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What are the types of indoor cypress

types of indoor cypress Cypress is a plant that is similar to both a tree and a shrub at the same time. Different types of indoor cypress have many similarities in appearance and personal care. Due to the special beauty of this plant, it has become popular for growing at home for a long time. The modern fashion statement also obliges many to have the aforementioned plant at home. One of the main differences between home, that is, ornamental cypress from the one that grows in the wild is the size.

In the wild, non-domesticated nature, cypress can reach a height of about thirty meters. At home, this plant has dimensions within one meter, and grown indoors sometimes does not exceed 50 cm in height.

Most popular varieties

The most popular and most suitable for growing at home are the following types of indoor cypress:

  1. Lusitanian.Lusitanian cypress
  2. Large-fruited.Large cypress
  3. Kashmiri.Kashmiri cypress

It should be noted that Kashmir cypress is most suitable for indoor cultivation. This plant is distinguished by poor tolerance to low temperatures, frosts and even more prolonged frosts. In addition, its size is suitable in order to keep the plant indoors..

As for the other two aforementioned types of cypress, although they are often called indoor, they are suitable for outdoor cultivation. It is impossible to place such a plant in a room. And the name “indoor” came to them because of the ability to grow plants at home. For example, the Lusitanian cypress can reach a height of thirty meters. Most often, its dimensions fluctuate within fifteen meters. As for the Large-fruited variety, it is recommended to grow it outdoors. For the winter, move it to a shelter, preferably to a heated part of the house.

The size of the Large-fruited variety allows it to be grown in large boxes, which are recommended to be made mobile. This variety has big cones – these are the fruits of the cypress, which is why it has such a name. The diameter of the cones of a large-fruited cypress, which is grown at home, can reach a diameter of up to 38 mm. Given the size of the plant (it rarely reaches a height of one and a half meters), these are quite large fruits. This variety really needs warmth. A comfortable ambient temperature for him is about 25 ° C. In the summer, when it is warm and hot outside, it is better to keep the plant in the fresh air, and when the first cold weather appears, without even waiting for frost, it is recommended to move the plant indoors.

It is for reasons of frequent changes in the location of this plant that it is recommended to plant it in boxes or pots. They are additionally equipped with wheels for more convenient transportation..

A box or pot of soil weighs a lot, besides, the weight of the plant as it ages will also regularly increase.

Are the types of indoor cypress different in care

indoor cypress careDifferent types of indoor cypress require almost the same maintenance. However, the existing differences between caring for different plants are minimal. So, some varieties need more frequent and plentiful watering, while for others it is more important to maintain a comfortable temperature for them, which, depending on the variety of the variety, ranges from 18 ° to 25 ° C. In general, for all cypress trees grown in indoor or home outdoor conditions, the following conditions are needed:

  1. Regular and sufficient watering. The amount of water required is determined depending on the size of the plant and its variety..
  2. Lack of drafts. This is important when keeping plants outdoors or choosing a place for them to stay in the room for the winter..
  3. The green parts of the plant should not be exposed to direct sunlight if the plant is outdoors. As for the winter stay of the plant in the house, if possible, depending on its weight, it is better to place it on the windowsill, where there is more heat.

The photo below shows how indoor cypress is placed for growing. Such conditions are comfortable for the plant..

Despite the ability of this plant to grow in high temperature conditions, the cypress needs regular watering. It is advisable to water the plant with water at room temperature or even a little warmer (within 20-30 ° C). If any visible damage to the plant occurs or there is a suspicion of the presence of diseases, it is important to urgently take action and treat the cypress, since the plant, with improper care, dies very quickly.

As you can see from the information described in this article, if you want to have a cypress at home, you can choose a suitable type and grow it. Caring for the plant is not difficult, and the cypress has a beautiful appearance all year round..

Indoor cypress – video

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