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Finding out the reasons why geranium does not bloom

Geranium does not bloom Indoor flower geranium is loved for its beautiful long flowering. Why geranium does not bloom, if the plant looks healthy, becomes a mystery for the grower. The secrets of long flowering and the reasons for its absence are known. From the first steps we will create conditions for the correct development of pelargonium. Tips from experienced florists to help create a garden on the windowsill.

How to make geraniums bloom at home

The flowering of geraniums is influenced by the size of the pot and the quality of the soil. Already when planting pelargonium, care must be taken that the plant pleases with its decorative effect. The soil is chosen light, consisting of sod and leafy soil, sand and humus. If you take a container where the roots are spacious, the plant will grow root mass and leaves. It will take a long time to wait for flowering. How to make geraniums bloom quickly? Plant several bushes in a spacious box, let them be cramped. On the perforated bottom, you need to put a dry cow cake after drainage. It will nourish the roots for a long time with a full-fledged organic composition..

In order for geraniums to bloom quickly, several plants are planted in one pot.So, when landing, you should:

  • choose the right container;
  • make up a moisture-absorbing nutrient substrate;
  • plant several plants for the rapid development of peduncles in one pot.

You need to choose a place for a new planting that is bright, but inaccessible to the direct midday rays of the sun. Under the sun, the leaves get burned and lose their decorative effect. Why doesn’t geranium bloom under the sun? It blooms, but quickly loses its beauty; in the garden, geraniums should be in sparing conditions not in direct sunlight.

Geranium can be watered with hard water and even from the tap. Salt deposits on the soil must be removed periodically..

Compliance with the rules of watering will help the plant quickly throw away the buds.If geranium does not bloom, proper watering is needed. Waterlogging will lead to decay of the roots, and then flowering cannot be expected. It is necessary to water the geranium in a pot when the top layer of earth dries up. Geranium will bloom if the soil is low in nitrogen. But phosphorus fertilizers increase the vitality of the plant and are needed for lush flowering. How to feed geraniums for abundant flowering? Extraction from superphosphate can be used. It is better to use a special, liquid composition for indoor plants, where nitrogen is 11%. However, they do not like mineral supplements with pelargonium and they need to be used in small quantities. In fresh soil, in the first year of life, feeding geraniums is generally not needed.

If, despite the correct content, geranium does not bloom, we will use shock methods.

Why geranium does not bloom at home

Geraniums can throw away buds when extreme conditions are createdLet’s remember when all plants strive to reproduce. Then, when the threat to life loomed. Therefore, it is possible to create conditions when a healthy plant will throw out a peduncle in various ways:

  • cool wintering with limited watering and nutrition;
  • the best stimulant for flowering for geraniums will be iodine;
  • hard pruning of plants in early autumn, leaving 2-3 eyes for all varieties, except for royal geranium;
  • take the plant out to the balcony in summer to create a temperature difference.

To make geraniums bloom, plant them in your gardenWhat if the geranium still won’t bloom? You need to plant it in the garden, it will bloom! In the fall, keep the plant in the flowerbed for a long time, avoiding freezing. In a warm room, prune the bushes and keep them in Spartan conditions in winter. In the spring, the stubborn will bloom on the windowsill. However, it should be remembered that winter is a dangerous time for the plant. It must be protected from drafts, hypothermia, do not fill or dry.

Do not apply this method to royal geraniums! After pruning, flowers can be expected to grow on this variety for years. Perhaps this will be the answer why indoor geranium does not bloom.

Iodine will help geraniums bloomFor prolonged flowering in the room, once a week, plants are watered with iodized water at the rate of 1 drop of iodine per liter of water. In this case, a single serving should be 50 ml. Fertilizing with microelements for a flower is a flowering stimulant.

Some features of caring for geraniums

For hundreds of years, our room guest has shown her character. The best growers have adopted her preferences. Bit by bit, information has been collected on how to make geranium bloom at home for a long time and in large caps.

Potassium salts are necessary for abundant flowering of geraniums.Amateurs advise more often, but in micro doses to give the plant potassium salts. Ash extract will be the best fertilizer. If you insist a spoonful of wood ash in a liter of water, drain the liquid and use a spoon in breeding for watering, aphids will not settle on the plant. The leaves will be dark green, the roots are healthy.

Geranium blooms in response to proper careIt is not necessary to water the geranium so that the roots bathe in the water. As soon as excess moisture appears, the plant will stop flowering. If the geranium gets cramped, the dishes need to be changed. When several plants are sitting in one box, the topsoil is replaced with a fresh one in spring. Geraniums are planted as soon as the tightness interferes with the development of the bushes.

You can find the best spot for the flower by moving it around the room. But as soon as the buds appear, the plant is left in one place, without even changing the position of the leaves. Geranium will give long flowering for care.

Geranium is not the only plant in the grower. If the taller specimens are hanging over and shading the pelargonium, they will not wait for flowering. Doesn’t like geraniums so that neighbors interfere with admiring its beauty.

Blooming geraniums cannot be rearranged.Don’t make geraniums bloom in winter. Create conditions for her to relax in the cool, and she will thank you with a summer riot of beautiful inflorescences. In indoor conditions in winter, it must be placed near the window itself. Even if the temperature is 15 degrees, it will not hurt.

Special conditions must be created for the wintering of the most beautiful plant – the royal geranium. Her flowers are double, the shades are the most unexpected. But she will be able to bloom profusely if in winter she was given a rest at 12 degrees, was not cut and kept healthy. The same conditions are loved by ampelous geranium.

The royal geranium needs special conditions for it to bloomRoyal geraniums cannot be planted in the garden. The hybrid plant is very decorative. This is an indoor culture, it doesn’t even need a balcony. When the buds appear, the tops must be pinched so that the plant’s strength goes not into growth, into flowering. Faded twigs need to be removed.

In good conditions, geraniums live up to 10 years.Lovers noticed that geraniums live for five, in good conditions, up to ten years. However, over the years, the decorative effect of the bush is lost, it blooms weaker. Therefore, by cuttings, you can annually get young bushes that will be fluffy, compact. Pelargonium grown from seeds in the first year will give it a violent flowering.

Everything written above applies to healthy plants, without the slightest signs of diseases of any kind. If the color of the leaves changes, the trunks begin to dry out or blackening near the root, you need not to achieve flowering, to save the plant. Diseases can be:

  • physiological, when the conditions of detention are not respected;
  • bacterial, viral and fungal;
  • insect-related pests.

Geranium of different varieties bloomsAfter the cause of the disease has been eliminated, the plant will become healthy and bloom. Bush care products have been produced especially for pelargoniums. Their use increases the immunity of the pet, which will certainly affect the duration of flowering..

How to make geraniums bloom – video

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