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The best varieties of annual asters for flower beds

varieties of annual asters Varieties of annual asters are the brightest and most beautiful flowers that will decorate any flower bed, garden, summer cottage and local area. Plants look very advantageous not only in the beds, but also in bouquets. There are a large number of varieties of annual asters, which differ in the shade of the buds and the shape of the petals. Our material will help you to understand the diversity of these cultures and make the right choice..

Popular varieties of annual asters

delicate flowers There are many varieties of asters, which are divided according to various criteria. For example, in terms of flowering time, plants are late (flowering occurs in autumn), medium (bloom in August-September) and early (bud formation occurs in July).

Depending on the height, asters are dwarf, low, medium, tall, and giant. By the appearance of the flower, they are divided into coronal, peony, double, curly, hemispherical, simple, non-double and others..

Dwarf aster varieties

Small flowering bushes will decorate any garden.

Dwarf Royal Aster

dwarf royal asterThe dwarf Royal is the smallest variety of asters. An adult shrub grows only up to 20 cm. In this regard, the described variety is used not for flower beds, but mainly for decorating borders. Dwarf Royal Aster has blue-lavender double buds, sometimes white ones are also found. The inflorescences of this variety are small. Their diameter is about 8 cm. Due to the fact that they are round and flat, about 20 pieces can grow on one bush. Therefore, the flower is very beneficial for gardeners..

It is better to propagate this variety by seedlings. Seeds are sown in April, and in May the first leaves will appear – this is a sign that the seedlings need to be dived. If it is planned to plant directly into the ground, then this is done closer to June.

Dwarf aster

dwarf asterDwarf aster refers to peony flowers. The homeland is Western Europe. A dwarf aster grows up to about 30 cm in height, which is why it got this name. The stem is 25 cm long. Each inflorescence grows up to 7 cm in diameter. As for the buds, they are predominantly white. The flowering period of the dwarf aster is long. Most often, the culture is used to create borders. Often, dwarf asters decorate balconies and verandas.

Astra Erfurt dwarf

aster Erfurt dwarfThe homeland of the Erfurt dwarf aster is Germany. This flower has a pyramidal shape. The compact and strong trunk reaches a height of about 25 cm. The branches of the bush, although small, are strong, because they need to keep huge inflorescences with a diameter of about 10 cm. The buds appear 3 months after the start of the growing season. Asters Erfurt dwarf outwardly resemble peonies, only the size is smaller. These flowers can be semi-double and double, and the color is pink, red, white, purple..

Low-growing asters

Aster varieties up to 35 cm high are chosen as the border of the garden path.

Annual curb aster

annual border asterAnother great option for creating a beautiful site is the annual aster curb. This flower grows up to 30 cm in height, so it is not suitable for arranging a flower bed. Each bush is able to grow well. Many inflorescences can form on it. Therefore, only 2-3 plants are suitable for decorating a small border. This variety of asters blooms in a pale pink, creamy tone. Plants that have been propagated by seed begin to bloom in mid-July. If you want to achieve earlier bud formation, then seedlings should be planted. Curb aster harmonizes well with other varieties of the same size..

Royal asters

royal asterSprawling and wide bushes with bright buds are royal asters. The flowers are distinguished by a dense and low bush (up to 30 cm in height), which grows in width. Therefore, for the decoration of borders, such asters will be the best choice. Enough ten bushes on one side and the other, and you can favorably highlight the path on the site. Each plant grows about 11 flowers. When opened, the buds are flat, terry.

Medium height asters

Asters of medium height are most often used in compositions with other plants..

Astra Beatrice

aster beatriceThe most lush representative of this type of flowers is the aster Beatrice. A small bush reaches a height of half a meter and can consist of more than 40 inflorescences. Despite the abundance of flowers, they do not differ in their large size – only up to 8 cm in diameter. The buds are predominantly white with yellowish blotches. Asters of this variety look good with other plant species. Aster Beatrice is often called white aster. It blooms for about 70 days a year..

The Greeks believed that asters were able to drive away troubles and protect the premises from harm..

Astra Gala

aster galaAstra Gala is a bright blue lush flower that becomes the original accents of your flower bed. One bush includes about 8 inflorescences, the diameter of which is 7 cm. The adult plant reaches 55 cm in height. The flowering period begins in mid-August. Considering the bright color of the buds before planting them, make sure that they will not strongly contrast with other crops in the garden..

Winter cherry

variety Winter cherryAstra Winter cherry is stretched out into a columnar beautiful bush. This variety got its name due to its rich red-cherry color. On each bush of a flower, which can reach a height of 60 cm, inflorescences are formed alternately. Therefore, more and more buds will delight the eyes throughout the season. More than 20 flowers can appear on each bush. Aster Winter cherry begins to bloom in July and ends with the onset of the first frost. When planting in open ground, it is worth considering the splendor of the bushes. The optimal distance between seedlings is 25-30 cm.

In the Czech Republic, asters are called the winter rose..

Columnar asters

columnar astersColumnar asters stand out favorably in a garden flower bed. This species got its name due to the peculiarity of the bush. If other varieties spread branches in breadth, then columnar asters grow in the form of a column, that is, upward. As a rule, such a plant reaches 20 cm in diameter, and 60-65 cm in height.The flowers of these asters are densely double, large, with a diameter of about 10 cm.As for the color, it can be very diverse – purple, white, orange.

