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Types and varieties of room geranium in the photo with a description

Indoor geraniums on the window Undemanding to care, blooming for several months and such bright pelargoniums, due to their similarity, are often called geraniums. But nevertheless, this is a separate numerous genus, and photos of species and varieties of room geranium will help to understand the existing diversity of these amazing plants native to South Africa..

Such different indoor geraniums

Ampel geraniums of different colors Indoor geraniums growing on window sills, on loggias and balconies, as in the photo, can look like herbaceous or semi-shrub plants with erect or falling stems. All geraniums are distinguished by the highest decorativeness. Attention is attracted not only by simple or double flowers of all shapes and colors, but also by the unique leaves of the plant..

They can be wide, almost rounded, figuratively cut, finger-like, smooth corrugated, green and variegated..

The long-standing fame of indoor geraniums as spectacular and unpretentious plants has led to the fact that for the last hundred years:

  • a great variety of varietal forms of pelargonium were obtained;
  • wild species have been discovered and cultivated;
  • interspecific hybrids appeared.

Variegated variety of indoor geraniumTherefore, the modern classification of the genus presents to plant lovers about 250 independent species, and the gradation of varieties of indoor plants, adopted in the international community of florists, suggests using their designations based on external signs, as in the photo, varieties and types of indoor geranium:

  • Stellar – star-shaped indoor geraniums, their varieties and hybrids;
  • Tulip – tulip-shaped pelargoniums;
  • Unique – indoor geraniums are unique;
  • Zonal – zoned or edged domesticated varieties of pelargonium.
  • Angel – indoor geraniums are angels;
  • Colored Foliage – variegated varieties;
  • Cactus – cactus pelargonium;
  • Ivy-leaved – ivy-leaved geraniums, which can be standard sizes, as well as dwarfs and miniatures;
  • Miniature and Dwarf – miniature and dwarf indoor pelargonium plants;
  • Regal – royal geraniums
  • Scented-leaved – scented geraniums.

Pelargonium zonale or edged (Pelargonium zonale)

Zonal indoor geraniums of different colorsAll kinds of hybrids and varieties of this type of room geranium, as in the photo, grow well in the house, on balconies and even in city flower beds. This is the undoubted leader in popularity and the number of cultivated varieties, of which today there are about 75 thousand.

Among other domestic perennial geraniums, zonal plants are easily recognized by their characteristic foliage coloration. Against a bright green background, darker areas are clearly visible, which gave the name to the whole type of indoor geraniums, as in the photo. The flowers of the zonal pelargonium can be either simple or double.

Room geranium variety Calliope Dark RedWhen describing geranium varieties, in the photo, and in the names of plants, the following gradation is used according to the number of petals in the corolla:

  • non-double flowers consist of five petals – Single;
  • semi-double flowers include 6 to 9 petals and are designated Semi-Double;
  • double geranium flowers consist of 8 or more petals – Double.

Terry varieties are sometimes called peony geraniums, which is somewhat incorrect. There is no such group of plants in the internationally recognized classification..

Indoor Geranium Sarita Dark RedThe flowers of the zonal geranium differ not only in splendor and size. Long gone are the days when only red geraniums flaunted on the windows..

Depending on the variety and variety, pelargonium pleases the eye with umbrella inflorescences of all shades of pink, cream, burgundy or crimson. Plants with white, multicolored and even yellow corollas are not uncommon, as in the photo of a geranium variety with the name First Yellow Improved.

Zonal indoor geranium varieties First Yellow ImprovedBut these are not all the strengths of room geranium. Varieties with a flower shape uncharacteristic for the species are of particular attention to florists..

Rosaceae (Rose-bud Zonal pelargoniums)

Indoor Geranium Apple Blossom RosebudAn example is a pink-shaped, as in the photo, geranium with double spectacular flowers, in structure and appearance resembling miniature English roses.

This variety of indoor geranium, its name and photos of flowers have been known in the world since the century before last. The first information on plants was published in the Royal Horticultural Society of Britain Herald in 1876. But in our country, rosaceous varieties have not yet become widespread and are found only in the collections of the most enthusiastic florists..

Tulip indoor geraniums (Tulipe-bud pelargonium)

Indoor pelargonium Patricia AndreaA century later, flower growers received home geranium plants with flowers that, even at the time of full bloom, do not open, remaining in the bud stage.

