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Is it possible to keep hoya wax ivy at home?

Hoya wax ivy blooms Famous domestic flowers have long been attributed to mythical properties. Hoya wax ivy, is it possible to keep it at home, what the signs say about it. Hoya does not belong to ivy, does not inhibit the growth of surrounding vegetation. An unpretentious plant quickly develops at home. The waxy plant is named for its amazingly beautiful and fragrant flowers, collected in a ball and leaves with a glossy surface..

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Description of hoya, reality and myths

Hoya in the interior Hoya belongs to the crotch plants, consisting of climbing vines and dwarf shrubs. The plant received the name Hoya after the name of the gardener Hoya, who was the first to master exotic care in Europe. Hoya is a liana-like plant, the length of a rapidly growing stem reaches 10 meters. Hoya wax ivy is the most common home breeding species. She has fleshy shiny leaves, aerial roots are formed on the stems. At first, the vines are obedient and soft, then they become stiff and hardly change shape.

When the hoya blooms, it cannot be rearranged or turned over. The unapproachable beauty will drop the buds and there will be no flowering this summer.

In addition to beautiful leaves, hoya forms ivy flowers at home. Fragrant single stars are collected in balls baskets. Hoya blooms for a long time even at home. The rapidly growing unpretentious liana has become a favorite decoration of official institutions. However, there is still no definite answer whether it is possible to keep hoya wax ivy at home..

Plant in potsSince ancient times, many plants have been attributed to mystical properties. Superstition is associated with old friends, beautiful plants – Chinese rose, cacti, ampelous plants. Among them there is indoor ivy, which can twine around other plants and deprive them of light. But in this case, the blame for the immoderately overgrown vines lies with the florist. Indoor flowers create coziness, absorb harmful substances, Many of the poisonous plants on the windowsill have medicinal properties.

Wax ivy formationHoya wax ivy is considered to be unfortunate. The main one is that the flower drives out husbands and sons from the house according to one version. The family can suffer misfortune and financial well-being. Another says the flower pacifies envy, the plant of family happiness. Whether it is possible to keep a hoya flower wax ivy at home is learned from our own experience. The only obstacle may be a family member’s allergy to pollen..

If the flower is regularly sprayed and wiped with a damp cloth, the Hoya will not be colonized by insect pests. The leaves will look fresh. Dust on a glossy surface settles quickly, clogging pores.

In fact, this beautiful ampelous culture is absolutely harmless. It does not inhibit the growth of other flowers. But if you give free rein and do not follow the plant, the vine will penetrate any crack. Therefore, the vines need to be guided along special stands. The photo shows whether it is possible to keep wax ivy at home in a given format, and how to create guides for creepers.

How to properly care for a hoya

In home floriculture, there are few plants that can tolerate a lack of light. Hoya in the shade does not lose the attractiveness of foliage, but blooms only in the light. At home, she is not afraid of airing. Home care for wax ivy includes the requirements:

  • to the quality of the soil and correct planting;
  • temperature and lighting;
  • watering and feeding;
  • ensuring the flowering regime and winter maintenance;
  • the formation of creepers.

In nature, hoya grows in the shade of trees and rests on powerful trunks and branches. Therefore, at home, the most favorable place will be lighting from the east and west windows. In winter, a southern window is preferable, there is enough light. Additional lighting will be required in other parts of the apartment. If the plant does not receive sufficient light in the spring, it will refuse to bloom in the summer. And wax ivy blooms with fragrant baskets, as in the photo.Fragrant hoya flower baskets

In summer, the vine can live outdoors; ivy should be shaded from the direct rays of the sun. Otherwise, the leaves may turn yellow and lose their decorative effect. In winter, rest will be comfortable at a temperature of 15-17 degrees.

Moisture requirements are not limited to watering. Watering is moderate in summer and scarce in winter. But twice a year, the hoya needs to be bathed with immersion. The bath is filled with warm water and the plant is completely transferred to the immersion container. After 40 minutes, the vines are raised and drained, and the roots continue to bathe for an hour and a half. Without such bathing, abundant flowering in summer can not be expected. In addition, in the summer, the leaves are periodically sprayed from a spray bottle..

From March to September, once every three weeks, the hoya needs mineral fertilizing. The mixture can be calculated and compiled independently, based on the percentage:

  • nitrogen – 10%;
  • phosphorus – 11%;
  • potassium – 18%;
  • magnesium – 2%.

Adult hoya plantFor transplanting Hoya, soil can be bought for flowering succulents, or made up of two parts of fertile soil, and one piece of expanded clay, perlite, peat. The plant is transplanted by transferring it into a large container, when the roots begin to emerge from the drainage, growth stops and the leaves droop. Hoya transplanting using the transshipment method will help the root system quickly recover. If the pot is taken much larger, then flowering will be delayed. When transplanting, wax ivy is not buried.

The formation of the crown of the ivy flower is required. The support can be made in the form of a heart, a ring or an arch. You can create a bush-like composition, often pinching the growing shoots. This technique stimulates flowering. Grow a small bush and check for yourself whether old signs are valid and which ones. Look at the clivia photo!

Wax ivy care video

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