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Indoor eustoma: growing and care on the windowsill

eustoma indoor cultivation and care Indoor eustoma, the cultivation and care of which is quite within the power of every florist, a frequent guest on the windowsills of apartments. And this is not casual. In beauty, a wondrous flower can only compete with a rose. The eustoma comes from the Gentian family. Natural habitat – Mexico, southern USA, as well as part of the Caribbean islands. The plant has many names. The most famous of them are lisianthus, Irish rose, prairie bell. Today eustoma is popular all over the world..

compact eustoma bush The plant is a compact, low bush. Stems actively branch, leaves are dense, oval-lanceolate. They are coated on top with a layer of wax that protects them from the bright sun. The flowers are very similar to a rose, differing only in a funnel-shaped notch. Fully blooming flowers are more like poppies. In pots, undersized varieties feel best. However, they will need maximum attention and care. In order for the plant to please with its appearance and abundant flowering, it is necessary to provide it with good conditions..

The right place and lighting

eustoma on the windowsillWhen growing and caring for room eustoma, it is important to choose the right place for it. Eustoma needs a lot of light. For winter, sills oriented to the south are suitable, and for summer, to the west or east. So in the hot season, the plant will be protected from burns, and on cloudy and cold days, more diffused light is required. Compliance with these rules will determine the quality and duration of flowering. Additionally, in the winter months, additional illumination with phytolamps is used (at least 15 hours a day).

Selection of soil and capacity

container for growing eustomaThe most suitable substrate for growing eustoma will be a ready-made mixture for violets. You can buy it at any flower shop. If you want to tinker, you can make your own soil mixture from humus, garden soil and coarse sand. A little lime is also added. Eustoma is also grown in a medium of fine peat and bark (in equal proportions).

Soil acidity is a very important point. The optimum pH is 6.7 to 7.0. In an acidic environment, the plant slows down in growth, and chlorosis develops on the leaves. This is the result of the so-called zinc toxicity..

The choice of container for growing such a flower as eustoma should also be approached responsibly. It should be wide, with low sides. The fact is that the roots do not go too deep into the ground, but are concentrated mainly in the upper layers of the soil. In the bottom of the pot, it is necessary to make good drainage holes, pour a layer of perlite or expanded clay on top. Without it, the roots will quickly rot.

Temperature and resting period

comfortable conditionsGrowing and caring for room eustoma includes maintaining the correct temperature values. This gentle southerner loves soft conditions. The optimum temperature for keeping is from + 20 to + 24 ° C. At such rates, new buds will be laid every year. If the marks reach + 27 – 30 °, then in the first year the bud will first gain nutrients, and will bloom only in the second year. After budding, eustoma needs a rest period..

During this period, plant care has its own characteristics:

  1. Pruning the stems. It is enough to leave 2 – 3 internodes.
  2. Rare watering. But the earthen coma must not be allowed to dry out..
  3. Lowering the temperature. The pot with the plant must be transferred to a dark, cool place (the thermometer should be about 10 – 12 ° C.

Humidity and watering

eustoma care rulesYou cannot keep eustoma in an apartment in winter in too dry air. She is strictly prohibited from being in a room with air conditioning, as well as near heating appliances. The optimal indicator is from 40 to 60%. Watch the plant. If it develops well, then there is enough moisture. Otherwise, it needs to be increased slightly..

Humidity 10 – 30% is a critical indicator for plants. It equates to desert conditions. In the case of eustoma, the water trays placed next to the pot will help solve the problem..

Eustoma care at home should include spraying. But such procedures should be carried out with caution. If water drops remain on the leaves, rot and fungi will develop..

For the same reason, they approach the watering procedure with extreme caution. Warm settled water is used. Water sparingly when the ground dries out a couple of centimeters deep. Be sure to use a pallet, and pour out excess moisture. The jet is directed to the root, trying not to splatter the leaves.

Top dressing and transplanting

transplanting plants into spacious potsThe potted eustoma gratefully accepts nutritious feeding. She especially needs them during the budding period. It is useful to alternate minerals with organics. Fertilizers are applied from 3 to 4 times a month. When the plant comes out of the dormant period, it must be supported with nitrogen-containing preparations. This will help the eustoma grow new shoots and leaves. With the appearance of buds, nitrogen is excluded.

When to transplant eustoma? This process is carried out only as a last resort. The plant reacts very badly to this process. The roots are easily injured and the flower does not take root. Eustoma is often transplanted as seedlings. The pot is taken a little wider than the previous one. Only the transshipment method is suitable.

Eustoma indoor cultivation and care: seed propagation

eustoma from seedEustoma begins to reproduce by seeds in the first half of December. Plastic cups or small food containers are used as containers. A loose substrate with a share of peat is selected. You can also add coconut fiber to the ground..

eustoma seedlingsThe containers are filled with the prepared soil and watered, then the seeds are laid on top. Additionally sprayed from a fine spray bottle. All containers are sealed with foil and kept at + 25 ° C. Every day, greenhouses ventilate and moisten the ground. Indoor eustoma will germinate from seeds in about two weeks. With the appearance of the first shoots, backlighting is used. Plants that have reached a height of 15 cm can be planted in pots. Better if they are ceramic. You need to take care of drainage and choose the right soil.

Many are interested in when eustoma blooms at home? As a rule, flowers appear at the end of May, the buds open alternately. The plant pleases with bright shades for about three weeks.

Diseases and pests

pests on eustomaThe stems of this plant contain a bitter sap. It repels pests. With proper care, diseases in eustoma are practically absent..

But sometimes it may appear:

  • spider mite;
  • whitefly;
  • aphid.

You can fight them with folk tinctures or the most common drugs (Fundazole or Ridomil Gold). With excessive watering and cold air in the room, fungal infections can develop. Transplanting and treatment with fungicides will be required.

Eustoma is a delicate fairy flower. He will bring positive energy to the house. It is a symbol of love, happiness and longevity..

Growing room eustoma from seeds – video

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