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We create a spring blooming flower bed by planting hyacinths in open ground

pink hyacinths in the garden Hyacinths, which are planned to be planted and nurtured in the open field, can become the most spectacular decoration of the garden. A variety of bright colors of inflorescences allows you to create picturesque compositions. Hyacinths appear immediately after winter. On average, they begin to bloom at the end of April. Depending on the region, the dates may be earlier or later. First, green leaves appear, and then inflorescences of 20-30 buds rise from the middle. They can be regular or terry, and exude a rich aroma..

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How to choose a landing site

blue and white flower bed Outdoor hyacinths require special conditions for planting. These are bulbous plants that are demanding on the warmth and richness of the soil. You need to carefully choose the place. Sunny and open areas that are well protected from possible winds are best suited. To bloom longer, you should choose a place in a small partial shade..

hyacinths in the gardenIt is worth noting that such flowers do not like when tall trees and shrubs are located nearby. They can take a lot of moisture and nutrients from the soil. Despite the love of water, hyacinths are not suitable for places with high groundwater levels. Stagnation and dampness can damage the bulbs and lead to disease. The soil should be loose and slightly alkaline..

The choice of bulbs for planting hyacinths in the ground

hyacinth bulbsSuitable bulbs are selected for planting hyacinths in the ground. Depending on the variety, they can be of different sizes. It is necessary to examine them well:

  1. The bulbs should be firm at the time of planting. A suitable diameter of at least 4 cm.There should be scales on top, which indicate a fully formed kidney.
  2. The top of the bulb should be free of mold and diaper rash.
  3. It is worth paying attention to the quality of the bulbs and the absence of mechanical damage..
  4. Bulbs with small root buds at the bottom are considered good..

white hyacinthsIf the bulbs meet all of these requirements, they will make good planting material and take root successfully. Although it is preferable to plant this flower in the fall, sometimes hyacinth is planted in open ground in the spring..

It is better to treat the selected specimens with foundation or leave for half an hour in a solution of potassium permanganate. This will prevent the onset of disease..

Planting hyacinths in open ground

autumn planting of hyacinthsIt will be competent and expedient to plant hyacinths in open ground in the fall. In this case, the flowers will get stronger during the autumn and winter periods and will delight with their flowering in the spring. Prepare the soil before planting your bulbs. It is dug up a month before planting so that the earth is loose and at the same time settled and compacted. Fertilizers are applied to the soil in the form of humus or compost. Superphosphate and potassium salt can be added. The amount of fertilizer will depend on the nutritional value of the soil..

Hyacinths, planting and maintenance in the open field of which are planned to be done, must be located at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other. Their roots collect moisture precisely in such a radius and should not interfere with each other. The bulbs should be buried 15 cm so that they do not freeze in winter. When planted in high beds, hyacinths will bloom faster, because they are better warmed up by the sun.

hyacinth seedlingsParticular attention should be paid to the timing of planting. Planting and caring for hyacinth in the open field in the Urals or in the middle lane is carried out in September. In the south, this can be done only in October, when the air temperature becomes 6-10 degrees. If you do not adhere to deadlines and plant the bulbs earlier, they will have time to germinate before the onset of frost and freeze in winter. It is also not worth planting later, otherwise they will not take root until winter. It is better to shelter the landing sites from frost. For this, mulch from peat, leaves or sawdust is used. In early spring, the shelter must be removed.

Hyacinth care

blue hyacinth prince arthurCaring for hyacinth in the open field is reduced primarily to watering, timely fertilizing and loosening the soil:

  1. After the first shoots appear, the first feeding is required. To do this, you need to add 30 grams of ammonium nitrate per 1 sq. m.
  2. The second time fertilization can be applied during the period when the hyacinths begin to bloom. Potassium chloride and superphosphate are suitable for this..
  3. After the completion of flowering, flower beds with hyacinths, it is advisable to fertilize superphosphates at the rate of 40 grams per sq. m.

hyacinths in early springAny of the dressings must be applied between the plants, after which the fertilizer must be covered by 10 cm. The plantation is watered from above. It is not necessary to water the flowers during flowering. They have enough water from the soil. However, after the end of flowering and drying of the peduncles, you need to water them. Planting and caring for hyacinths in the open field is not difficult to carry out if you do everything on time.

Cleaning and storage of hyacinth bulbs

sorting hyacinth bulbsThe hyacinth bulbs must be dug up after flowering. It is necessary to mark their locations in advance in order to find when the leaves droop. If the bulbs are not dug out for the summer, then the flowering in the next season will be less. However, in the southern regions, such as the Kuban, the North Caucasus and the south of the Black Sea, you can leave them in the ground.

The best time to extract the bulbs is the end of June or the beginning of July..

Harvesting the bulbs makes it possible to inspect them and separate the babies for sending to the nursery. Sick specimens need to be destroyed, and healthy ones should be treated from diseases and pests. Dry the bulbs, remove leaves and roots.

The hyacinth bulbs are dried for 5 – 7 days. Temperature conditions of 20 degrees must be maintained. This is done in a darkened and well-ventilated area. Then put the planting material into storage. This is one of the most crucial moments, because the process of inflorescence formation is underway in the bulbs..

storage of hyacinth bulbsStore hyacinth bulbs in boxes. They are laid out in two layers. If there are few tubers, then you can put them in paper bags with labels in order to understand the varieties in the future..

Often, numerous babies appear on the bulbs during storage. In order not to break them off, you need to be careful when landing..

The planting depth of such bulbs should be halved. Once properly stored, hyacinths can be planted in the fall. In hot areas, this is done in spring..

Autumn planting of hyacinths in open ground – video

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