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Features of planting and caring for alstroemeria in the garden

alstroemeria flowers Alstroemeria are flowers that, due to their external similarity, are called the Peruvian lily or the Inca lily. It is a perennial herb that is distinguished by its bright flowering and unusual color of the leaves. Alstroemeria is added to bouquets and is most often grown in greenhouses in large quantities. This plant requires special conditions of care and maintenance, but if desired, it can be grown at home..

Description and types of plants

Before you grow this flower at home, you should familiarize yourself with the description and photo of alstroemeria, choose a suitable variety. These are tall plants that can grow up to 80-150 cm or more. All varieties differ in petal color, but have a characteristic leaf shape. Individual leaves rotate around their axis during growth and can be directed with the bottom plate up.

Among the most popular varieties of alstroemeria flowers are:

  1. Golden alstroemeria is a bright yellow flower that naturally grows in Peru. This variety is considered high and can reach 150 cm. Its main feature is that it can withstand frosts down to -13 ᴼС..alstroemeria golden
  2. Brazilian alstroemeria is a tall flower that can grow up to 2 m. The petals of flowers are painted in a bronze or red shade.
  3. Alstroemeria nano is a Peruvian variety. This is a small plant that grows up to 10 cm.Alstroemeria flowers of this species are colored yellow with dark spots.alstroemeria nano
  4. Blood-flowered alstroemeria is a variety that naturally grows in Chile and Peru. It is appreciated for the fact that up to 15 large bright flowers can appear on one plant. They are all painted in intense red..bloody alstroemeria

There are other varieties, many of which have been artificially bred by breeders. For example, the Cosmo variety is distinguished by the snow-white color of the petals. Virginia is another variety with white flowers, but the edges of their petals are wavy..alstroemeria virginia Beauty varieties (with lilac or lilac flowers), Harmony (bronze flowers with black stripes) and Canaria (flowers with a canary tint and black blotches) can bloom twice per season.alstroemeria beauty

To grow alstroemeria in the garden, you should choose only those varieties that tolerate frost.

alstroemeria canaria

Features of growing at home

Alstroemeria is an exotic plant, so it will need to create the most comfortable conditions. It can be grown in the garden, greenhouse, or in pots on windowsills. With proper planting and care, alstroemeria will delight with large flowers and become a bright decoration of the garden.

Alstroemeria breeding methods

lush alstroemeria bushThe plant can reproduce in two main ways: by seed and by dividing the rhizome. The first method is suitable only for species varieties, since hybrids can lose the properties of mother plants. You can collect seeds from those flowers that are already growing on the site, but you need to take into account that the fruits are very fragile. At the slightest touch, their peel cracks, and the seeds fly in all directions from the flower. Before collecting seeds, the plant should be covered with gauze. Further, the seeds must go through several stages:

  • stratification – seeds are sent to the refrigerator for 2-3 months;
  • in late winter and early spring, seeds can be germinated;
  • at the end of stratification, they are placed in small containers in the ground to a depth of 1 cm.

Seeds germinate at a temperature of 18 ° C. They will make seedlings, which can then be transplanted into open ground. When growing alstroemeria flowers from seeds, they will be able to bloom only in the third year after planting..

The second method is the reproduction of alstroemeria by dividing the rhizome. It is also suitable for hybrids, since the new plants retain all the properties of the mother. You need to divide the rhizome in the fall, at the end of the flowering period. The plant is carefully dug out, trying not to damage the roots, and then divide them into 2-3 parts. Each of them must have a fully formed root system. Sections are treated with disinfectants, and the bushes are placed back into the ground.

Outdoor cultivation

alstroemeria in the open fieldPlanting alstroemeria in open ground and caring for it takes time and attention. The plant needs to create the most comfortable conditions in which it can grow and reproduce:

  • watering frequency – 1 time per week, in drought conditions, you can water 2 times in 7 days;
  • after each watering, the soil is loosened;
  • fertilizers – compost during planting, then organic or mineral fertilizing three times a month;
  • before the start of the cold season, the green part of the plant is cut off, and the rhizome is covered with leaves, peat or covering material.

If no further collection of seeds is planned, it is recommended to cut the buds at the end of flowering. So in their place new flowers are formed faster..

Growing in a greenhouse

growing alstroemeria in a greenhouseIt is convenient to grow alstroemeria in a greenhouse on an industrial scale. Here you can create the most comfortable climate even in the absence of suitable weather conditions. The soil should be composed of sand, leaves, peat and humus. It needs to be constantly watered, but moisture must not stagnate. Top dressing is applied twice a month, for this they use nitrogen-potassium fertilizers.alstroemeria cut In winter, alstroemeria also blooms in the greenhouse, but it will need additional lighting. The temperature regime is about 15 degrees during the daytime, and 13 at night. During intensive flowering, it is increased to 18-20 degrees..

alstroemeria in a potAlstroemeria can also grow in pots at home. It is imperative to make a hole in the center of the container in order to prevent moisture stagnation. It is not necessary to feed and fertilize the plant. It is enough to water it once every 3 days, and the pot is placed in the lightest place..

Alstroemeria is a large number of very different varieties that differ from each other in size, color and shape. This is an exotic flower, but it is possible to grow it in an average climate. Most often, it is planted in greenhouses, which allows you to adjust the illumination and temperature. Large, bright flowers can be difficult to produce outdoors due to fluctuations in soil temperature and moisture. At home in a pot, alstroemeria will feel comfortable, but the ray will choose low varieties.

Growing alstroemeria in pots – video

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