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We study the medicinal properties of meadow sage and the rules for its use

meadow sage The medicinal properties of meadow sage have brought the plant to a fairly high level in medicine. Since ancient times, healers have been using culture in their practice to treat many diseases. The spice is highly valued for its medicinal properties and among herbalists.

Sage meadow: the composition of the medicinal plant

Medicinal properties of meadow sage The main active ingredients are found in the essential oil of the plant, the content of which in the foliage varies from 1 to 2.8%. In fresh plates, this figure does not exceed 1%. The essential oil obtained from sage is yellow in color, sometimes with a greenish tint and a pungent aroma..

In dry sage leaves, the amount of essential oils almost triples..

Sage is rich in:

  • cineole;
  • borneol;
  • alpha and beta thujone.

sage essential oilIn addition to these substances, the ether composition includes various alkaloids, flavonoids, terpene compounds. Grass seeds contain up to 30% fat. Sage rhizome is rich in coumarin.

The foliage contains:

  • plant hormones similar to estrogen;
  • tanning and phenolic compounds;
  • vitamins PP and group B;
  • vitamin C.

Saponins, fumaric acid and many organic acids are also present in the plates, among which most are ursolic, chlorogenic and oleanolic. Aromatic resins and bitterness, tannins give the grass a bitter taste. Present in sage formic acid, phytoncides. Pinene, camphor, limonene, sitosterol, carnazole, stigmasterol – this is not a complete list of all the active substances of sage, which determine its medicinal properties and widespread use..

Medicinal properties of meadow sage

meadow sage teaFor medicinal purposes, it is the medicinal variety of sage that is more often used, but meadow sage has also found its use in medicine. In ancient times, it was often used against the plague. For this, the juice from the plant was diluted in vinegar and lotions were made. Sage was also mixed with other aromatic herbs with bactericidal properties: lavender, thyme and rosemary..

For its ability to cure many diseases, sage was called a “noble herb”.

This plant was previously used to treat ulcers, skin abscesses, convulsions, inflammatory processes and diseases of the respiratory, genitourinary system. Many of the recipes have not lost their importance now..sore throat

Meadow sage is used to treat:

  • various viral infections, colds, flu;
  • diseases of the throat and oral cavity, stomatitis, tonsillitis;
  • all types of cough, including whooping cough, bronchitis;
  • joints;
  • depressive conditions;
  • digestive system disorders.

period of menopause

Sage is a very effective remedy for excess sweating. If you regularly drink tea from the plant before bedtime, you can restore the night sweating characteristic of menopause in women in a fairly short time..

The use of meadow sage

broth of meadow sageThe plant is used to treat many pathologies. To get a positive result, you just need to follow simple recommendations for the preparation of funds and adhere to the correct reception.

Sage for skin diseases

healthy drinkMeadow sage has strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, due to which it quickly relieves itching and inflammation of the skin. It also promotes wound healing and epidermal restoration. Sage infusions treat infectious skin diseases, as well as insect bites.

The plant helps to get rid of breakouts, acne, blackheads and various bacteria. Sage regulates sebum secretion. Therefore, the plant is often present in natural cosmetics, especially for face care..

It takes a minimum of time and ingredients to prepare a toner for oily skin at home. To do this, you need to fill in 1 tbsp. l. dry chopped herbs 100 ml boiling water and leave to cool completely. The infusion should be carefully filtered. Then add 50 ml of apple cider vinegar to it and mix well. With the prepared mixture, wipe the skin of the face twice a day.

In dentistry

dental problemsIn this area, sage is appropriate in any form. It is recommended to wipe the teeth with fresh leaves, which will help not only get rid of bacteria, but also strengthen the gums.

In case of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, decoctions are prepared with the addition of honey. Wine tincture made from a mixture of sage, plantain and rosemary also helps. Such a remedy is able to overcome any infection due to its powerful bactericidal effect..

With a cold

we treat coldsIn addition to the antiviral effect, the herb relieves heat well, removes excess water due to its diuretic properties. When treating colds, a few drops of essential oil are added to drinks or decoctions and infusions from the leaves of the plant are prepared.

At the initial stage of influenza, sage is not recommended to be consumed, since it is able to dry out the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. Because of this, you can get the opposite effect – a strong and prolonged cough..

A powerful solution can be prepared to treat hoarse throat and coughs. It is necessary to add a few drops of bactericidal essential oil to warm water, such a remedy is no worse than pharmaceutical preparations. Gargle three to four times a day..

Meadow sage: contraindications

pregnant women should not take sageDue to the presence of many active substances in the composition, sage has a number of contraindications. It is not recommended to use this herb for pregnant and lactating women. Sage contains many plant hormones that can lead to decreased milk production, miscarriages, and other health problems..

Sage remedies are contraindicated during bouts of severe coughing..

It can also be used to treat influenza in children. It does not cause negative reactions, but in large quantities it is still contraindicated..

If you follow the recommendations for sage treatment and do not exceed the dosage of the herb, then you can get rid of many ailments in a fairly short time.

Folk recipes for the use of sage – video

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