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Description of the features of indoor jasmine varieties

evergreen indoor jasmine Jasmine is an evergreen climbing or erect shrub. Leaves have a simple trifoliate or pinnate configuration.

The flower has a large regular shape, collected in shields. It can be umbellate or single, apical or lateral. The flower corolla is white, yellow, reddish..

Flower varieties

Jasmine has over 200 species, many of which are grown at home or in greenhouses. Let’s get to know some of them in more detail.

Jasmine large-flowered

large-flowered jasmine indoor This variety belongs to ornamental plants with a permanent green color. It is a shrub vine, the length of which reaches 10 m. Large-flowered jasmine has bare shoots. The leaves have a feathery shape, about 3 cm long. The upper part is pointed.

As you can see in the photo, white flowers of large-flowered jasmine are arranged umbrella-shaped up to 10 pieces at a time. They are concentrated at the top of the shoot. They are large in size and have a strong aroma. The jasmine shrub (see photo) is a long-flowering plant. Abundant bloom lasts from June to October.

The flowers of the plant are essential oil. They are actively used to add aroma to different types of tea..


holoflower jasmineHolo-flowered jasmine belongs to weakly branching shrubs. It has long shoots with a few small leaves of rich green color. They have a triple shape. In winter, most of the leaves fall.

The flowers of jasmine holoflower are egg-yellow in color. They are quite large in size. Are located in the axils of the leaves along the entire length of the stem.

Jasmine blooms from January to April. Due to this, this variety is called winter.

Jasmine Sambac

jasmine indoor sambacThis variety belongs to the most unpretentious representatives of jasmine. The native land of the plant is tropical Asia, traditionally grows in Indonesia.

The plant is a liana, the length of which reaches 6 m. The shoots are pubescent, rather thin. Sambac jasmine leaves are opposite each other, have an ovoid shape: the base is rounded, while the top is pointed or obtuse.

Double or semi-double flowers are white in color. Jasmine Sambac flowers photo are presented below. It shows that they are collected umbrella-shaped by 10 or more pieces at the same time..

In appearance, they more resemble camellia flowers or semi-double varieties of roses..

The flowering of a houseplant begins in March and lasts until the end of October..

Sambac flowers have a strong, pleasant scent. Thanks to this, they are used to give a unique aroma to tea.

Jasmine multiflorous

multi-flowered indoor jasmineIn another way, multiflorous jasmine is called polyanthus.

The shrub is a climbing plant. The drooping branches actively grow in width. An adult plant can reach a height of 3 meters.

In multi-flowered jasmine, the stem, branches and leaves have a gray-green tint, which is acquired due to the fine hairs that cover them. The photo clearly shows that the jasmine flowers of this variety are arranged in clusters and have the shape of stars. They can be found both along the entire stem, and only at its top..

The plant continues to bloom throughout the year. When the flowers bloom, jasmine emits a strong, pleasant scent.

Jasmine madagascar

Madagascar jasmine indoorMadagascar jasmine belongs to indoor vines. Not very popular in Russia, but common in the West and the USA.

The dark green leaves of the creeper are oval in shape. They reach 10 cm in length. As you can see in the photo, the flowers, collected in inflorescences, have the shape of stars. They can be pure white or have a delicate creamy, yellowish or purple hue. They cover the entire stem of the plant. Madagascar jasmine has a pleasant aroma.

Liana secretes a caustic juice, which, when it comes into contact with the skin or mucous membrane, causes irritation..

You can grow liana both in the house and in the winter greenhouse. Blooms from June to August. But with proper care – observing the temperature regime, additional lighting – indoor jasmine continues to actively bloom in the winter.

Jasmine japanese

indoor japanese jasmineAnother type of indoor jasmine is a Japanese or primrose variety. Despite the name, the homeland of the flower is not Japan, but North China and the Caucasus. The plant belongs to creeping varieties. So he needs support.

Japanese jasmine has small flowers, reaching a length of 4 cm. The petals are yellow, round, in shape they resemble primrose or yellow primrose. Flowers are odorless. The dark green leaves of the shrub have a dense structure. They are trifoliate in shape, rather elongated. Stems practically do not branch, bending during growth in an arc downward.

Japanese jasmine blooms from March to early June..

Jasmine Bissa

jasmine indoor bisqueThe plant belongs to evergreen shrubs. Liana can reach a length of 2 m. The dark green leaves are lanceolate, located opposite each other. They can be up to 5 cm long. They have a light, almost invisible edge. Jasmine Biss flowers range in color from delicate to deep pink. They are located in whorls of 3 pieces at the top of the bush. Flowers can be up to 52 cm in diameter. They have a rich aroma. It does not bloom for long. Activity falls on May.

blooming jasmine in the roomJasmine is an amazing plant that delights with its active flowering, intoxicating scent. The flower is very popular among florists and is a true decoration of the flower garden. But it is worth remembering that if the plant is large enough and is in the room, it is better to take it out at night. Strong scent can cause headaches.

Video varieties of indoor jasmine

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