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The colorful world of lilies: descriptions of varieties with photos and names

lily color palette Nature gave these flowers beauty and sophistication of forms. Modern hybrids of lilies, varieties with photos and names given below, could not exist without the painstaking work of scientists and amateur flower growers.

Breeding work made it possible to obtain plants:

  • with incredibly large and bright colors;
  • with flowering lasting 4-6 weeks;
  • with petal coloration impossible in nature.

Enthusiasts collecting collections of garden and potted lilies boast plants only 20 cm high and amaze spectators with huge two-meter “trees”. And the stems of lilies, depending on the variety and type, at the height of summer, crown from one to a hundred buds of all shades of the rainbow.

Thanks to the creation of interspecific hybrids, flower growers have the opportunity to grow flowers colored in white, pink, orange, deep burgundy and even greenish tones. Brief descriptions with names and photos of varieties of lilies will help you choose the best one-color, two- and even three-color varieties for your flower bed.

Lily varieties with red flowers

Asiatic Lily Black Out Lilies with bright red, purple, crimson petals, even in the most variegated and densely populated flower bed, will not go unnoticed. The large-flowered varieties offered by breeders are doubly effective. Their corolla sizes reach 15, and sometimes 20 cm, and up to a dozen bright buds simultaneously flaunt at the tops of the stems.

The Black Out lily, belonging to Asian hybrids, will be a real boon for summer residents. The plant blooms a little more than a meter in June, and until the end of July, large, simple, dark-red flowers sway on densely leafy stems. Reminiscent of stars, the upward-looking corollas in the center are noticeably darker. Purple or black tint emphasizes the depth of the flower with a diameter of about 15 cm.

Sensitive natures will appreciate the important quality of Asian lilies and hybrids. They are completely odorless.

Lily asiatica Terry Canary WharfTerry lilies of a rich red tone are a living embodiment of fire. Newbies, choosing one or another variety, mistakenly believe that only an experienced florist who gives all his strength to the inhabitants of flower beds can grow such a beauty on the shoulder.

The Canary Worf double lily will not take much time and effort, while every summer it will delight you with consistently lush flowering. Plant height is 90 cm.The glossy dark red petals are collected in spectacular corollas with a diameter of 12 to 14 cm.

Asiatic lilies are distinguished by their unassuming disposition, they:

  • are not afraid of frost;
  • tolerate drought quite easily;
  • bloom continuously for 3-5 weeks;
  • do not require annual replanting and digging for the winter.

You can propagate your favorite variety by dividing an adult plant or planting small bulbs that form in the leaf axils.

Curly lily Claude ShrideAnother variety that deserves close attention is the marchon lily, curly, Turkish, or the royal curls lily familiar to many. The plant owes its specific name to the ancient Roman epic, namely to the moment of birth from a flower of the god Mars. Popular nicknames – a hint of the shape of the swirling petals and the turban-like shape of the corollas.

Lily martagon Arabian NightSpectacular speckled corollas form large racemose inflorescences on high stems. At the disposal of flower growers today there are a lot of interesting varieties of this variety with buds of white, pink, golden and red tones..

Lily Arabian Nights will decorate any garden. Flowers of a dense wine-red hue are strewn with bright yellow specks. The gilding effect is supported by large anthers. Long bloom is accompanied by a scent that attracts both daytime and nocturnal insects..

Lily African LadyThe African Lady hybrid lily with red petals encircled by a yellowish-cream border can boast of unusually lush bloom and luxurious flowers. The variety belongs to complex hybrids. From the eastern ancestors, the plant received a characteristic color and flowers with slightly corrugated edges, as well as flowering in the second half of summer. At the same time, lily stems grow only up to a meter in height, which allows the use of a lily both in group plantings and as the main decoration of a flower bed.

Photos and names of lilies with yellow flowers

Asiatic lily JiveLike the summer sun, the summer cottages are illuminated by yellow lilies of various varieties and varieties. Lily Jive, belonging to Asian hybrids, is distinguished by its versatility, long flowering period and undemanding care. Plants, growing from 90 to 120 cm, bear 3–7 flowers of a bright yellow hue. The center of the rim is decorated with red plating. Anthers are painted red-brown.

Asian hybrid Orange Electric lilyThe Orange Electric lily with white flowers with a diameter of 14 to 16 cm can become a neighbor in the flower garden for the previous variety. The central part and base of the petals are covered with juicy strokes of a ripe tangerine shade. Brownish-red dots are scattered on top, giving the flower the appearance of a surprisingly bright dessert..

This Asiatic lily grows up to 120 cm, and on its strong shoots up to 12 buds open at the same time.

Lily Golden SplendourAll lilies are unique, but some plants are truly unique. An example is the Golden Splendor lily with flowers of a sunny golden yellow hue..

A variety, or rather a group of varieties, belongs to tubular hybrids, as evidenced by a strong aroma, structure, flowers and leaves, as well as a pinkish-purple shade of the outer side of the petals. The plant presented to the public in 1982 amazed connoisseurs. The fact is that in nature, yellow tones on the flowers of tubular lilies can be found only in the very depths of the throat. It was possible to give a golden color to the entire bud only thanks to crossing with the species Henry lily.

Today, the flowers used to decorate gardens and cut flowers are known all over the world, and the group, in addition to the Golden Splendor lily, includes about a dozen more spectacular varieties.

Lily honeymoonThe yellow Hanimun lily is the result of a cross between oriental and tubular varieties. The plant received from its ancestors:

  • outstanding size;
  • aroma;
  • striking decorativeness.

