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What kind of care does Cordilina need at home

Kordilina in the nursery In the interior, a false palm tree with beautiful leaves is often found. Here is a photo of cordilina, home care for it is simple. The main condition for a tropical inhabitant is keeping warm. The bare trunk of a plant is obtained due to the gradual fall of aging leaves. Cordilina grows slowly and in room conditions can stretch to the ceiling over the years. However, if the stem is cut off, the tip will take root and may become a fluffy, short flower again..

Proper care for cordilina at home

Cordilina Kiwi More than 20 varieties of cordilina are found in nature. Since they grow, though in the tropics, but on different continents, each of the species has special requirements for keeping. However, the original appearance of a false palm tree is worth it to be allocated a place in the apartment. The result of proper home care for cordilina will be a photo of a beautiful flower.

In order to obtain such a specimen, it will be necessary to create the necessary conditions for the development of a flower. Several varieties are used in cultural breeding. Most often, the most unpretentious ones are found – Cordilina Verkhushechnaya and Kiwi.

Cordilina VerkhushechnayaIt is necessary to place a flower in a room, guided by the principle – the darker the foliage of the flower, the less light it needs. However, within reasonable limits, choosing between the north, east and west window. In winter, a southern window is suitable for a cordiline plant, regardless of the variety:

  1. Do not forget that drafts are the main enemy of a tropical plant; you should protect it from cold blowing by airing the room. Usually, by opening the window, the plant is taken out to another room. The first sign of unfavorable living conditions will be yellowing of the leaves..
  2. Like other tropical plants, when nursing at home, cordilina requires soft warm water for irrigation without chlorine and hardness salts. Fertilizer for ornamental plants should be added to the water weekly in summer. The clod of earth should not dry out, but it is not necessary to fill the plant either. Poor drainage will lead to stem rot at the base. It is optimal to water in the summer, when the ground dries up from above, and in the winter to moisten the lump, preventing it from drying out completely. The lower the temperature in the room, the less the cordiline flower needs watering..
  3. The creation of the desired microclimate depends on the general humidity in the room. If the central heating batteries are working and the air in the apartment is dry, moistening the leaf blades is a blessing. But this is with a warm content. In the summer, spraying is carried out daily, which will save from the invasion of spider mites..
  4. The temperature in caring for cordilina differs in winter maintenance. Varieties of subtropical origin must be kept in cool conditions at 5-10 degrees. Therefore, they can be cultivated in the southern regions when landscaping the territory. Of the indoor species, only Cordilina Banks requires wintering. General requirements – in summer 22-260 C, in winter 18-21. Sudden changes in temperature for a false palm are unacceptable.

With a good content of cordiline, it can bloomIf you follow the simple rules of caring for cordilina at home, it will give it flowering, as in the photo.

Possible problems in the maintenance of the flower

Cordilin does not need to be sprayedIf the content of a flower does not correspond to its physiology, it loses its beauty. However, it is not difficult to fix the situation, it is enough to look closely at the leaves, and they will give a signal:

  • the tips and edges of the leaves turned brown – dry air, not enough water, drafts;
  • brown spots appeared on the leaves – little watering;
  • leaves curl and become soft – the plant is cold;
  • leaves turn yellow – dry air, there is not enough nitrogen in the soil.

The yellowing and dropping of the lower leaves is a normal natural process. Cordilina does not need shading from the sun, but if the leaves are with water droplets, sunburn spots may remain on them..

When caring for cordilina, it is necessary to carefully examine the aerial part in order to notice pests in time.

Transplantation and reproduction of cordilina

A powerful plant quickly depletes the land, so an annual transplant of young plants is a must. Later, this procedure is carried out after a year. At the same time, propagation by root suckers takes place, which are easily separated and take root well in a new pot. For propagation of cordilina, you can use lateral shoots on the trunks or even a cut off top, which takes root in water or a sand-peat mixture. They grow a false palm from seeds – the process is longer and does not apply at home.

Young plant from cuttingsThe soil for the plant must be made up of a fertile greenhouse land with the addition of peat and sand for looseness. The addition of charcoal crumbs and vermiculite will not hurt. The earth must be nutritious and breathable.

Layers separated from the mother bush are first rooted in a mixture of sterilized sand or perlite with peat in equal proportions. You can get the roots in water, later planting the cutting in a light substrate..

If the trunk of the palm tree is strongly extended upward, it can be landed by cutting off the crown and rooting it in the water. You will get a new squat bush. The trunk remaining in the pot can give lateral shoots. New roots are formed in the warmth within a month and the plant is ready for planting in a permanent place..

Tips for caring for cordilina – video

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