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What is the steeple grass

grass steep in the wild Grass stepped is a perennial that can decorate any composition in landscape design. If you follow simple recommendations for caring for a flowering plant, it will not only delight the eye for a long time, but also help cure various diseases..

The appearance of the plant and its types

the steep blooms Bone sap belongs to the Astrov family, it grows in the form of a herbaceous dwarf shrub. A beautiful perennial common in Europe, found in America, Asia and southern Africa. There are also annuals in the wild. Most often, the slope grows near rivers, other bodies of water, in swampy areas..

The composition of the stethoscope purple is not fully understood. It contains saccharides, resins, vitamin C, fatty acids, pyrrolizidine alkaloids, ethers. The plant contains many minerals: calcium and sodium compounds, iron salts, silicon oxide, potassium chloride.

It is also popularly called the royal herb and deaf nettles, hemp, shapochnik or fog. After wintering, the plant wakes up quite late, because it needs stable warm weather. Despite this, the steeple grows quickly and is covered with foliage..

Plant species:

  1. The stethosis is purple. This is one of the favorite types of florists. It is very similar to a young lilac bush, which is abundantly covered with flowers. Adult specimens can reach 1.5 meters in height. Despite this size, the bush is quite compact and does not need a garter..Skeleton purple
  2. The stethosis is spotted. This perennial species will grow up to 1.8 meters. The bushes are large, rather rough in outline. The grass got its name due to the fact that the stem of the flower has an uneven shade, in some places pink spots are visible on it.Bone sieve spotted
  3. The stethosis is wrinkled. This species is a shrub with oval, ovoid leaves, which have small denticles at the edges. The plates of the plant are painted in a deep green color, and the shoots themselves are dark brown in color. The height of such a sill is no more than 1.5 meters.Skeleton wrinkled

Most often, the purple species is grown in gardens. Such a plant has medicinal properties and is used in medicine..

Skeleton herb: medicinal properties

medicinal roots of stethosisThe herbaceous part of the plant and its rhizomes have medicinal properties. Funds based on it relieve pain, heal wounds, destroy pathogenic bacteria, and stop inflammatory processes. Bone sap has choleretic and laxative properties, copes with parasites, coughs. The herb treats various diseases of the genitourinary system, helps with nervous disorders. This is not the whole spectrum of the plant’s medicinal capabilities, because it has not been fully studied..

According to legend, the genus Poskonnik or Eupatorium got its name from the Pontic king. The ruler Eupator used herb as an antidote.

The first to use this plant as a medicine were the Indians. They were treated with typhus and other diseases. Nowadays, the steeple is held in high esteem by folk healers. It is added to the composition of many dietary supplements, tinctures, decoctions, ointments based on it are prepared. The herb chopped and steamed in boiling water is applied as a compress against tumors. The stethoscope infusion improves digestion, quickly puts you on your feet in case of colds, as well as the flu.

Application in cosmetology

medical maskThe medicamentum contains special substances that can protect the skin from the effects of aggressive ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is often incorporated into sunscreen oils and creams..

Also, from the plant extract, preparations are prepared for lightening pigmented areas, healing, regenerating the epidermis. Due to its pronounced antibacterial properties, the plant cleans the skin well from inflammation, pustules, acne, and also narrows the capillaries.

Slope treatment

steep brothFor the plant to bring the desired result, you need to cook it correctly. This is the only way you can significantly improve your health in a short time..

With hypertension and high cholesterol

To prepare a medicinal infusion, you need to make a minimum of effort and time. All that is needed is 6 g of the crushed aerial part of the plant, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, cover with a lid. Leave this mixture for 12 hours to infuse well, then strain. Drink 50 ml of infusion before going to bed.

Laxative recipe

To obtain this medicine, you will need 2 tablespoons of powdered plant rhizomes and 100 ml of water (not hot). The main component must be stirred in water, filtered. Drink in the morning before meals.

Slimming tincture recipe

tincture of steak on winePrepare such a remedy for wine. 8 grams of dry royal herb are poured into one liter of the drink, mixed, insisted for 12 hours, after which the stethosis tincture must be filtered. The course of therapy is 1 month. You need to consume 50 grams orally after a meal.

Against flu, colds

To get a medicinal decoction from the stethoscope, you need to take 12 tbsp. l. shredded stems, flowers and leaves of the plant. Stir the herb with a liter of boiled water. Leave for the extraction of nutrients for half an hour, filter, consume three times a day before meals (30 minutes). You need to drink no more than 250 ml of infusion per day..

Contraindications and possible harm from the use of stethoscope purple

pregnant women are contraindicated in the reception of the bone marrowStem, like many other plants, have their own contraindications. Alkaloids that are contained in the bush, with prolonged use, accumulate and can have a toxic effect on the liver in the presence of its serious pathologies.

Also contraindications for the treatment of purple stethosis are:

  • childhood;
  • pregnancy, so as not to provoke a miscarriage;
  • lactation period;
  • plant allergy.

You can not use tinctures and other means based on stethosis to persons under 18 years of age. Before starting treatment, a doctor’s consultation is required..

Do not exceed the recommended dosage, so as not to harm your health, otherwise toxic compounds can negatively affect the kidneys. In Europe in the Middle Ages, several thousand people died due to the fact that they confused the stew with ordinary nettle and used it for cooking. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful..

Video about the beautiful healer

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