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Garden decoration panicle hydrangea – varieties and their features

panicle hydrangea varieties Hydrangea is a deciduous shrub with lush, large and vibrant buds that delight from spring to late fall. Hydrangea paniculata, the varieties of which are very popular among gardeners, belongs to the absolute favorite plants in landscape design and can become a luxurious decoration of any suburban area.

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Hydrangea paniculata – varieties and their features

garden decoration hydrangea There are more than 100 varieties of hydrangea paniculata. They belong to perennial deciduous shrubs and are popular among gardeners due to their unpretentiousness to climatic conditions and long, lush flowering, which lasts from late spring to late autumn..

The main benefits of panicle hydrangea:

  • large, lush inflorescences in the form of panicles, reaching 20-30 cm;
  • different color colors of inflorescences – from pale green to snow-white and pink;
  • the plant tolerates wintering well and does not require additional shelters and insulation;
  • shrub grows equally well in sunny and shaded places;
  • it is distinguished by early flowering, which begins already 2-3 years after planting the shrub;
  • in landscape design it is used as a small standard tree or an ornamental shrub.

When choosing the best varieties of hydrangea, it is imperative to take into account the characteristics of each specific species, the nuances of their cultivation, as well as climatic “preferences”.

ornamental shrubPanicle hydrangea is a common and versatile ornamental shrub. The main advantage of this type of plant is its high resistance to low temperatures – they can easily tolerate indicators down to -30 ° С.

Garden hydrangea varieties are often confused with paniculate. These are different types of hydrangea, which have several differences. The first variety has spherical, rounded inflorescences, the second is cone-shaped, reaching up to 20-30 cm in length.

Also, these varieties differ in flowering period. Garden hydrangea blooms in mid-spring, 4-6 weeks earlier than paniculate varieties.

Polar bear

panicle hydrangea varieties Polar BearThe polar bear is one of the most popular varieties of a spreading shrub, the height of which can reach 1.8-2 m.This hybrid species was obtained by crossing Limelight and Grandiflora.

The polar bear was bred specifically for breeding in the regions of Siberia. Ornamental shrubs are distinguished by exceptional frost resistance and can easily withstand air temperatures down to -45 ° С.

white hydrangeaThe variety is distinguished by large flowering ears, the size of which is 35-45 cm.The polar bear is the variety with the largest ears among all varieties of hydrangea.

lush bloomFlowering begins in July with a snow-white shade and turns into a rich pink color by autumn. Most often it finishes blooming by the end of October..


panicle hydrangea varieties LimelightLimelight is a beautiful, compact and neat ornamental shrub widely used in landscape design. Plant height reaches 125-145 cm, inflorescences – up to 38 cm.

Limelight gradeLimelight got its name due to the rich yellowish color of the flower-bearing ears, reminiscent of citrus fruits. The shade is most often pale and by the time of flowering it becomes white-green or snow-white.

An important advantage of the Limelight variety is its high resistance to any weather conditions and humidity. Lush and neat inflorescences delight in appearance after rains, frosts or gusts of wind.


hydrangea varieties candeliteCandelite is a common variety that is resistant to wind and frost. Large, spreading shrubs with a lush, dense crown are up to 135-150 cm in height.Flower cones of a rich red-violet hue, located on strong and elastic shoots.

the candelite variety bloomsThe foliage is oblong, dark green in color, with slightly jagged edges and many thin veins. With abundant and lush flowering, the Candelite shrub requires an additional garter.

Candelite is a versatile variety that can be grown in both sunny and shaded areas. Disease resistant.

Pinky Winky

Pinky Winky varietyPinky Winky is an unusual chameleon-colored panicle hydrangea. The height of ornamental shrubs can reach 2.7-2.8 m. The flower-bearing cobs are white-pink or white-burgundy..

Crown Pinky Winky is small in size and round in shape, the flowering ears of a conical shape are covered with small petals with a pleasant, pronounced, fragrant aroma.

The advantage of this variety of panicle hydrangea is considered to be very lush, abundant flowering, continuous throughout the entire growing season.

