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We grow a useful plant at home golden mustache

golden mustache at home Among indoor plants that have medicinal properties, there is a golden mustache; growing this flower at home will not be difficult. The main thing is to adhere to certain recommendations and you will always have a source of medicines on your windowsill that can be used for a number of ailments. This is due to the chemical composition of this plant.

Its leaves and shoots, saturated with flavonoids and phytosterols, have beneficial qualities. It is these biologically active substances that are used for the preparation of medicinal products. Having on hand a tincture or a decoction of fragrant callis, as it is also called, you can eliminate skin rashes, alleviate the condition with rheumatism and a number of other diseases.

If you are planting a plant in order to use medicinal properties, then it is recommended that you first test for the occurrence of allergic reactions. This will avoid unpleasant consequences..

Golden mustache: home care

golden mustache blooms The successful cultivation of a golden mustache at home depends on many factors. Despite the fact that this flower is already considered quite common in our country, its homeland is the tropical jungle, in particular in Mexico. In their natural environment, adult specimens reach a height of 3 meters. It is a rather slowly developing perennial..

golden mustache in a comfortable environmentThe golden whisker plant stands out for its varying frequency of flowering. This process depends on the climatic conditions in which the flower grows. The flowers are formed into single groups and are white. The most abundant flowering is observed only in warm climates. Outwardly, the foliage looks fleshy and dense. When they break, thin hairs can be seen, which is why this flower received another name – “hair Venus”.

Flowering will be more intense if dead flowers are removed in time. It is also recommended to wipe the leaves of the golden mustache with a damp cloth every week. This will remove accumulated dust, which will have a beneficial effect on growth rates..

If you carefully examine the golden mustache flower, photos of this plant indicate that its flowers appear most often on the tops of the stems. Its creeping stems twine around tree trunks or grow on the surface of the soil. The foliage of fragrant callis is arranged alternately. It has a slightly purple tint on the inside. Under favorable home conditions, its shoots reach a length of up to 1.5 meters.

Golden mustache: how to care at home

well-groomed golden mustacheEven inexperienced growers can grow this plant. To do this, you should create comfortable conditions:

  1. The optimum air temperature is considered to be within +25−27 ° C. At the same time, it is highly discouraged to allow the thermometer to drop below 0 ° C. However, in winter, the flower will feel better if the temperature is slightly lowered to +12 ° C..
  2. Maximum allowable humidity – up to 60%.
  3. The golden mustache indoor plant loves frequent airing. In the summer, it can be moved to fresh air..
  4. With regard to the level of lighting, partial shade or shade is recommended..
  5. For foliage to acquire its characteristic purple hue, sunlight is required. Under such conditions, fragrant callis will begin to grow along the ground, since in a shady place it usually grows upward. In the future, in order for the flower to develop in a normal rhythm, it is necessary to tie its stems to any support.

When growing at home a golden mustache in the early years, it is required to carry out a regular transplant. This is due to the fact that young specimens develop rather quickly, but in the future they lose this pace. Therefore, an annual pot change is necessary. In the case of adult specimens, it will be sufficient to check the status of the root system from time to time..

What else to consider when taking care at home?

watering a golden mustacheWatering the golden mustache should be moderate. Particular attention should be paid to watering in the morning. The soil should be kept moist for the most part, but by no means soggy. At the same time, the principle “it is better to underfill than to pour” is relevant. In winter, it is advisable to water less frequent. However, if a high air temperature is set in the room, the plant will still require more moisture. It is recommended to regularly spray the leaves. If the container with the plant is not heavy, then you can transfer it to the bathroom and douse it with water..

For planting a plant, it is advisable to use a pot made of ceramics. It should have large drainage holes so that excess moisture does not remain in the soil. Small pebbles with a fraction of no more than 5 are used as drainage−10 mm.

planting a shank of a golden mustacheReproduction of the golden mustache is carried out in two ways: by seeds or by division. Unlike other types of indoor plants, rooted shoots should be planted deep enough. For this, it is advisable to use a small pot. The soil must be mixed with sand. In some cases, the use of eggshells is recommended. Often, the shoots of the flower fall so low that natural reproduction occurs. They reach the soil and take root without any intervention..

Video about growing a golden mustache at home

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