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Basic rules for planting and caring for daisies in the open field

perennial daisies Among all the varieties of flowers for arranging flower beds and flower beds, modern gardeners often choose daisies. Miniature, delicate and incredibly beautiful daisies, planting and care in the open field which do not require much effort, go well in a flower bed with tulips, daffodils and violets and delight with their lush flowering from early spring to mid-autumn.

red daisy Daisies belong to the Asteraceae family. They are distinguished by a variety of decorative shapes and colors and are known for their high frost resistance. They can be grown in pots on the balcony, used to create alpine slides and planted in open ground.

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How and when to plant daisies?

daisies in the gardenMany gardeners are wondering how to care for and when it is possible to plant daisies in open ground so that they please with their exuberant flowering. The answer to this question largely depends on the chosen method of plant propagation..

seedlings of daisies in the open fieldThere are several ways to breed daisies, in particular:

  • dividing the bush;
  • cuttings;
  • growing from seed.

The first method of reproduction of daisies by dividing the bush is acceptable only for adult plants. Usually the division of the bush is carried out in the third year of development of perennial daisies. It is believed that by this time the plant is already growing enough and requires rejuvenation. Dividing the bush and planting daisies in open ground is carried out in the middle of summer, when the flowering of plants stops. One bush can produce up to 10-12 new plants..

Daisies are propagated by cuttings in May-June. To do this, lateral leaves of adult plants are cut off and planted in open ground. As a rule, roots appear after 14 days, however, young plants begin to bloom only after a year..

daisy seedlingsPlanting daisies in open ground with seeds is carried out at the end of June. Seeds are sown in well-loosened soil, after which they are slightly sprinkled with earth. The first shoots appear in 10 days. Seedlings develop quickly and require picking.

You can plant ready-made seedlings in a flower bed already in August, but the plants will bloom only next year..

Planting daisies

daisies in the flowerbedIn order for the daisies to bloom this year, the seeds should be sown in February in individual containers, and the grown seedlings should be planted in the ground in the spring. Planting daisies in the ground in spring is carried out together with an earthen lump in small holes at a distance of 20 cm from each other.

Seeds for planting can be harvested throughout the entire flowering period of daisies, but they should only be collected from wilting and well-dried flowers in the sun..

collecting daisy seeds

Care features

Daisies are highly regarded by landscape designers not only for their extraordinary beauty, but also for their endurance and ease of care. These miniature flowers are considered unpretentious plants, so the peculiarities of planting and caring for daisies in the open field will be within the power of even a novice gardener..


bright flowers of daisiesDaisies need regular, abundant watering. If irrigation of the soil is irregular, especially in the hot season, then the flowers of daisies will become small and lose their splendor and velvety. After each watering, the soil should be loosened.

Top dressing

delicate daisy flowersIn order for daisies to delight with their lush flowering, they must be fed twice a season. Complex fertilizer for flowering plants is suitable for feeding..

Disease and pest control

daisies on a mini-flower bedDaisies rarely get sick and are exposed to pests. However, sometimes there are cases of flower disease with powdery mildew or their damage by caterpillars and mites..

The following factors can be the causes of plant diseases:

  • insufficient or excessive watering of daisies;
  • the introduction of excess fertilizers;
  • a sharp drop in day and night temperatures.

In case of illness, diseased specimens are removed, and healthy plants are treated with special solutions..

Preparing daisies for winter

compositions with daisiesPlanting and caring for daisies outdoors in the fall involves preparing the plants for the cold winter. After all, winter is a serious test for all colors. Therefore, in order to protect the flowers from frost, the soil is most often mulched. The need for this procedure increases if the root system is exposed in plants. As a rule, shelter for the winter daisies in the open field is carried out using sawdust, peat or humus..

The thickness of the soil mulching layer for daisies should not exceed 7 cm.

Unpretentious in the care and cultivation of daisies can become a unique decoration of even the most sophisticated landscape design. Frost-resistant and incredibly beautiful, they are suitable for decorating flower beds and reservoirs. And adherence to the basic rules of planting daisies in open ground and caring for them even for inexperienced gardeners will allow you to grow beautiful flowers in a flower bed and enjoy their lush flowering throughout the season.

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