Vanilla Fraze

panicle hydrangea varieties Vanilla FrazVanilla Freise is an unpretentious plant with extremely beautiful inflorescences, which is considered one of the best in the entire species of panicle hydrangea. It has a chameleon color.

Shrub description:

  • plant height up to 140-148 cm;
  • the size of the ear-peduncles – up to 23-30 cm;
  • the beginning of flowering earlier, most often in June;
  • great for growing in northern regions.

amazing vanilla freise

The appearance of Vanilla Fraze received its unusual name due to the original two-tone color – at the beginning of the flowering of the brush of a snow-white shade, but after 10-20 days a pink edging appears on them.

Brussels Leys

Brussels Leys varietyNeat, compact and very attractive ornamental shrubs, covered with lush inflorescences of a rich cherry or raspberry hue. It blooms very profusely and continuously throughout the growing season..

delicate white bloomThe plant has a rounded and spreading crown covered with oblong dark green serrated leaves. The petals are “openwork”, thanks to which the blooming Brussels Lays hydrangea looks very advantageous in the garden or on the flower bed.

Sunday Fries

hydrangea varieties Sunday FriesSunday Fries is one of the most unusual and popular varieties of undersized panicle hydrangea. Ornamental shrubs have a rounded shape and, during the flowering period, outwardly resemble a large bouquet.

Distinctive features of the Sunday Frize variety:

  • Sunday Fries has a neat and well-groomed crown, which practically does not need additional decoration;
  • flowering ears are distinguished by color transitions from creamy snow-white to pink-lilac;
  • this variety is versatile and unpretentious;
  • grows quickly both in sunny areas and in shaded areas;
  • the height of ornamental shrubs most often does not exceed 80-95 cm.

Due to its neat and effective appearance, Sunday Fries is often used in landscape design when decorating “hedges”.

Silver Dollar

grade Silver DollarSilver Dollar belongs to the highest varieties of panicle hydrangea. The height of the shrub often reaches 2.2-2.5 m, which led to its widespread use in the field of landscape design..

large inflorescences of hydrangeaResistant to sudden changes in temperature, the amount of light and weather conditions, the tall and strong shrub does not require special care or garter. Flowering white, gradually the cobs acquire a light pink or golden brown hue. Lasts from July to early November.

Silver Dollar shoots are strong, powerful and hardy, they do not bend with abundant flowering and do not need additional strengthening.

Magic Candle

blankThe Magic Candle is a popular and common type of deciduous ornamental shrub with straight, sturdy and firm shoots. The height is 1.7-2 m. The main advantage of this variety of panicle hydrangea is its high resistance to various diseases and climatic conditions. Even after winter frosts, frozen shoots are able to regenerate..

blooming medical kendlThe Magic Candle variety got its unusual name due to its external resemblance to a lit candle. At the very beginning of flowering, the buds have a snow-white-cream color, then gradually acquire a vanilla-pink and burgundy-raspberry hue.


grade KiushuKyushu belongs to tall varieties of panicle hydrangea, which reach 2.3-2.8 m in height. Blooms profusely, until the first decade of October. Due to its strong and hardy shoots, this type of panicle hydrangea is often used in home gardens as a “hedge”.

This type of ornamental shrub is very much appreciated by gardeners for the pleasant fragrant aroma that flower stalks emit. Kyushu has unusual foliage in the shape of neat hearts with jagged edges and pointed tips..

Inflorescences in the form of cones, covered with dense petals, up to 32-36 cm long. They have a glossy color, slightly darker and richer at the tip and lighter at the base. In most cases, the color of Kiushu in the first weeks of flowering is milky white or cream, over time, the peduncles acquire an interesting greenish or blue tint..

Most often used by landscape designers as a small decorative tree or “hedge”.


panicle hydrangea bobo varietiesBobo belongs to varieties of panicle hydrangea, loved by many summer residents and gardeners. This type of plant differs from the previous ones in its miniature size. Most often, its height reaches 50-70 cm.

compact bushWith its small size, the bush is literally completely covered with lush and fairly large sizes, up to 27-30 cm in length. Great for confined spaces, grows easily even in a flowerpot.

