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Growing obriety: one seed will produce a thousand flowers

growing obriety A flower cascade of lilac, white or pink tones can revive a breathless dacha. It is the cultivation of obriety (windbag) that will help the summer resident create a bright carpet in the front garden or a waterfall of fresh flowers on an alpine slide. Florists also like to grow the crop at home by planting it in pots or containers. Having decorated a balcony or loggia with such an exposition, they delight not only themselves, but also passers-by.

In the natural environment, windbag grows on rocky slopes, as well as along the banks of river valleys. The plant belongs to the Cabbage family, but only to the flowering genus.

These origin features will help the hostess determine how best to plant and care for the aubre (another name).

Growing obriety: only 5 conditions for a luxurious result

Aubrieta on an alpine slide For these amazing flowers, a well-lit place in a rockery or in a rock garden is selected. Very rarely, they are placed near retaining walls or high fences, where there is very weak partial shade. Creeping perennials look perfect in group plantings. In most cases, the cultivation is carried out from seeds, although sometimes it is propagated by cuttings. In order to get a great result, it is important to plan everything correctly..

Fascinating Aubriet Planting: Success Depends on Great Agricultural Technique

ground coverAfter choosing the right site for aubrement, it is important to think about the condition of the soil. Although the acidity of the soil does not matter for the culture, agronomists still recommend using neutral substrates (pH 6.0-7.0).

At the same time, the land can be:

  • stony;
  • containing peat as well as ash;
  • scanty, but still not clayey or greasy;
  • with a porous structure (due to good drainage) to provide access to air and water;
  • loose enough.

high fence decorationAt the same time, it is important to remember that the successful planting of the Aubrieta and caring for it in the open field largely depends on the technology of sowing perennials. In the front garden, a permanent place is immediately chosen for him. Sowing seeds in a summer cottage is advised in spring (May) or autumn (September). Such specimens will bloom only the next / second year. Therefore, it is better to use the seedling propagation method..

The disadvantage of growing obriety in the open field is the splitting of the varietal characteristics of the culture. This “generic mix” leads to a weakening of plant immunity and hybridization.

Growing aubrecia through seedlings – a personal nursery of a florist

seedlings of seeds obrietyUnderstanding the breeding characteristics of windblown bells, millions of gardeners choose the best cultivation methods. Sowing aubriets for seedlings is carried out 2-2.5 months before the start of garden work – the end of February.

For this:

  • prepare containers for each bush, since aubretia cannot tolerate transplants;
  • peat-humus substrates are placed in them or peat tablets are used;
  • qualitatively moisten the soil mixture;
  • put in pots for 2-3 seeds;
  • covered with sand (layer thickness up to 3-5 cm);
  • moisten the sowing with a fine division spray;
  • send containers under glass or film.

aubriet seedlingsThey contain this valuable material at a temperature of 18-21ºC. Every day, the planting is aired and sprayed so that the cultivation of aubriets from seeds goes well, without excesses. At the same time, seedlings cannot tolerate wet soil and may start to rot. After 14-21 days, seedlings will appear on the surface of the earth. They will tell the gardener that the shelter needs to be removed..

If young shoots are poorly developed, slowly developing, then 2 weeks before planting they are fed. Experts advise using a weak solution of complex mineral mixtures. To stimulate the growth of green mass, fertilizers should contain a high percentage of nitrogen..

The subtleties of the aubrieta transplant are associated with its delicate root system.

aubriet in the open fieldAfter 4 weeks, after removing the “mini-greenhouse”, the matured seedlings are transferred to the flower bed. In total, this procedure falls on the 20th of May. At the same time, it is important to know how to transplant an obrieta, because it was previously noted that it is problematic to tolerate the division of the bush. The injured roots begin to rot, and this leads to the death of the seedling. Therefore, when sowing seedlings, it is better to use peat tablets or plastic cups with a nutritious soil mixture, then it is very easy to transfer..

