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The best varieties of annual dahlias for a closer look

varieties of annual dahlias Annual dahlia varieties include a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. They are intended for growing at home, decorating flower beds and creating live borders, as well as for cutting. Annuals are easier to care for and maintain: they do not need to build a shelter for the winter and feed them with fertilizers. It is enough to sow them in the local area, and soon get an abundantly blooming array.

Features of annual dahlias

amazing bloom Dahlia flowers are an extensive species that combines annual and perennial varieties. Many gardeners prefer the first option because of its ease of care and maintenance. In addition, there are several of their advantages over perennial species:

  • the flowering period lasts from the beginning or middle of summer to the beginning of frost;
  • there are varieties of any shape and shade available – only from these colors you can create a full-fledged composition;
  • for the winter, tubers do not need to be dug up and transferred to heat (during this procedure, many plants lose their vitality);
  • unpretentiousness to weather conditions – annual varieties of dahlias can grow, including in the northern regions.

In nature, some species can grow up to 2.5 m or more. At home, dwarf and medium-sized varieties from 25-30 cm to 1 m in height are more popular.

Varieties with photos

There is a generally accepted classification of dahlias, depending on their appearance and characteristics. There are also spectacular breeding hybrids. Among the varieties of annual dahlias, several groups are distinguished:

  • simple (single-row) – plants with a fully open flower, petals located in one row, and a bright core;
  • peony – semi-double varieties with several rows of petals;
  • anemone – consist of 2-3 rows of double petals, resemble anemones;
  • votornichkovye – have two rows of petals, the lower one is longer, and the upper one is short, can be of contrasting shades;
  • spherical – they are distinguished by an unusual round flower shape, in which there are a large number of rows of petals;
  • nymphaean – resemble lotuses, double flowers, regular shape;
  • pom-poms – also have the shape of a ball, but are slightly flattened on both sides;
  • cactus – their petals are long, collected in tubes and resemble needles;
  • semi-cactus – the petals are folded in half;
  • decorative (the most common group) – inflorescences contain a large number of petals, wide and slightly bent at the core;
  • chrysanthemum – have an external resemblance to chrysanthemums, the petals are wrapped in tubes.

Dahlia Mignon

dahlia minionThis is a low (up to 40 cm), but very showy plant. Its shoots are highly branching, and from the middle of summer large inflorescences (up to 8-9 cm in diameter) begin to appear on them. The flowers are simple, with one row of wide, regular petals and a contrasting core. On sale there are white, red, pink, yellow dahlia Mignon, as well as a mixture of colorful seeds. This variety is one of the most popular for decorating flower beds and adjoining plots, since it is distinguished by its bright abundant flowering and unpretentiousness to growing conditions..

Dahlia Piccolo

piccolo varietyIt belongs to medium-sized varieties and can reach up to 50 cm in height. The inflorescences of this variety are also simple, and the petals are large, wide and colorful. Flowers look especially impressive in flowerpots on terraces and open balconies..

Dahlia Piccolo Mignon

dahlia piccolo mignon mixIt is a mixture of two varieties of seeds that complement each other perfectly in flower arrangements. It is in this form that these plants can be found on sale. They are represented by dwarf annual dahlias up to 35-50 cm in height, which take root well in any conditions.

Dahlia collar Dandy

collared dahlia dandyTall plant with straight, strong stems. The variety looks great both in individual plantings and in group flower arrays. It differs from other varieties in the unusual shape of the inflorescence: they contain collars – individual petals, twisted and directed downward. On sale you can find a multi-colored mixture of Dahlia Dandy, which consists of seeds of multi-colored flowers.

Dahlia Colaretta Dandy

Dahlia Colaretta DandyAn ornamental plant up to 60 cm high. In the middle of summer, inflorescences of 8-9 cm in diameter appear on it, and the flowering period lasts until the first frost. It is sold as dahlia seeds Colarette Dandy (mix). They grow multi-colored, belong to the group of collar varieties.

Dahlia decorative

decorative dahliaIt is a mixture of seeds of annual plants, which consists of different varieties. This mix contains large flowers 100-120 cm high. The period of their flowering coincides and lasts from mid-summer until the cold snap.

Dahlia Figaro

dahlia FigaroThis is a low-growing variety (up to 35 cm in height) with voluminous inflorescences that reach up to 7-10 cm in diameter. The petals can be colored red, pink, yellow, orange and combinations thereof. The flowers are solid and look unusually large compared to dwarf double dahlias.

Dahlia Bambino (terry mixture)

dahlia bambinoBright flowers for decorating flower beds and lawns, as well as for creating spectacular living borders. Compared to especially low-growing bushes (up to 25 cm), the inflorescences look very large (up to 10 cm in diameter). These are annual terry dahlias, popular both in single plantings and in complex massifs..

Dahlia Bride

Dahlia Bright ShvevolkAnnual up to 50 cm high. Plants are suitable for growing in open ground, as well as in flowerpots. Bride is the generic name for several varieties that differ in the color and shape of the petals. They can be monochromatic or combine several shades..

