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Planting exotic ixia in open ground and rules for caring for a southerner

ixia-mix on the site Ixia is an exotic South African plant that amazes with its beauty and vibrant color palette. In order to dilute it on the site, you should know all the intricacies of planting and caring for ixia in the open field.

Choosing a landing site

ixia in the flowerbed Since Ixia belongs to the representatives of southern plants, accordingly, for its planting, it is necessary to select an illuminated area with sufficient moisture. Despite the high humidity, the soil must have good drainage, excluding stagnant water. Before planting the plant, the selected area is dug up and fertilized with humus, if a looser soil is created, sand is added. Heavy soil is by no means suitable as it has an adverse effect on growth and flowering. It is also advisable to fertilize it:

  • 300g wood ash;
  • 70 g superphosphate;
  • 20 g magnesium.

To prevent the development of diseases, it is advisable to annually change the location of the flower on the site..

Ixia planting in open ground

Ixia bulbs before planting

The plant propagates with the help of bulbs. Before planting them, care should be taken that the bulbs are firm and not damaged in any way. Also, before planting, they should be well treated with a fungicide. Planting a flower is allowed both in the autumn and spring. However, if the soil freezes up to 18-20 cm, this process is prohibited. When Ixia is planted in open ground in spring, the soil is already warmed up, the plant quickly takes root and pleases with an abundance of color. Basic rules to consider when disembarking:

  1. Planting is carried out at a temperature not lower than 10-12 degrees Celsius.
  2. The depth of the planting hole should be 3-4 cm.
  3. A small handful of sand must be put at the bottom..
  4. Seedlings are placed in the soil at a distance of 6-8 cm.
  5. Cover with composted soil.

soil for ixiaPlanting and caring for Ixia outdoors in Siberia is carried out taking into account the climate of the territory. Seedlings are placed in the ground for the most part in mid-May, but if the soil is warmed up sufficiently, you can plant ahead of the specified time. In this case, the plant is covered with polyethylene until the heat is fully established. Planting and caring for ixia in the soil of the Moscow region is carried out much earlier than in the northern regions of the country, due to warmer weather conditions.

Outdoor care for ixia

Ixia blossomed in the gardenWhen planting Ixia in open ground, care should be carried out regularly, this will allow it to grow comfortably and delight with exuberant flowering. After its placement on the site, the plant is not moistened for 10-15 days, watering is carried out after the detection of sprouts.

You need to water the flower with warm water, since excessively cold water contributes to its death.

At the time of flowering, Ixia also needs to be watered and sprayed with flowers. The main thing when watering is not to overdo it, this can lead to a deterioration in the condition of the root system..

With proper care for ixia in the open field, you need to resort to feeding, using organic and mineral fertilizers that are intended specifically for this flower.

gentle ixiaFor the appearance of new inflorescences on ixia, it is supposed to promptly remove dried inflorescences. After the flowers have faded, watering decreases and sometimes stops completely. When all the leaves dry on Ixia, the bulbs are dug out of the ground for winter storage, dried and treated with potassium permanganate.

With proper planting and caring for Ixia in the open field, the flower will delight with its exotic beauty for a long time, and decorate summer cottages and flower beds.

Acquaintance with ixia – video

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