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Rules for transplanting and caring for Vriezia Splenriet

vriezia splenriet in the interior The flora of South America is incredibly rich. Vriezia Splenriet or “fire sword” is found naturally in the rainforests of this continent. An epiphytic plant with elongated linear leaves, collected in a lush rosette, settles on the branches of the tallest trees, their trunks and rhizomes. Thanks to the funnel-like aerial part and short rhizomes, Vriezia receives all the necessary substances and moisture not from the soil, but from the atmosphere..

A flower stalk with bright bracts in combination with variegated foliage and an unusual lifestyle could not fail to attract the attention of flower growers. Today the vriezia Splenriet shown in the photo is one of the most popular potted plants in the world..

Description of Vriezia Splenriet

vriezia splenriet blooms Vrieses are varied. Botanists count dozens of species of these tropical plants, but only the most spectacular ones get into the rooms. The variety dubbed the “fiery sword” fully justifies this striking comparison. Dense linear leaves of the plant are collected in a dense funnel-shaped rosette. Green leaf plates up to 40 cm long are decorated with light or purple transverse stripes. Spike-shaped inflorescences can grow up to one meter in height. They rise above the green like a bright candle. Yellow, rapidly fading flowers are framed by red bracts, which remain fresh for about two months.

Due to the popularity of the vriezia flower, Splenriet also interested breeders, who presented varieties and hybrids with inflorescences of different shades and very long flowering to flower growers.

Vriezia moves from the store to the new house in bloom. If a florist is just getting to know the culture, he needs to know that after wilting, the mother’s rosette dies off. The life of the flower continues thanks to the daughter plants forming at the base. Therefore, after the purchase, the transplant of the Splenriet vriezia is not necessary. It is enough to make sure that the flower is healthy, take care of it and make sure that after flowering the plant has strong offspring..

Conditions for growing Vriezia Splenriet

vriezia splenriet in a comfortable environmentVriezia is a native of the tropical jungle. The plant is considered exotic, but taking care of it will not cause trouble even for inexperienced flower growers..

The flower does not require special temperature conditions. Vriezia Splenriet develops well at room temperature, but does not like drafts and is afraid of cooling the air below +15 degrees. In a cool room, the flower’s ability to receive moisture is reduced, and its excess can cause decay.

caring for vriese splenrietIn order for the flower to be beautiful and fresh, it needs high humidity. In city apartments, especially when the heating is working, this condition is the most difficult to fulfill. And here all the available methods will come in handy for the florist, from neat spraying to using household appliances. If irrigation is used in the care of Vriezia Splenriet, do not allow water to come into contact with the inflorescence.

The best place for a pot of vriese is east or west windows.

On the north side, the plant will look depressed, the rosette will become sparse and stunted. If the epiphyte is exposed to direct sunlight, the leaves turn pale, the flowering period is reduced..

Caring for Vriezia Splenriet at home

watering vriezia splenrietIn nature, Vriezia growing on branches or trunks “learned” to accumulate moisture. Drop by drop, it accumulates in the depth of the outlet and is consumed in dry times. When watering a pot culture, water is artificially poured into a depression, and then regularly changed, making sure that moisture does not get on the developing peduncle. Therefore, in winter, when the danger of the appearance of rot is especially great, moisture is removed after a few hours.

To remove water from the outlet, you can use a cotton swab or disc.

The warmer it is in the room, the more often watering is needed. It is convenient to combine it with wiping the leaves with a damp sponge or cloth. For irrigation, use soft, settled water at room temperature.

At home, vriezii Splenriet do not need regular feeding. Complex fertilizer for epiphytes and orchids can be applied only once, when the plant forms and grows a peduncle. This will make the flowering more vibrant and longer lasting, and will also help the flower to leave behind healthy strong daughter rosettes. The liquid mixture is poured into the center of the leaf cone..

vriezia splenriet in the greenhouseWhen the peduncle dies, the socket itself gradually dies with it. If the care of Vriezia Splenriet at home was attentive and complete, the plant leaves young shoots that are planted and grown, similar to adult specimens.

A loose soil mixture based on:

  • 2 pieces of garden land;
  • 1 part chopped pine bark, pre-treated with steam;
  • 1 part turf soil;
  • 1 part washed river sand.

As a loosening additive, chopped sphagnum can be added to the soil, fine drainage gravel and charcoal can be added, which will help remove excess moisture and prevent the development of harmful microflora.

After planting, young Vriezium rosettes may not be replanted for two years. During this time, the plants will root perfectly, and bloom in another 1-2 years..

At the first time after planting, it is better to cover the processes with a film or bag. It will help create and maintain constant moisture. The optimum temperature for rooting is 22-25 degrees..

Video about Splenriet incision transplant

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