Mix of asters Gala

mix of asters GalaWanting to diversify their flower bed, many gardeners purchase a mixture of Gala asters. These plants delight with flowering from mid-August to October. Bushes grow medium in height (about 50 cm). Each of them consists of 8-9 flowers, therefore, to create a lush flower bed, you need to plant at least 20 copies. Regular nutrition with mineral fertilizers will allow asters to delight the eye during the warm autumn. Asters gala a mixture that in the photo needs regular watering and weed control.

As for the colors, they can be caught as yellow, pink, and blue-purple buds.

Needle asters

needle astersNeedle asters are the original representative of the genus. The bushes of this flower grow in the form of columns, consisting of sturdy stems. To the sides, the plant almost does not grow, and reaches a height of 60 cm. Therefore, if you want to get a large flower bed, you will need to plant about 10 bushes. The inflorescences of needle asters are terry and flat, have the shape of a circle. They reach 10 cm in diameter. Asters of this species bloom about 50 days a year. The buds can be white, orange and pink.

Aster pillow

aster pillowThe pillow aster got its name from the shape of the inflorescence itself. The plant forms a small shrub, the width of which reaches 30 cm. In height, these are medium flowers, about 50 cm. Perfect for growing in flower beds in the vicinity of other tall crops. The diameter of the flower is 7 cm, despite a certain plane of shape, they look very festive.

There are various colors – white, peach, orange, pink.

Varieties of tall asters

Tall asters are best suited for cutting a bouquet..

Astra red tower

aster red asterThe aster red tower also has a peony-shaped flower. It owes its name to a bright red bud, which stands out very favorably in the sun’s rays. Aster flowers are very fluffy and voluminous, spherical in shape. They reach 10 cm in diameter. The bush of the plant in its adult form takes the form of a pyramid. These are autumn flowers pleasing to the eye in August-September. Such asters should be planted in pre-fed soil, preferably in black soil..

Flowers love an abundance of light and sun, so the place for the flower bed should be open: fill the areas under the trees with other flowers.

Astra Apollonia

aster apolloniaAstra Apollonia is an excellent annual flower that will be a real decoration for your garden. Due to the large double buds, it looks noble and beautiful. The Apollonia bush reaches a height of more than 60 cm, each of them grows up to ten flowers. Only 3-4 copies are enough, which turned out to be lush, beautiful flower beds. The diameter of each flower is 10cm.

As for the color of Apollonia, there is a variety: blue, pink, white, yellow, orange flowers, as well as their mixtures. It is recommended to regularly feed this type of asters with mineral fertilizers..

Peony aster american branching mix

variety American branching mixAstra peony American branching mix belongs to a beautiful and tall flower that can decorate a garden. The flowers are blue-red, very large. They reach a diameter of 10 cm.The aster grows into a bush on a small area, about 30-40 cm, but the bush reaches a height of 70 cm.In this regard, when creating a flower bed, it is better to plant the American branching variety with other tall plants.

This species is well propagated by seedlings. Sow grain in March, and plant asters in the ground in May. Previously, the soil must be cleared of weeds, loosened and fertilized with mineral fertilizing. This very beautiful variety of flowers is unpretentious in maintenance and is resistant to pests..

Astra purple tower

Astra purple towerTruly, the violet tower aster is considered a gorgeous flower. First of all, these plants are quite tall, about 75 cm tall. When planting an aster purple tower on a flower bed, keep in mind that it looks harmoniously with other flowers and does not stand out too tall. The buds are very lush, resemble peonies in shape. A large fluffy ball of purple color reaches 10 cm in diameter.

It is best to propagate the plant by seedlings, and only then plant bushes of flowers in the ground.

Experts advise to organize a planting in mid-May, and then in August the plants will delight you with large and beautiful flowers. For this variety of asters, it is recommended to choose open areas of the earth, where the flowers will receive the sunlight they need so much..

Outdoor care for asters

landing of asters in open groundIt will not be difficult to grow beautiful flowers, for this it is important just to take care of them. Regardless of the type of aster, the care is practically the same. First of all, you need to properly plant the plants. We place the light-loving in the sun, in an open area, and the shade-loving ones go into the shade.

After each rain, the soil in the flowerbed should be loosened, and weeds should be removed. As for the grass, it must be fought as needed so that it does not draw all the life force from your favorite flowers..

Flowers should be watered only with settled liquid..

You also need to remember about hilling. This procedure should be dealt with so that the stems – in this case, the roots are more likely to begin to strengthen in the soil.

You need to be careful with watering asters. It is important not to overdo it with water, otherwise the flowers will start to rot. It is optimal to water once a day. Fertilizer must be added to the soil in three stages. First, before planting, then when buds are formed, and a third time, when the first flowers appear.

Now there are many asters, and every day breeders bring more and more new ones. When choosing asters, be guided by the goals that you set for yourself. If you want to create a flower bed, then choose a few tall asters, which together will create a beautiful ensemble. But for decorating borders and flower pots on a veranda or balcony, only low varieties are suitable..

In the business of creating beauty from flowers, the main criterion is pleasure and love for what you are doing. And, backing up all this with practical knowledge, you can achieve amazing results..

The choice of varieties of annual asters – video

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