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Allisum honey aroma at their summer cottage

fragrant alissum in the flowerbed Alyssum is a beautiful undersized plant that attracts not only with many flowers, but also with an elegant magical aroma. Alyssum planting and leaving, which is not particularly difficult, still requires attention. This plant is distinguished by its short stature and unpretentiousness, it will still be useful for novice gardeners to learn about some of the nuances of growing a flower, in order to ultimately get a beautiful landscape composition.

Alyssum: not, a plant, but a fairy tale

delicate inflorescence of alyssum Despite the fact that there are now a huge number of different types of flowers, it is rare to find a plant that has only positive characteristics. Alyssum is a rare species that is distinguished by its visual appeal, unassuming disposition and amazing aroma..

Considering alyssum, it seems that here a huge number of cutest flowers are intertwined, completely covering the soil. Behind such splendor, it is very difficult to even make out the leaves, which is not so important, because all the beauty of a plant is in its flowers. Alyssum is often compared to an air cloud. This juxtaposition is very appropriate – delicate small flowers seem to make up an openwork strip of light shades, and the fragrant aroma of vanilla and honey only complements the fabulous image.

Planting and caring for perennial alyssum

planting alyssum as a curbAlyssum became very quickly popular when arranging rock gardens: due to the fact that this plant has highly branched shoots that lie tightly on the ground, it manages to hide any defects in the soil – cracks, pits or ditches. Even an amateur gardener can plant and care for alyssum, the main thing that is needed for this is a little patience.

A plant belonging to the cruciferous family, there are more than 150 species, each of which has a rich aroma, shade or flowering time. Landscape designers liked the perennial alissum.

alissum in landscape designPlanting a perennial plant, like an annual, is possible in open ground or in balcony boxes. In the second case, the most favorable time for planting is the beginning or mid-March, when there are more sunny days. If you choose to land immediately at a permanent place, then it is worth choosing the time when the frosts stop and a constant positive temperature is established. Under favorable weather conditions, young shoots appear within a few days. Consider the seedlings carefully: if you notice that the plant is too densely planted, it should be transplanted. Planting and caring for alyssum in the open field is very simple – for this you need to regularly water the plant, once a month apply universal fertilizing.

snow-white carpet of alyssumOver time, the initial shoots of alyssum begin to lignify, while more and more new branches are formed, which cover the entire surface of the earth. The grown alyssum tolerates light frosts well, so it will delight with its exuberant flowering until mid-October.

In order for a perennial plant to please you with a constant abundance of flowers, it is necessary to prune it every spring. This process provokes the growth of new shoots, increasing the total area of ​​distribution of alyssum..

Alyssum pests

lush alyssum bushIt should be remembered that the plant belongs to the same species as the cabbage, therefore, in many ways, the planting and leaving of the alissum flower are similar. In order to prevent the multiplication of cabbage or cruciferous fleas, it is necessary to start treatment on time using special chemicals..

If you begin to notice that the leaves of alyssum turn black, it means that they were struck by powdery mildew. You can fight this disease using a fungicide. It is also worth remembering that shoots should not be pruned frequently. Proper planting and caring for an ornamental plant will help you preserve and enhance the fabulous beauty of your garden.

When to plant alyssum seeds?

alyssum seedlingsGrowing alissum from seeds. When to plant? This question is alarmed by many gardeners who want to transform their site with this delicate plant. In fact, planting alyssum, like many other unpretentious flowers, is necessary in March-April. Seeds germinate quickly, but there are tips to help you get healthy seedlings:

  1. Buy soil light and nutritious, you can add a small amount of lime.
  2. Fill the landing box on ¾ soil, then spread the seeds. Make sure that there are not too many seeds in one row – this will be an obstacle to normal germination. After the planting material is spread, press the seeds a little with your fingers.
  3. Using a sprayer, sprinkle the seeds with water and cover with glass – for a greenhouse effect.
  4. After that, the box must be placed in a sunny place and periodically ventilated..

Growing alissum from tree stump seeds is particularly difficult. If all conditions have been met, the first shoots will appear in 5-6 days..

How to harmoniously plant alissum in a flower garden

lush alyssum bush in a flower bedPlanting alyssum in flower beds in the photo is offered in various variations, but everywhere this plant is in the foreground. Due to its low stature, alissum must be planted as a ground cover plant, thereby creating a special background for the entire flower garden..

If you have a nondescript boulder in your yard, and you do not know how to transform it, pay attention to the rock alyssum. This flower grows superbly even on such hard ground, completely covering the mound with small flowers. No wonder another name for alyssum – stonemason.

Alyssum is not very picky about the soil, however, it is categorically not suitable for growing in acidic soil. Therefore, before organizing a place for this plant in your flower garden, add limestone. By choosing a shade of flowers, you can create a charming rock garden that will delight with constant flowering. Another way to harmoniously plant a flower is as a border around the lawn.

Growing alissum from seeds – video

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