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Melissa indoor: rules for growing on a windowsill

growing lemon balm on the windowsill The abundance of green plants that fill the earth often causes incredible delight among gardeners. Many of them can be grown at home, and indoor lemon balm is just a godsend for housewives. This amazing plant not only decorates the interior of the room, but is also an exquisite spice with a citrus scent. Is there a secret to growing this crop on a windowsill? It turns out that everything is not so simple. After all, without effort, it is impossible to bring a spoon to your mouth..

The main difference between lemon balm and garden spice is its size. It is much lower and differs in larger leaf plates..

General description of the plant

fragrant lemon balm Potted lemon balm is a short plant with upright branchy shoots. They are covered with barely visible villi that shine in bright sunlight. Lanceolate leaf plates, approximately 5 cm long, are arranged in opposite order. The outer surface is corrugated, “stitched” with many clearly expressed veins. The edges of the room lemon balm foliage are “cut” with many small notches. The color of the plate is different shades of green. When slightly damaged, they emit an aroma reminiscent of mouth-watering citrus. The plant is widely used as a medicinal product and in cooking..

The culture is used raw as a spice to impart a piquant aroma and taste of freshly squeezed lemon. It can be added to a variety of salads, meat treats, hot soups, teas, and intoxicating drinks..

Melissa indoor: basic requirements for growing indoors

Melissa indoor in a potBreeding a fragrant perennial at home allows the hostess to always have a fresh spice on hand. But it’s worth a lot of work for this.. There are several basic rules for growing a lemon crop:

  • fertile soil;
  • lighting;
  • watering;
  • spraying;
  • regular pruning;
  • optimal room temperature;
  • timely feeding.

By fulfilling these simple requirements, growing lemon balm at home will bring true satisfaction to the hostess. Especially when you consider that the culture is able to grow in one container for 4 years. Only after that is it transplanted and renewed..

For a perennial to be healthy for 4 years, it should be planted in early spring..

Consider in stages the process of how to grow lemon balm on a windowsill at home.

Soil preparation

soil preparation

Lemon mint loves fertile soil with a neutral acidity level, which is obtained from the following ingredients:

  • loam;
  • sod land;
  • river sand;
  • mineral fertilizers.

Before adding river sand to the substrate, it is placed in the oven for 15 minutes. The maximum temperature is 80 ° C. Broken brick, expanded clay or crushed stone are used for drainage. In order for lemon balm to take root well in a pot, it must be at least 20 cm and with holes on the bottom. Before disembarking, the container is washed with a solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection.

If the grass is immediately planted in a large pot, it will not have to be transplanted often..

Optimal illumination

bright lightingIn its natural environment, lemon balm grows on forest edges or low slopes, where there is a lot of moisture. Given this fact, it is better to grow the plant at home on the south, east or west side. On cloudy days, especially in winter, it needs additional lighting. To do this, use special lamps with a capacity of up to 80 watts. They are suspended above the perennial at a distance of 60 cm, in order to turn on if necessary.

Spraying and regular watering

regular wateringTo maintain the required moisture, the plant is sprayed with a spray bottle. Water the seedlings as the top layer of the soil dries, about 3 times a week. At the same time, it is important to control watering in order to avoid liquid stagnation, which leads to the appearance of rot in the root system. As a result, the plant may die..

Room temperature, pruning and feeding

need croppingWhen growing lemon balm on a windowsill, gardeners closely monitor the ambient temperature. This thermophilic plant does not like drafts and excessive cold. Optimum performance is no lower than 10 ° C and no higher than + 25 ° C. For the successful development of the spice, the soil is regularly fed with liquid fertilizers, which are sold in flower shops. And the planned pruning of shoots begins 2 months after planting. During this period, it reaches about 15 cm.The procedure delays the appearance of buds so that the leaf plates remain juicy and do not lose their smell.

Sowing technology of lemon balm seeds at home

Melissa potsIf we do not have a vegetable garden, but want to have healing herbs at hand, it is not necessary to look for it in the forest or buy it at the market. Gardeners know how to plant lemon balm seeds so that it grows on the windowsill. With proper care, it wonderfully takes root in a pot, filling the living abode with a pleasant aroma and greenery. The first step towards your goal is soil preparation. It can be collected in your own garden or purchased ready-made..

lemon balm seedsThen it is poured into a container, pot or box. Next, lemon balm seeds are soaked in a weak solution of manganese.manganese solution The procedure is necessary for a thorough etching of the planting material.. After 2-3 hours, start planting:

  • the prepared soil is watered with slightly warmed water;
  • make holes about 1.5 cm deep;
  • seeds are carefully sown;
  • fill the grooves with soil;
  • cover the container with cling film.

small greenhouseIn order for the seedlings to sprout faster, mini-greenhouses are placed in a warm place. As the earth dries up, watering is carried out by lifting the plastic wrap. At the same time, the seedlings receive a portion of oxygen. After about 25 days, the first greens will appear. If the shoots are densely planted, they are thinned out, leaving strong specimens. The procedure is performed if there are 3 or 4 leaves on the seedlings. They are transplanted into other containers. So not one lemon balm bush appears on the windowsill, but a whole guard. Such greens bring incredible joy to the hostess, because the house is filled with spicy aroma and freshness..

Growing lemon balm on a windowsill – video

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