Pink Diamond

Pink DiamondIt is not by chance that “Pink Diamond” got its name. It attracts attention with extremely bright, large, lush and beautiful inflorescences, the shade of which varies from light pink to rich scarlet.

ornamental shrubThe ornamental shrub Pink Diamond is distinguished not only by its visual appeal, but also by its durability – the life of one plant can reach 25-29 years. The branches of the panicle hydrangea are strong and hardy, even with abundant flowering, the shrub does not need a garter.

Hydrangea paniculata varieties Phantom

panicle hydrangea varieties PhantomA variety of panicle hydrangea called Phantom has become widespread among gardeners and summer residents due to its extremely fast and lush growth. A feature of the shrub is that it grows up to 1.8-2 m, not only in height, but also in width..

An ornamental plant grows well on soil of any type and quality and is not susceptible to diseases of the root system. The phantom “does not like” direct sunlight and piercing gusts of wind.

delicate bloomMost often, this type of elegant and neat ornamental shrub is used for landscaping park areas. Flowering milky white, the size of flower-bearing cones can be 25-27 cm.It blooms, like other varieties of panicle hydrangea, from mid-July to the last weeks of October.

Mega Mindy

panicle hydrangea varieties mega mindyMega Mindy is one of the rarest varieties of panicle hydrangea. The height of the shrub varies from 120 to 145 cm, the flower-bearing cobs are of a snow-white shade at the beginning of flowering and rich pink or burgundy at the end.

mega mindy in landscape gardeningThe stems of the shrub are strong and resilient; even with a large number of flower-bearing cones, they do not require additional reinforcement or garters. Mega Mindy looks very interesting and attractive, therefore it is often used by landscape designers for landscaping country houses.


panicle hydrangea varieties GrandifloraGrandiflora is a panicle hydrangea familiar to many gardeners. Shrub up to 2.3-2.6 m high is covered with very beautiful, neat sterile peduncles up to 27-30 cm high.The crown diameter of the plant can reach 1.7-2 m.It has a well-developed and spreading root system.

Grandiflora has a varied bloom color palette that can range from cream and white to light green and pink. The shrub can be grown in one area up to 25-35 years.

blooming grandifloraThe ornamental shrub has a neat bowl-like shape that can be maintained regardless of weather conditions. Grandiflora looks very attractive both in a single landing and in the form of a “group” landing.

Hydrangea paniculata varieties Weems Red

Weems red varietyThis ornamental shrub, whose height is only 110-123 cm, attracts the attention of gardeners and summer residents with its unusual, rich flowering. The hybrid plant blooms very early, in June, with snow-white flowers that persist until November.

wims red in the month of AugustBy August, white flower stalks acquire a rich burgundy-scarlet hue and a pronounced honey aroma. The inflorescences are small in size, with a pleasant, delicate aroma. Lush and spreading bushes look very impressive and attractive, which is why they are often used to decorate personal plots.

Samara Lydia

panicle hydrangea varieties Samarskaya LydiaSamara Lydia is one of the newest varieties of panicle hydrangea, which was introduced by breeders in 2018. The plant was bred by joint efforts of breeders from Russia and France..

The ornamental shrub Samarskaya Lydia is distinguished by its miniature size, which usually reaches 1.1-1.3 m. This variety can be grown both in open soil and in container planting. A small, neat shrub grown in a flowerpot looks very attractive.

compact hydrangea bushSamara Lydia is distinguished by strong and resilient red branches covered with dark green leaves with a rough surface. The cone-shaped flowering ears are covered with snow-white petals, which, towards the end of autumn, acquire a pale pink, and then a red-burgundy color..

Panicle hydrangea is a beautiful, neat ornamental shrub with attractive, lush inflorescences of various colors. Its varieties can become a magnificent decoration of any garden or summer cottage and delight with luxurious flowering from the beginning of summer until the first frost.

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