Dahlia Terry Opera

Dahlia variety Opera (mix)These are compact ornamental shrubs up to 35 cm high. They are distinguished by very bright and abundant flowering. A large number of double inflorescences up to 7-10 cm in diameter can form on one plant. They differ in the shade of the petals, so you can find a mixture of Dahlia Opera on sale..

Dahlia changeable

dahlia changeableIt is a mixture of varieties that are selected for outdoor planting. These are very decorative bushes, unpretentious to the conditions of detention and climate. On sale you can find a mix of pompons, cactus and other dahlias. Their flowering period is the same, and the buds do not stop blooming from July to early autumn..

Dahlia Lark

Dahlia variety LarkThis is a compact variety up to 60 cm high. Their inflorescences are voluminous, double, pompom or semi-cactus, they have an intense aroma. They reach 8-9 cm in diameter and are presented in white, yellow, pink or red shades..

Variety Rainbow

grade rainbowThese are medium-sized bushes (up to 60 cm), which bloom profusely from mid-summer until the first frost. Their inflorescences are simple, consisting of one or more rows of petals and a contrasting core. They can be painted in any colors and shades, more often monochromatic. Plants are suitable for growing outdoors, in pots and flowerpots.

Dahlia Avignon

Dahlia variety AvignonThese are large plants (up to 90 cm in height), popular for decorating house plots and for cutting. They are distinguished by the unusual shape and color of the petals. The inflorescences are voluminous, up to 15 cm in diameter, white with bright purple thin stripes. Their stems are strong, and the petals do not fall off for a long time, so they can be added to bouquets as a central element..

Dahlia Gudoshnik

Dahlias GudoshnikA tall ornamental plant (up to 1 m) with large voluminous flowers (up to 15 cm in diameter). The petals are wrapped in tubes, arranged in several rows and resemble needles. The variety has an unusual color: the flowers are yellow at the core, forming a smooth gradient to red.

Dahlia Valentine

dahlia valentineThis is a spectacular plant for decorating flower beds and living borders. The bushes do not exceed 35 cm in height, but they form voluminous inflorescences up to 10-12 cm in diameter. The flowers are rounded, slightly flattened, and the petals are even and wide. The main feature of this variety is its bright red color, which will make it stand out in any floral arrangement..

Vasilisa variety

Vasilis varietyOne of the most compact types of dahlias. The bushes rarely reach more than 15 cm in height, therefore they are especially popular for growing in pots. In the middle of summer, double flowers with several rows of petals bloom on them. They are monochromatic, can be painted in white, purple, yellow, red or pink shades with a contrasting middle..

Monarch variety

monarch gradeThis is a combination of bright colors. Bushes up to 50-60 cm in height, lush, with a large number of peduncles. In the middle of summer, large semi-double flowers appear on them (up to 10-12 in diameter). On sale, you can often find a mix of dahlias of this variety, painted in different shades. This combination looks great both outdoors and in pots..

Dahlia Pharaoh

dahlia pharaohRefers to dwarf varieties. An adult bush reaches 35 cm in height, but flowers up to 6-8 cm in diameter are formed on it in large numbers. They can be terry, semi-double, painted in different colors and shades. Up to 10-15 buds can bloom on one plant at a time.

Dana grade

grade is givenThese are decorative or cactus dahlias. They are particularly large in size (an adult bush reaches 100-110 cm), and individual inflorescences grow up to 25 cm in diameter. The petals are collected in thin tubes and are distinguished by an unusual color. At the core, they are yellow, and towards the edges they gradually turn into a rich red hue. The stems of this variety are strong, straight, so dahlias are often used for cutting and creating bouquets..

Dahlia Nordwix Gloria

Dahlia Nordwix GloriaThe description and history of this variety begins in the Netherlands in 1969. The bushes are tall (up to 110 cm), with strong stems, therefore they are popular for cutting. Terry inflorescences, large (up to 15 cm in diameter), do not crumble for a long time. The petals are collected in tubes and painted in a pastel peach shade. Due to the unusual spherical shape and spectacular color, these flowers can occupy a central position in any group planting or bouquet.

Dahlia Little Tiger (Tiger Cub)

dahlia tigerIt is a striking and unusual outdoor plant. The bushes grow up to 40-50 cm, their stems are strong and do not require support. From the middle of summer, double flowers begin to appear on them (up to 10 cm in diameter) and last until the beginning of autumn. Their main feature is the unusual color of the petals. They are deep red, with contrasting white splashes..

When buying plants, you should pay attention not only to their image, but also to the requirements for care. So, the Mountain Stream dahlia in the photo looks very bright and spectacular, like many other varieties. However, flowering will only be plentiful if the bushes are grown in sufficient light and watered regularly. These flowers are resistant to temperature extremes in the warm season, to diseases and pests, but can also suffer from drought or in wetlands..

Optimal conditions for growing decorative dahlias are a sunny area, reliably protected from the wind. Neutral or slightly acidic soil that is nutritious but well-drained is also suitable. Moisture stagnation should not be allowed.

All annual dahlia varieties with photos and names are easy to find in online stores. They are sold as seeds for planting in the ground without prior preparation. You can create combinations of them for every taste. Bright inflorescences of different shapes and colors are an excellent solution for decorating flower beds or lawns, creating gift and wedding bouquets.

Dahlia collection of the University of Latvia – video

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