Nevertheless, there are subtleties of how to plant aubriet in open ground. Here is some of them:

  • a hole is dug with a depth of the length of the root system;
  • the width of the funnel is made 2 times larger than the container in which the seedling grows;
  • the distance between the bushes can be different: from 5 to 20 cm (it all depends on the type of planting);
  • the plant is lowered along with an earthen lump;
  • the soil is tamped tightly after planting;
  • mulch with sand (thickness up to 5 cm) and spill in good faith.

In exceptional cases, many have to grow seedlings in ceramics or plastic. Then, before planting (12 hours in advance), it is poured with water in order to remove the seedling without any problems. You need to pour until bubbles appear on the surface..

Aubrieta does not like a transplant10 days after planting, the seedlings are fed with mineral fertilizers. After that, the gardener will need to remove weeds in time and make sure that the soil in the flowerbed is not wet.. Aubriet in a potAt this stage, planting and caring for abreeding in the open field does not end. There are several more secrets of her agricultural technology..

Additional question – how to care for the shaved

shaving careAdult plants are watered only during prolonged droughts, but it is best to wait for rainfall. Nevertheless, before budding begins, young specimens desperately need moisture to build up green mass..

Loosening of the soil is carried out immediately after rain or watering the beds. Among other things, it is important to consider 3 more points:

  1. Mulching. Throughout the growing season, the flower bed is covered with sand mulch. This is done 2-3 times during the season..
  2. Top dressing. The procedure is carried out in the spring (before the buds are laid), as well as in the fall, using complex mixtures.
  3. Pruning. Shoots are completely cut off immediately after spring flowering. This measure helps the plant to grow fresh, vibrant foliage..

Aubrieta hybrid violetAubrieta hybrid Violet, also known as cultivated, became the “ancestor” of dozens of other varieties. From it, breeders bred varieties with simple, double and semi-double flowers. Some are suitable for cutting, while others are grown indoors..

Due to the observance of these recommendations, the windbag will delight its mistress with lovely flowering 2 times a year. In the spring, buds appear on the ground cover plant at the end of May. Such a flower cascade adorns the rock garden until the 15th of July. The second flowering period will fall in September and lasts for 35 days..

For residents of the northern regions of Russia, it will be interesting to know how Aubriet feels in Siberia. The culture is particularly hardy (up to -30˚C), but this does not apply to all varieties. It is important to ensure that it is not a hybrid (indicated by the letter F on the packaging).

curtain from obrietaAn important condition for wintering a windbag is snow cover, otherwise the perennial will freeze or fall ill. If winter does not promise to be snowy, then the flower bed is covered with spruce branches, spunbond and fallen leaves.shaved under the snow

Ariadne’s aubretia forms a lush pillow, consisting of hundreds of small pink flowers (1 cm). This variety is used to decorate curbs, as well as rocky hills..

Aubriet in landscape design

decoration of the slope with shavedWith the help of creeping flowers, they decorate not only rock gardens / rockeries, but also create luxurious flowering designs. To embody this idea, it is important to know how to plant aubrieta vertically..

There are 3 ways to build such compositions:

  1. From the construction mesh. It is rolled up in the form of a cylinder, 1 m in diameter, covered with a film, and the cavity is filled with a substrate. Holes are made in several cells and seedlings are planted in them..vertical flower bed for obriety
  2. From plastic bottles. These containers (2 liters each) are placed both horizontally and vertically. Then they attach them to a wooden or metal frame.pyramid of plastic bottles
  3. From plastic pipes. Holes are made in a chaotic manner on the pipe. Then the pipe is installed in a permanent place and filled with soil.. compositions from plastic pipes

With the help of the “Mix of Colors” aubretiation, they create luxurious living carpets hanging from rockeries. This vibrant mosaic is composed of an amazing gradation of blues, deep purples, light purples and pinks..

In floriculture, there are many ways to arrange seedlings in this way. For this business, you can use almost all available tools, even bags, barrels or cinder blocks. Regardless of the cultivation technology, the result will always be stunning..

The subtleties of growing aubriets – video

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