cm. The soil for planting is recommended loose and at the same time nutritious. alstroemeria Garda requires careful maintenance, does not tolerate weeds.

Alstroemeria in the garden must be kept in a sunny place. The soil must be well-drained and well saturated. It is also necessary to keep alstroemeria so that it can endure winter time..

Possible diseases and pests of the flower

This type of flower in all its varieties is exposed to pests during cultivation:

  • slugs;
  • thrips;
  • spider mite;
  • leaf-eating caterpillars;
  • whiteflies and others.

All parts of the flower, including stems and leaves, are processed at the slightest suspicion of disease and damage. The affected areas of the plant are removed from the flower.

The fungicide solution helps in rainy periods, flowers are treated with it, for prevention and as protection against rot.

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