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Planting and caring for a bath in a country flower bed

boarding and caring for the bunk Planting and caring for the bunk does not require special skills. It is a unique perennial that will grow beautifully both in the sun and in the shade. Thanks to this, the plant can become an addition to a dense garden and will perfectly fit into any landscape design..

Description of the appearance of the plant

Kupena blooms in the garden The people often call the kupena the Solomon seal. In nature, it prefers to grow only in areas with a temperate subtropical climate. The flower belongs to the Liliaceae family. A bush grows up to 1.5 meters high. The leaves are lanceolate, large. Depending on the variety, the flowers can be pink, white or cream.

Among the many types, the most popular are:

  1. Kupena multiflorous. With proper care, the bush reaches 1 m in height. Deciduous plates are oval. The plant blooms in June. In place of the blossoming buds, blue fruits are formed.kupena multiflorous
  2. Fragrant kupena. A distinctive feature is the leaves, which have a bluish tint. The plant grows up to 80 cm tall. The bush blooms from May to June.fragrant bought
  3. Kupena is whorled. This is a low-growing variety, the height of which does not exceed 60 cm. Deciduous plates are lanceolate. Their length is about 17 cm.The flowers are snow-white, hanging.kupena whorled
  4. Pink is no less popular. Its homeland is the lands of China and Siberia. The flower differs in reddish stems. Leaves are slightly pubescent. They grow in whorls of 5 to 6 pieces. In an adult plant, they reach 15 cm. The buds are pink. At the end of flowering, fruits appear in the form of elongated berries..

Planting and caring for the bunk

seedlings are boughtKupena or garden lily of the valley is a flower that grows well in almost any soil. The best option is fertile and loose soil. In sunny areas with poor soil, kupena grows poorly and blooms poorly.

When choosing a site for planting this beauty, you should take into account the depth of the groundwater. This is due to the fact that Kupena does not tolerate waterlogged soil..

Site preparation

landing site preparationPlanting the plant in open ground is best at the end of summer. The planting site must first be dug up to a depth of 20 to 25 cm. It is also recommended to put some ash into the soil and apply fertilizer at the rate of 15 g per 1 m2. Complex mineral preparations are an excellent option..

After the site is prepared, you need to make small indentations. At the bottom of each dimple, put a good drainage of fine gravel or broken brick. Cover the top with a ball of soil with a little compost. As soon as everything is prepared, you can start planting the plant..


watering flowersWatering kupena depends on which variety you grow in your garden. Lily of the valley should be watered sparingly but regularly. As for the kupena pink, broadleaf and medicinal, they rarely need to be watered. These varieties are afraid of waterlogged soil and tolerate drought well..

In a substrate that is too wet, mold and various fungal diseases develop.

Soil mulching

soil mulchingLoosening the soil is an important procedure that needs to be done after every watering. But since the root system of the flower is located close to the top layer of the soil, there is a risk of damage to it. Therefore, mulching is a good option for bought..


It is not necessary to feed the garden lily of the valley. But if you want the bush to grow faster and please with its flowering as often as possible, you should add mineral preparations twice a season. The first procedure should be carried out in April, and the second during flowering..

It is recommended to add a small amount of humus to the soil before the onset of frost.

Reproduction kupena

breeding kupenaThere are several ways to grow a young plant. All of them are effective if you follow the basic rules..

Division of the root system

division of the root systemThis is the most popular method among gardeners. In order for the plant to quickly take over and gain in growth, it is necessary that the planting material be voluminous.

The detached part of the bush must be placed in a previously prepared recess and sprinkled with soil. Then compact the top layer of soil well and pour abundantly with warm water..

Seed propagation

seeds are boughtThis method of propagation is also used, but in order to grow seedlings from grains, you will need to buy planting material. This is due to the fact that lily of the valley seeds are very rarely tied, since the flower is pollinated only with the help of long-proboscis bumblebees.

It should also be remembered that seed germination is very low and therefore it is necessary to stratify them. But if you still chose the seed propagation method, then planting seeds is best done in late autumn..

In one place, a flower can grow for about 15 years..

If everything is done correctly, then the first shoots can be seen only in the spring. It is not necessary to transplant sprouts to a new place..

Pests and plant wintering

snail on the compartmentAs for diseases, Kupena is one of the few crops that is resistant to various natural pests. But despite this, the bush can infect mucus, snails and caterpillars. This often happens in dry weather..

Garden lily of the valley perfectly tolerates frost and snow. But to protect the root system from freezing, it is recommended to cover it with branches or special fiber..

Kupena in landscape design

curtain kupenaDue to its dense thickets, Kupena is a welcome guest in every garden. Thanks to its foliage, the lily of the valley will hide all the flaws, thus creating a real paradise near a private house..bought next to fern and hosta

Also, the plant looks great with other flowers..garden compositions Many designers combine kupena with asters, daisies and pansies..bought near the reservoir

Having planted this plant on your site, you will certainly be satisfied, because even if the bush fades, thanks to the graceful leaves, the conceived composition will continue to exist, but already in new colors.

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