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Why does the pet orchid no longer bloom?

The orchid does not want to bloom Orchid, delicate beauty, but her favor must be earned. Why does the orchid not bloom at home and how to create tropics in a separate apartment? These are not easy questions, but they can be solved. Otherwise, why does a neighbor’s orchid bloom for six months? So, you need to love the stubborn and understand her.

Analysis of the conditions for keeping an orchid

When buying a flower, you need to ask a specialist for an explanation of which variety and features of its cultivation. Phalaenopsis Orchid, the most unpretentious variety that perfectly tolerates light shading. But there are orchids for which the southern window is suitable, and even the summer heat is well tolerated by them. The orchid does not bloom if the conditions of detention are violated.

You should always put a saucer of boiled water next to the orchid. Put a clove of garlic in the substrate.

If the flower was purchased in a store, and it has already bloomed, and the arrow has turned yellow, then the rest period can last up to a year. If the plant is grown from children, then it will take more than two years to wait for the first flowering. By this time, the root system will gain strength and the orchid will release 5-6 leaves. Early bloom will weaken the beauty.

Why doesn’t the orchid bloom at home after transplanting? When to wait for the first arrow? The transplanted plant first builds up its root mass within six months. After aerial roots develop, leaves grow. Flower buds are laid in the sinuses. The initial period of development of the plant in favorable conditions contributes to the establishment of a larger number of peduncles.

The orchid grows an aerial root and peduncle Let us remind you how to properly maintain an orchid:

  1. The roots are well developed, green, some of them are located along the walls of a transparent pot, some are at the top, absorbing moisture from the air.
  2. The substrate does not contain fresh bark, sawdust or manure.
  3. It is better to keep the lighting diffused.
  4. The difference in day and night temperatures when laying peduncles should be at least 5 degrees.
  5. Top dressing with liquid fertilizers, depleted in nitrogen every 10 days before the release of the arrow.

The conditions for setting flower buds are listed, but biological requirements for keeping orchids should be observed.

What if the orchid does not bloom and is developing well? You will need to provoke the release of the arrow. The aerial root and arrow look the same at first. But the tip of the arrow is rounded, and at the root it is sharp, as in the photo.

How to make an orchid bloom

To make the orchid bloom, create a stressful situation for it.Orchid is a tropical plant that does not know what winter and summer are. But she distinguishes between the season of warm tropical rains and drought. Climate change can trigger bloom. The condition for stressful activities is the health of the plant. A weakened flower can be destroyed.

Using stimulants in the form of Epin, succinic acid, daily morning aerial spraying and weekly watering with the addition of the drug can add energy and the plant will throw out the arrow.

If you water the orchids from above, then the water is filtered and takes out excess salts. Along with water, oxygen is delivered to the roots.

After ejection of the peduncle, restore normal careWhy does the orchid not bloom, but the leaves grow? This means that an excess of nitrogen was given in the diet. A well-spent drought season can help. In a month or two, flower buds will appear, if you create a lack of moisture, but at the same time the temperature should not be higher than 300 C:

  1. The drying time of the roots in a dry state between waterings is increased to 4 days in a warm content, up to a week if the room is cool.
  2. Do not spray, fertilize, fight like this!
  3. A peduncle will appear and care for the orchid will be resumed, only exclude fertilizing watering.
  4. Organize the right lighting, in winter additional lighting with cold light lamps at a distance of no higher than 40 cm from the crown.
  5. If the “drought” is carried out correctly, the peduncle will grow and the lower leaves will become softer than usual.

What to do to make the orchid bloom after the “rainy season” We use only water heated to 35 degrees for water procedures. There are many ways to encourage an orchid to bloom..

Water for 3-4 days in a row, then let the plant dry for two weeks. After that, leave as usual..

Three times a day for a week from a spray bottle with warm water with Epin or succinic acid for a week.

In a warm steam room, water the plant from the shower with water at 35 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Let the bathroom cool down with the flower to prevent the steamed plant from catching a cold..

An orchid needs extra light to bloom in winter.You can use only one of the methods to accelerate flowering..

The question of why the orchid does not bloom at home may have an unexpected answer. You smoke, and the flower cannot stand the smell of tobacco smoke. Do you always have a bowl of fruit on your table? But the flower does not like ethylene released by ripening fruits. When cleaning, the flower is rearranged from place to place? Don’t wait to bloom. When purchasing a flower, you need to notice how it stood, and keep orientation if possible.

On the subject: transplanting a sick orchid at home!

How to achieve flowering orchids – video

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