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Unpretentious hellebore: planting and caring for a hardy flower

hellebore planting and care

Resistance to disease, drought and frost, as well as evergreen foliage, early / winter bloom and unpretentiousness. It is this “reputation” that the hellebore has earned, planting and caring for which does not require much effort. The culture is propagated by seeds, since after dividing the bush there is a risk that it will stop blooming. The herb is planted in mid-spring or early autumn, immediately after collecting the seeds. Nevertheless, in order to take full advantage of the decorative effect of the hellebore, it is important to take into account some of the features of its cultivation..

In favorable conditions, the wintering flower blooms in the middle of winter (November or January) or in early March. This extravaganza of colors continues until the end of June..

The hellebore: planting and caring for income

hellebore bloom

In nature, there are only 14 species of this representative of the Buttercup family. However, breeders have already developed dozens of hybrid varieties. Each petal color ranges from dark black and purple to red and light green. Such decorative properties of the flower encourage many to engage in the cultivation of hellebore in the garden. In the gray weekdays of winter, such beauty will become an oasis of paradise.

Since the wintering house is problematic to transfer transplants, it is recommended to immediately choose a permanent place for it. In the wild, it grows on mountain slopes and in shady gorges. Therefore, it is often planted under large trees (apple trees) or fences..

Although there are no special requirements for the composition of the soil for buttercups, it is still better to plant them on neutral types of soil. If the acidity of the soil is less than 6 pH, then a little limestone or ash is added.

black hellebore flower

It is worth knowing that the winter house grows well in:

  • shadows;
  • loose and nutritious substrates;
  • deciduous humus;
  • well-drained ground.

hellebore care in the garden

In waterlogged soil, the root system of the flower begins to ache. For this reason, the crop must be protected from moisture stagnation. At the same time, it is not necessary to allow the soil to dry out more than 15 cm. If you plant herbaceous plants in small groups, then moisture will be in their dense thickets for a long time. In addition, this fit looks very decorative. Having chosen a suitable site for his flower bed, the gardener will want to know when and how to plant a hellebore in his country house..

delicate hellebore flowers

Distinguish between flowering and ground cover varieties of helleborus. The height of many adult plants can reach from 20 to 50 cm.This feature of the flower is often used in landscape design to create compositions.

Hellebore planting geometry: bush dividing method

dividing a bush

In April or September, the gardener plows the plot for his front garden. If he wants to get a variety identical to the parent plant, then the reproduction of the hellebore is carried out by dividing the bush. Since some varieties do not withstand transplants, it is better to familiarize yourself with their features first..

Agronomists say that it is better to make a hole 2 times the root system..

The width, length and depth of the fossa should be the same, therefore they are 25-30 cm.In addition, 30 cm is left between the bush.

hellebore from delenka

To properly plant a hellebore in spring, as experts advise, you need to follow 7 steps:

  • dig up a perennial bush;
  • rinse its rhizome;
  • divide into several divisions, making an incision between the growth points (leave more than 3 on each);
  • fill the hole halfway with compost, humus or turf;
  • put a seedling on the bottom and gently spread the roots so that there are no bends;
  • fill the hole with a loose soil mixture, compacting each layer, trying not to deepen the root collar;
  • water the planting abundantly.

fission process

Farmers noticed that it is better to choose 3-year-old specimens for dividing the bush. Since their roots are dense and elastic, which means they are less vulnerable, they take root more successfully in a new place..

Nevertheless, at this stage, the procedure for planting a hellebore and caring for it does not end. Now, for 10-20 days, the seedling is watered (in the evening) so that it can start. However, it is important to watch out so as not to overdo it, otherwise it will start to rot. If it rains, you shouldn’t. As soon as the specimen gets stronger, it is looked after so that the soil is only slightly moistened. In such conditions, a culture can grow in one place from 10 to 15 years..

Sowing hellebore seeds: the long way from seedlings to open ground

hellebore in composition with other plants

Still, it is best to propagate the hellebore with seeds that are not fully ripe. They are harvested in autumn, in September. Some people have to buy planting material in the store. Then it is important to pay attention to the date of packaging. Crop seeds lose their germination in just six months. Now that everything you need is in place, you can start gardening.

seed pods

At the summer cottage, a shady place with fertile soil is prepared and well dug up. So that the hellebore from the seeds sprouts as quickly as possible, the earth is fertilized with mineral complexes. In the future, bone meal can be added every 3 months. It is advised to deepen the seeds by 1 cm, simply sprinkling them with earth..

Sometimes planting a flower is carried out in a completely different way:

  • after collection, the seeds are immediately sown for seedlings in a container with humus soil;
  • funnels are made up to 1.5 cm deep in 5 cm increments;
  • send a container to the garden for stratification of hellebore seeds Christmas rose;
  • when 2 full-fledged leaves appear (this will happen next spring in March), they are dived into the garden bed or taken to the house and looked after there;
  • 3 years later (in September), these mature seedlings are transferred to a permanent (shady) place in the garden;
  • the flowerbed is covered with mulch so that the roots are not exposed.

hellebore seeds

In winter or spring, this seedling should throw out the buds, just when the hellebore is blooming. But most often this happens at 4 or 5 years, because the growth period in Helleborus (Latin name) is very long.

In addition, seedlings can be grown in a slightly different way. Seeds are sown very thickly in a box with soil mixture. When the sprouts rise to 2-3 cm, they are transplanted into pots using a toothpick. After a couple of years, the seedling is transferred to open ground..

Hellebore care or a drop of water

lush hellebore bushes

Like all plants, the winter house needs life-giving moisture. A feature of caring for a hellebore flower is watering. In areas where there is a lot of snow, artificial irrigation is not practiced. The amount of melt water will be enough for him. At the same time, the herbaceous plant’s fleshy foliage may appear to be designed to collect liquid. However, this is not quite true. Due to the very hot weather, moisture evaporates very quickly and they really need water. Therefore, up to 1 liter of water is applied under each bush..

You can create a gorgeous composition from Helleborus. They can be placed in the background as they bloom first, and crocuses or tulips can be planted in front. In such a company, all these flowers look very impressive..

garden decoration hellebore

Having become familiar with the peculiarities of planting a hellebore and caring for it, each gardener has the right to decide what to do. To propagate the crop as quickly as possible, it is best to choose a division of the bush. In this case, you can get a pure variety from the parent specimen. A longer way is to grow by seeds. They are sown on seedlings immediately after collection. In the spring they dive, and after 3 years they are transferred to a permanent place. However, in any business, you always need to observe your landing and experiment. This is the only way to achieve success..

Garden perennial hellebore – video

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