As a result, this indoor geranium, shown in the photo, was called tulip-shaped. The origin of the variety was given by a spontaneous mutation, and the few varieties and hybrids of tulip geranium that exist today, when cultivated or reproduced, sometimes try to return to their natural form..

Stellar indoor geraniums (Stellar Zonal Pelargonium)

Indoor Geranium Stellar Edwards FinnIn the middle of the last century, flower growers in Australia managed to get indoor geraniums, which have an original corolla shape, not similar to the varieties that existed before..

Because of the acute-angled narrowed petals, indoor geranium, in the photo, was called star-shaped.

Currently, varieties and hybrids are at the disposal of flower growers not only with simple and double flowers of all shades, but also star-shaped pelargoniums with bright multicolored foliage..

Cactus indoor geraniums (Cactus Pelargonium)

One of the varieties of cactus geraniumCactus geraniums obtained at the turn of the 20th century are extremely rare today. A characteristic feature of these plants is large flowers with narrowed, sometimes needle-like petals, giving the corolla a slovenly disheveled look..

Carnation Pelargonium

Indoor geranium varieties Diana PalmerIndoor geraniums, in the photo, amaze with a variety of flowers, colors and species. One of the most unusual is the carnation variety of the zoned pelargonium with serrated petals that resemble carnation flowers..

Ivy-leaved Pelargonium

Room geranium variety Royal LavenderMost of the ampelous varieties of indoor geranium, as in the photo, belong to the vast group of pelargoniums and leaves that resemble dense green ivy foliage. Because of this similarity, numerous varieties with simple and large double flowers are called ivy..

Trumpet geraniums, as in the photo, are plants with creeping or creeping stems that reach a meter in length. In culture, such varieties are indispensable for vertical gardening and for decorating hanging baskets. Indoor pelargoniums are also used as ground cover plants.

The leaves of the ampelous geranium are dense, leathery, in contrast to the zonal variety, completely smooth.

The variegated forms of ivy geranium are very interesting, as in the photo.Crocodile variegated indoor geranium

Royal Pelargonium (Regal Pelargonium)

Many indoor geraniums have been obtained as a result of selection work and hybridization between species. Thanks to such efforts, royal pelargoniums appeared with flowers up to 7 cm in diameter..

Royal indoor geranium Beautiful BerylThe peculiarity of these varieties and hybrids is not only in the size of simple and semi-double corollas, but also in their multicolored color. The petals must have spots, streaks or specks of contrasting tones.

Pelargonium Angels (Angel Pelargonium)

Pelargonium Angels varieties Mosquitaway LizzyPelargonium Angels in appearance resemble plants of the “royal” variety. But the flowers here are somewhat smaller, and the existing varieties were obtained from crossing curly pelargonium with large-flowered.

Angels are mainly ampelous geraniums, as in the photo, forming a lush crown of shoots with medium-sized monophonic foliage.

Unique Pelargonium

Room geranium variety Purple UniqueHybrid plants obtained from royal and brilliant pelargonium were called unique. This group belongs to the oldest varieties, although it is not so easy to find plants in the collections of florists..

Although the flowers of this variety, as in the photo of the room geranium, look like the flowers of royal plants, they are much smaller. But the foliage is often dissected, corrugated, and also has a pleasant smell..

Pelargonium variety Paton's UniqueFor example, the greens of the geranium variety shown in the photo called Paton’s Unique has a sweetish fruity aroma..

Scented-leaved Pelargonium

A variety of scented geranium Pink CapricornIt was the smell of crushed geranium leaves that attracted a person’s attention to this plant. Until the century before last, the main attention in the selection of indoor geraniums was paid not to the beauty of flowers, but to the aroma, because the plants served as “living deodorants”.

Similar varieties and hybrids of scented geranium are popular today. They will not amaze with bright flowering or the shape of inflorescences, but they are also used for flavoring culinary dishes, and for household fragrances when storing bed linen or outerwear..

Scented geranium foliageDepending on the type and variety, as in the photo, room geranium, its leaves can smell of all kinds of fruits, mint and roses, nutmeg, carrots or needles.

Video about the features of fragrant geranium

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