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Getting to know the healing properties of alocasia

large-rooted alocasia Among indoor plants, medicinal species are common, which are not only beautiful, but also have medicinal properties. The healing properties of alocasia have long been used in Chinese traditional medicine. The preparations are widely used in places where plants grow in nature. However, the poisonous substances of mercuric chloride and cyanides contained in the sap of the plant require caution and precise dosage in use. Of home alocasia, only large-rhizome has pronounced healing properties..

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Alocasia traditional medicine

Alocasia large-root It should be noted that the properties of alocasia are still insufficiently studied, they are not used in traditional medicine. Other names for alocasia are shamrock, arma, weatherman. The use of preparations from a plant without appropriate knowledge is life-threatening. Therefore, information about the benefits of the plant is given not to guide its use, but as evidence of the greatness and capabilities of nature..

The medicinal properties of the plant can be used in precise dosage, under the guidance of an experienced healer, and after consultation with the attending physician. External agents are used only after a trial application to the skin. The healer selects the dose of alocasia for treatment individually.

Application of large-root alocasia ointmentUsing the knowledge of Chinese doctors who most fully substantiated the use of drugs from alocasia, we will rely on their experience:

  1. The leaves are used to make preparations for relieving toothache, treating tuberculosis and pneumonia..
  2. Large-root alocasia is used to treat polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, gout, hemorrhoids.
  3. The essential oils of the plant are used as antimicrobial drugs. They are used for staphylococcal, streptococcal, intestinal infections, in the fight against influenza viruses.
  4. With the help of infusions of alocasia, itching from the bites of blood-sucking insects is relieved. The drug is an antidote for snake bites.
  5. With the help of external influence, bumps under the skin are absorbed and healed, gout, hemorrhoids are relieved, spurs disappear.
  6. Alocasia heals the atmosphere in the home just by being there. It is said that several shamrock and violet plants together can change even the character of an angry person living in this atmosphere..

These properties are known and used by the inhabitant in those places where the plant is a resident of the wild. Of those alocasia that have taken root in homes, only the trefoil is used for treatment. The plant is named so, because of the property to lose the fourth leaf, when a young one appears. For medicinal purposes, only this slightly yellowed leaf with a long handle is used, which is used for the preparation of potions. One such leaf the size of a human palm is enough to make 0.5 liters of healing tincture.

alocasia large-rooted in the nurseryThe properties studied to date characterize the plant:

  • biological stimulant involved in the process of tissue repair;
  • an immunomodulator that increases resistance to cancer;
  • anti-inflammatory drug to restore joints;
  • analgesic effect on nerve endings.

The unconditional limitation of alocasia for treatment is age, not younger than 15 years..

Dosage forms for the use of alocasia

Large-rooted alocasia tinctureTo obtain potions, the lower leaf of the plant is used, which begins to die off. It is cut off along with the petiole at the very base..

Preparation of drugs requires special care. Even a microscopic dose of juice that gets on the mucous membranes will bring terrible torment. Skin burns are possible. Therefore, you should work in protective clothing and goggles..

Alocasia tincture on alcohol is made after crushing the leaf and stem in a porcelain mortar. The sheet is preliminarily cut with a plastic knife and in a plastic container. How much gruel turns out, the same amount of vodka is taken. The suspension is kept for 3 weeks in the dark. Such a tincture of alocasia on alcohol is used for external rubbing in case of joint pain and skin problems. For internal use, the course is selected individually, and the drug is taken under the supervision of a healer.

The tincture is made from the leaf plate and the stem of the plant.An ointment is also produced, which consists of a gruel, grated both for tincture and a fat base in a ratio of 2 parts of gruel and 3 parts of lard, petroleum jelly and similar products. Store the ointment in the refrigerator. Alocasia in alcohol tincture in a ratio of 1: 4 to the fat base can also be used for superficial use..

Alocasia oil is made by cold extracting the gruel from the leaf into olive or other oil. In this case, 100 g of oil is taken on one sheet, the process takes place in a dark place for 3 weeks, then the remaining fibrous substances are squeezed out, and the oil is used within 3 months. Apply it externally.

Water infusions are prepared from alocasiaInfusions of gruel on water are used for baths, but the mass should be infused for 24 hours, after a day it retains its healing properties. All preparations are made cold and warm. Boiling or using steep boiling water will destroy the complex composition..

The resulting drugs are used:

  • with diseases of bones and joints;
  • in skin problems, any dermatitis;
  • with varicose veins and thrombophlebitis;
  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • tuberculosis;
  • stomach ulcer.

While these funds are used in traditional medicine. The research of the plant is carried out intensively, its medicinal effect is confirmed, but alocasia is not included in the pharmacopoeia of official medicine..

Antineoplastic medicinal properties of alocasia

Cancer cellsIn Russia, scientific research has been carried out and is being carried out to study external treatment with alocasia tincture or an ointment prepared on its basis. The results are positive. Buryat herbalist Badmaev also confirms the positive medicinal effect of the tincture.

In 2012, in China, the antitumor therapeutic property of alocasia on hepatocellular carcinoma was studied, where it was finally established that alocasia large-rooted precisely kills cancer cells in the liver. Official medicine has recognized this drug as useful specifically for the treatment of liver cancer..

It is necessary to use alocasia for treatment only under the supervision of doctors.The drug is taken under the strict supervision of doctors. Suffice it to say, the treatment begins with one drop of the tincture, diluted in a tablespoon of water, and increases every day by only one drop, and then decreases in the same order. The two-month course can be repeated only after a long break. The scheme was developed and applied by the healer L. Kim.

The drug alocasia for cancer is used under the strict supervision of doctors and exceeding the dose is unacceptable. When applying the tincture, you need to take into account its complex effect on all organs..

The use of drugs from alocasia for stomach ulcers

Indian alokaziaIndian alocasia was studied in 2011 in the city of Krishna, where its positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract was confirmed. The diarrhea ceased, the composition showed antiprozoal properties, that is, the destruction of pathogens. Taking the tincture reduces pain in the stomach in case of ulcers. But the studies were not documented. The use of alocasia for the treatment of stomach ulcers has not yet been confirmed by medical research. Healers use the tincture in the treatment. For those who have an ulcer in remission, folk healers advise in the spring and autumn to carry out a course of treatment with alocasia for stomach ulcers. However, healers are advised to consult with your doctor before taking the tincture. But if there is a concomitant heart disease, then alocasia should be abandoned.

Taking the dose prescribed by the healer will not only help not to exacerbate the disease, but alocasia will also prevent cancer from cancer. To obtain the composition, mix one spoonful of the crushed mass of alocasia with a glass of honey and a bottle of vodka. Shake until the honey dissolves, and keep in a dark place for 10 days. Shake well before use. Drink 3 times a day, a tablespoon half an hour before meals. After 2 weeks, repeat everything in the same proportion. The preparation of a portion for one course is described..

Traditional medicine is not a panacea. Only in conjunction with specialists who have active preparations at their disposal, herbalists can provide a mild effect on the body of a green pharmacy. But they do not know about concomitant diseases, without taking into account which it is possible to bring not benefits, but harm to health. Therefore, joint treatment will be correct and effective..

Alocasia ointment for arthritis – video

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