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We study the varieties and varieties of dahlias from photos and descriptions

a bouquet of dahlias on the table Dahlias, photos of which decorate postcards, and drawings are present in the ornaments of folk art of different countries, have a huge number of varieties and varieties. There are various legends and beliefs about this flower, it is planted near the house or in parks, and is also grown to create compositions. The second name of the dahlia is dahlia, as it is named after the botanist Dahl.

Interesting facts and dahlias

dahlias of different varieties are in bloom

There are legends and beliefs about dahlias among the people, and one of them tells about their origin. The first flower appeared in the place where the last bonfire was extinguished before the onset of the ice age on earth. After the warming, dahlia was the first plant that could grow from cold and barren soil. She was bright and testified to the onset of warmth and victory over the cold.

bright blooming dahliaThere is another legend about the dahlia, which is associated with the name of this flower. According to legend, the first to discover the plant was a navigator named George. In one of the exotic countries, he was delighted with the beauty of the flower and took its roots with him to his homeland. However, he had to present them to the ruler of a foreign country, in which he stopped on his way home. The plant grew quickly, and rumors of its beauty reached the king of his home state. He asked to bring several copies, and in gratitude named the dahlia flower, in honor of the traveler..

Different varieties have different colors and petal shapes. Some of them appeared thanks to the painstaking work of breeders who were able to combine natural varieties and select their best features..

Dahlia varieties

types of dahlias

dahlias of different typesDahlia varieties with photos and names contain more than 1000 representatives of this species. Some of them grow naturally in the mountainous regions of Mexico, Peru and Chile. All of them belong to the Aster family and are distinguished by bright flowering. Through the efforts of breeders, additional varieties with unusual color and leaf shape were bred.

Nui D’Ette

Dahlia variety Nui D'EtteThis variety is also called cactus dahlia (Nuit d’Ete). It is distinguished by its unusual flowering – individual petals are twisted into long thin tubes. The shape of the flower resembles the characteristic flowering of cactus plants. The petals are colored unevenly. They have a dark red or burgundy hue, and closer to the center of the inflorescence they darken and may turn black..

The main characteristics of the dahlia Nui D’Ette variety for those who want to grow this flower at home:

  • an adult plant grows up to 80-100 cm in height;
  • flower size can reach 15 cm;
  • the flowering period lasts from July to September, one flower lasts up to a week;
  • this variety of dahlia does not tolerate frost well, so it should be planted in regions with a warm climate or grown in a greenhouse.

The variety is used to create black dahlias. In nature, plants with such a color of petals do not exist, but scientists were able to establish that a dark shade is obtained due to the accumulation of plant pigments of anthocyanins..

Lake Ontario

Dahlia Lake OntarioLake Ontario is one of the most common types of dahlias. They are grown mainly for cutting and sale in flower shops, but they are also suitable for garden or house decoration. The petals of this species are flat, slightly curved towards the stem. Because of this feature, the inflorescence looks especially lush..

Several features of the Lake Ontario cultivar:

  • large inflorescences that can reach 15 cm in diameter;
  • yellow flowers, bright red edging may be present;
  • the height of the bushes is from 100 to 150 cm, but some representatives can grow up to 2 m or more.

The Leze Ontario variety has a standard yellow petal color. Double flowers, some of them can reach up to 25 cm in diameter. Among this type of dahlia, the smallest representatives are used to create living borders and flower beds. Flowers on high legs look good in compositions or sold separately.

Bristol Stripe

Bristol Stripe varietyPhotos of dahlia varieties Bristol Stripe are distinguished by unusual coloring of the petals. By themselves, they can create a complete flower arrangement, without adding additional elements. This variety is ideal for hedges and backyard cultivation. The bushes look lush and sprawling due to the large size of the inflorescences and also due to the size of the leaves..

Some of the special characteristics that set Bristol Stripe apart from other varieties:

  • unusual color of the petals, which consists of thin lines and blotches on a light background;
  • plant stems that have a burgundy hue can grow up to 120 cm;
  • the flower is quite thermophilic, in cold or temperate climates it is grown in greenhouses.

The flowers of the Bristol Stripe dahlia are large, some of which can reach 25 cm in diameter. Red, pink and purple thin lines are chaotically intertwined on a light background of petals. Their shade can change depending on the lighting. In bright sunlight, the petals shimmer, the color of the lines seems to be bright crimson. In the shade, the drawing turns purple.


variety kaleidoscopeThe Kaleidoscope variety is a familiar variety of dahlias. The inflorescences are monochromatic, but the color may differ. Some flowers are yellow, others are orange, crimson or red. This variety has large double inflorescences, which are surrounded by bright green leaves with a bronze tint. The petals are straight, slightly bent outward, which is why the flower turns out to be very lush and symmetrical.

Maxim variety

variety MaximDahlia Maxim is often used to create flower arrangements. This is an ornamental variety artificially bred by breeders. It has an unusual characteristic color and petal shape. They are bright red with an orange tint, and a yellow border runs along the edge of each petal. Each of them is slightly concave towards the stem, so the inflorescence has a special mosaic shape. The bushes are not tall compared to other varieties, but quite lush. Flowers appear on even stems surrounded by bright greenery with a bronze tint.

Dahlia variety Maxim refers to decorative, differs in the shape and color of the petals.

Distinctive characteristics of the dahlia variety Maxim:

  • the bushes are low, the largest of them are about 1 m;
  • inflorescences grow no more than 13 cm in diameter;
  • flowering period lasts from July to early October.

dahlia garden decorationPhotos of dahlia flowers decorate postcards, this plant is present in folk art and is an element of legends and tales. dahlias grow along the houseDahlias are grown both on an industrial scale and individually for decorative purposes.. dahlias in composition with other flowersA huge variety of types and shades of colors allows you to choose the most suitable varieties. colorful beautyMoreover, there are both annual and perennial representatives. original color dahliaIf you plant several varieties on the site, they will bloom during the entire warm period..

Video about the types of dahlias for growing at home

Dahlia Festival – video

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