An OT hybrid with creamy yellow flowers up to 25 cm in diameter is less demanding to care for than its eastern ancestors, but in warm regions, with regular watering and feeding, it can grow much higher than the 90 cm indicated in the description of the variety.

Lily OT-hybrid Big BrotherHowever, the Big Brother OT hybrid is rightfully considered the champion among yellow lilies. Both the photo of the lily and the name of the variety eloquently say that one should expect a florist who has planted large whitish bulbs on his flower beds..

With proper care, the stems rise 150–180 cm above the ground level, and the buds that open on them are impressive not only in size. Big Brother lily petals are painted in creamy vanilla tones with a golden central stripe and a lighter, almost white border. The flowers give off a strong aroma and stand perfectly in the bouquet. The best place to plant such a plant is a sunny or partially shaded area with loose, fertile soil, where the bulbs will not be threatened with stagnant water..

It is important that lilies have protection from strong winds that can break tall stems with heavy buds.

Black lilies

Lily LandiniOf course, absolutely black colors do not exist. But there are varieties of lilies, thanks to their thick, purple-violet color, that have every right to be called that..

Asiatic lily Landini has the rarest black and burgundy color of large corollas up to 16 cm in diameter. The flowers facing the sun shimmer and sparkle under its rays, causing the admiration of everyone who has time to admire the magnificent plant from June to July.

Lily Knight RyderLily Night Ryder is no less spectacular. The variety, referred to the group of Asian hybrids, is unpretentious, is not afraid of winter cold, spring frosts, blooms regularly and for a long time. The peculiarity of the plant is suitability for forcing in pots. You can grow a luxurious flower on a stem up to 90 cm at home, on a balcony or terrace.

Lily Black CharmBlack Charm lily amazes with powerful inflorescences uniting up to two dozen buds. This variety gives off silky petals, iridescent in all shades of purple, purple, red, wine. In general, the flowers give the impression of black, one of the darkest in Asiatic lilies..

Varieties of white lilies

Lily curly white (L. martagon var.albiflorum)Everyone is familiar with the fragrant snow-white lilies. But luxurious tubular hybrids are not the only representatives of the genus with a white coloration..

Flowers with delicate white petals and a scattering of pinkish-carmine spots will be presented to the summer resident by a curly lily. These plants do not require frequent transplanting, they winter well and bloom for a long time, pouring a delicate aroma around the garden..

Lily ExtravaganzaIf the gardener is a fan of lush oriental hybrids, he will like the original Extravaganza lily. Like the closest related forms, the plant stands out with stems up to 120–150 cm high and huge white corollas covered with bright pink splashes. Flowers with gracefully curved petals, wavy at the edges, have a diameter of up to 25 cm, while very resistant to cutting and can be used in bouquets. The splendor of the variety is appreciated by specialists. Lily Extravaganza wins gold medal at Harts Nursery.

The flowering of oriental hybrids most often takes place in the second half of summer, and with the onset of cold, the plants must be covered.

Asian Lily White PixelsA summer resident who does not have so much time to take care of flowers will definitely appreciate the White Pixels lily variety. The Asian variety from the Dutch Tango series is not only unpretentious and frost-resistant. Snow-white flowers with a dense crimson dusting are very beautiful. In full dissolution, they reach a size of 15 cm and decorate flower beds for up to 2-4 weeks.

Lily LA-hybrid EyelinerCrossing of Asian and long-flowered lilies made it possible to obtain original and unpretentious LA hybrids. One of them is Eyeliner lily, up to 120 cm high with creamy white flowers with a diameter of about 18 cm.The white petals are decorated with a thin neat border, thanks to which the variety got its name.

Pink lilies: varieties and photos

Lilia ScheherazadeFrom tubular and oriental varieties, breeders have received the incredibly popular OT hybrids today. Plants, which took spectacular colors and large sizes from oriental lilies, turned out to be majestically beautiful and hardy.

Lily Scheherazade, originally from Holland, grows well in slightly acidic loose soil, rich in nutrients and not allowing moisture to stagnate. A tall variety needs protection from the wind and good heating. On the sunny side, flowers with dense pink petals, a greenish-white border and dark specks reach a size of 18–20 cm.

Lily flashpointNo less delight of florists is the Flashpoint lily with flowers up to 20 cm in diameter. White, slightly wavy petals are decorated with a large crimson-pink spot. In the throat of the cupped corolla, greenish-yellow tones are noticeable, anthers are dark orange. Lilies bloom in August. The flowers can be cut if desired. They will delight you with their beauty and freshness for a long time even in a vase..

Lily OT-Hybrid BaywatchThe second half of summer is the time of flowering of another OT hybrid with delicate pink corollas up to 25 cm in diameter. This is the Baywatch lily, the stems of which rise 100-120 cm above the flower bed, and the coral-pink cupped flowers with a lemon heart spread an amazing aroma throughout the garden.

Lilies with green flowers

Lily Mystery DreamThe international classification of garden lilies describes several thousand Asiatic lilies, making these hybrids the most common. The reason for the popularity is the simplicity of plants of various colors and their willing flowering..

Even in such a variety, the Mystery Dream lily will never go unnoticed. The variety is distinguished by a densely doubled flower shape and its unusual color. Greenish petals are covered with specks and spots of a rich raspberry-purple hue.

Nepali lily hybrid Kushi MayaThe Kushi Maya lily with exquisitely folded petals of a light green hue and a purple spot in the center of the corolla is the result of a crossing of the species Nepalese and oriental lilies. The original beauty of the plant is supported by a strong aroma of flowers and more endurance than that of oriental ancestors..

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