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We grow at home an unusual indoor flower Vriese

amazing vriezia In nature, the Vriezia flower is an inhabitant of the tropical regions of South America. We, the inhabitants of the middle zone, grow Vriezia at home, but overseas, in Brazil and Argentina, the plants live in humid mountain forests, settling the soil in the root zone of trees and, as epiphytes, on the upper tier..

The numerous genus, named in memory of the Dutch wildlife researcher V. de Vriese, unites 250 different species. The original appearance of plants with bright leaves and unusual inflorescences attracted indoor crop lovers, and today more than a hundred varieties of vriezia are used for landscaping residential premises and in offices..

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Description of vriezia

vriezia at home Like most members of the bromeliad family, Vriezia has a very recognizable appearance. The first thing a grower will pay attention to is a wide rosette of pointed, linear leaves. Many species are characterized by variegated coloration. The sizes of plants can be very different. The length of the leaves varies from 20 to 80 cm.In addition to the leaf rosette, flower growers who grow vriezia at home are interested in its flowering.

The flowers themselves can hardly be called decorative. They are very small, collected in spike-shaped inflorescences and are hidden by large bracts. It is their bright color and shape that sometimes become the reason for the delusion of novice florists..

A tall peduncle growing from the center of the rosette, decorated with elegant bracts of red, pink, yellow or orange color, gives the flower a unique look for a very long time. When flowering ends, the rudiments of daughter plants appear at the base of the rosette. A little later, when they grow up, a home vriezia flower is planted, carefully separating the children.

vriezia bloomsAmateur flower growers who have been growing Vrieseia at home for a long time know that this green pet does not cause much trouble. However, its flowering should be expected no earlier than 3-4 years after planting..

The reluctance to bloom is a characteristic feature of many bromeliads, such as pineapple. It’s good that even at home plants can be “fooled” by covering the pot with Vriezia with a bag and placing a couple of apple slices inside. The release of ethylene stimulates the formation of flower buds.

Lighting for growing vriezia at home

vriezia with childrenBased on the description of vriezia and analysis of the conditions in which the plant lives in nature, we can conclude that at home the flower needs partial shade, stable warm air, loose air-permeable soil and regular watering.

Best of all, the plant will show its beauty on the western or eastern windows. The pot can be placed on a windowsill facing north, but here the flower will not be too comfortable in winter.

If vriezia is in direct sunlight, it is possible:

  • the appearance of burns on the leaves, their twisting or drying;
  • lightening the decorative coloring of foliage;
  • cessation of growth;
  • refusal to bloom.

Vriezia is thermophilic. In summer, she will be comfortable at temperatures from +24 to +28 ° C. In autumn and winter, when caring for Vriese, the temperature at home is maintained within the range of 20-22 ° C. If the air is colder than 18 degrees, the plant loses its ability to absorb water and nutrients. It weakens and may die.

Features of irrigation of Vriesia

it is necessary to observe the irrigation regimeUnder the canopy of the rainforest, the air and soil are never dry. This must be remembered for flower growers who grow Vriezia at home..

The optimum air humidity is 60–80%. The substrate must be moistened as the top layer dries..

In the hot season and during the heated period, the soil dries out especially quickly. Therefore, it is more convenient to put the pot in a low pallet filled with wet expanded clay or moisture-absorbing balls from a special gel..

young plants after transplantingWhen the room is cold, the plant becomes sensitive to excess moisture. Watering vriezii is carried out very carefully, be sure to drain the excess water flowing into the pan.

For irrigation, warm, settled water is used, while it is important that moisture does not stagnate in the core of the leaf outlet.

If the house has indoor Vriezia flowers grown as an epiphyte on the fragments of a tree, they are watered differently. Since there is not much soil around the root system, the lower part of the plant is completely immersed in irrigation moisture once a week for 20-30 minutes, or it is abundantly sprayed from a spray bottle.

Soil for home flower vriezia

soil for vrieziaThere are no special requirements for the soil of different species of vriezia, the main thing is that the soil is light, structured.

For planting young specimens and transplanting a plant after purchase, ready-made compositions for bromeliads or a mixture based on equal parts are suitable:

  • leafy and soddy land;
  • refined peat;
  • washed sand;
  • chopped coniferous bark;
  • sphagnum.

Before planting, it is useful to warm the substrate in the oven or disinfect it in another way. Otherwise, there is a danger of damage to pests and diseases..

Before planting, a thick layer of expanded clay is poured onto the bottom of the pot. If drainage is not done, the roots of a home culture that needs high humidity can rot..

Transplant and other aspects of Vrieseia care at home

well-groomed plantsFor the first time, a flower is transferred to a new soil immediately after purchase; plant transplantation at other times is carried out as needed. It is better if it will be in the spring, when the vegetation is activated, and possible damage will be quickly repaired..

department of childrenThe base of the socket must not be buried, as well as pieces of soil must not be allowed to enter the core. If there are large children on the mother plant at the time of transplantation, they are carefully separated from the outlet and transferred to their pots filled with a light substrate..

After transplantation, Vriezia is fed only after a month, using liquid ready-made products for bromeliads. Fertilizer is applied on wet soil, not exceeding the recommended dose.

Carefully taking care of Vrieseia, you can enjoy its bright greenery and original flowering for a long time. Although this plant is very persistent, frequent waterlogging, cooling or improperly selected soil can cause damage to diseases and pests, for example, root rot or mealybugs.

Interesting facts about Vriezia – video

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