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Why isn’t your indoor hibiscus blooming?

Hibiscus does not bloom for a long time Hibiscus are prized for their beautiful flowers. Why does indoor hibiscus not bloom, despite good care? Blooming is a desire to reproduce and gratitude for care. Abundant flowering can be achieved with a balance between good housing conditions and a factor that provokes leaving seeds..

How to make hibiscus bloom at home

Only by observing the recommendations of flower growers on the maintenance of a flower can you get an abundantly flowering bush every year. But if all the forces are given to flowering, then the growth of the bush will be slow.

In caring for a plant, balance and compliance with all recommendations are important:

  • place of detention;
  • wintering conditions;
  • soil and capacity requirements;
  • watering and feeding the plant;
  • pruning;
  • protection against diseases and pests.

Place of Containment

A prerequisite for the flowering of a Chinese rose will be its maintenance in a bright place. The sun should not burn the leaves of the flower. But in a dark room, hibiscus will not bloom.

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The flowering of hibiscus is influenced by the conditions of detention To admire flowers in summer, hibiscus should be kept at a temperature of 12-15 degrees in winter. The room should be bright. It is at this temperature that the flowering program is laid. Do not wait for the exuberant opening of the buds in summer, when hibiscus blooms in winter, if kept warm.

Choosing a pot and fertile soil

If the hibiscus grows in a pot that is too large, it will not bloom.The Chinese rose grows at home quickly if the plant was allocated a tub for growth and filled with fertile soil. Until the plant fills the entire clod of earth with roots, it will build up its green mass. The overgrown bush pleases with green foliage, receives proper care, but has not opened a single bud? Why indoor hibiscus does not bloom?

It is necessary to transplant the plant into a smaller container so that the roots are cramped. At the same time, they can be trimmed, removing more brown old parts. The pot should have good drainage from expanded clay or other bedding. Place the upper layer of roots almost on the soil surface. Houseplants bloom if the roots are cramped.

The composition of the soil for the Chinese rose should be fertile, but with the inclusion of clay turf. The acidity of the soil is kept closer to neutral. Charcoal chips in the soil help maintain the balance of the substrate.

Timely trimming and pinching

There is one biological feature why hibiscus does not bloom. Flowers form only on the tops of young twigs. Therefore, a home flower needs a systematic pruning or pinching. Getting the branches to bush by pruning is an important part of hibiscus care. He quickly gives young shoots, and the buds develop on them. One of the main reasons why healthy, overgrown indoor hibiscus does not bloom, the lack of pruning.

Hibiscus needs pruning to get lush flowering

Uniform watering

It is important to water the flower properly. At any moment, all beauty can be violated precisely because of improper watering:

  1. The water should be soft. When using it, no scale remains in the kettle, and a film does not float on the surface of boiled water.
  2. For irrigation, the water must be well defended so that there are no traces of chlorine in the tap water.
  3. Irrigation water temperature should be around 30 degrees.

In summer, indoor hibiscus is watered abundantly and sprayed with leaves from a spray bottle. But between waterings, the top layer of the earth should dry out. In winter, the plant is rarely watered. In cold, damp soil, inactive roots can rot. Lack of watering or nutrition will provoke shedding of buds and flowers when hibiscus is in bloom.

Phosphate fertilizers are especially effective for flowering. It can be a superphosphate extract, or a special composition for indoor flowering plants. Fertilizers are applied only to wet soil.

What to do if hibiscus does not bloom and how to find the cause. Do not overexpose the rose tree in cold conditions. In order for it to bloom, it is necessary to exclude temperature drops during the growing season. So, if the plant is overexposed in the cold until the buds appear, and then transferred to heat, the buds will fall off from a sharp change in temperature. The same will happen if the plant gets caught in a draft..

In order for the plant to throw out the buds, it is necessary to apply phosphorus fertilizer.A flowering tree requires careful handling. The pot is installed in place once for the whole summer. It cannot even be rotated if the buds have already been picked. The peduncle is very fragilely attached and falls off from the slight swaying of the branch. Therefore, during flowering, you need to walk by carefully..

In summer, hibiscus loves fresh air. The flowerpots should be installed in a place protected from wind and direct sunlight. Loggia, balcony or veranda with a sun curtain will be the best place for blooming hibiscus.

Why hibiscus with yellow leaves does not bloom

A plant with diseased foliage does not bloomIt should be noted that only healthy hibiscus flowers bloom, which have the necessary conditions for development. If spots appear on the leaves of any format or the leaf blade turns yellow, these are signs of a disease. So, green drooping leaves will say that the plant is dry, then it will lose color and buds.

Yellow leaves can give a signal that there is a disorder with the root system, and there is no need to wait for flowering under these conditions. In addition, insect pests can colonize the plant, taking food from the hibiscus. Therefore, each pruning, watering, wiping the leaves should be combined with a preventive inspection of the plant..

Compliance with agricultural technology will allow you to annually enjoy the victorious flowering of a tropical plant, which brings harmony to the house in the relationship between family members.

Hibiscus care experience – video

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