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How to plant lobelia outdoors?

how to plant love Knowing how to plant lobelia, you can grow a beautiful flower that resembles a bell. In summer, with abundant bud formation, the plant is a huge ball of medium-sized flowers, in which the leaves are almost invisible. Such a culture can be grown both in indoor pots and in flower beds. It is, of course, important to know the basic rules of care in order to achieve abundant flowering..

How to choose the right seeds

lobelia in the garden Like any flower, lobelia needs frequent watering, especially in hot weather. As for the light, do not worry, this plant will delight you with a neat appearance both in a bright place and in partial shade. He is not afraid of frosts, she will continue to bloom until the onset of frost.

ampelous lobeliaLobelia is of two types: bush and ampelous. You need to choose seeds depending on what kind of plant you want to get. Shrubs form a beautiful low ball, behind their flowers, leaves are almost imperceptible. Ampelous lobelias do not bloom so abundantly, and require much more effort to care for..

To grow healthy and robust seedlings, follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not forget about regular, moderate watering, as lobelia cannot withstand both too dry soil and waterlogged.
  2. Choose the right lighting. Seedlings need bright diffused light.
  3. Temper, that is, take the plant out into fresh air.

This species can be bush and ampelous. Lobelia flowers, depending on the variety, can acquire a different shade. The most common are purple, white, blue, red and blue buds. flower compositionThey can grow both in pots on the windowsill and in their summer cottage..

Very often, such crops are used in landscape design. Forming a lush ball, they bloom from June to September.

How to plant lobelia

planting lobelia in a potIn order for a beautiful flower to bloom as early as possible, it should be planted at the end of February. If you didn’t have time, the beginning of March is also suitable, but not later..

It is not easy to grow seedlings, especially for novice growers, but having figured out the basic nuances, everything will certainly work out. Before growing lobelia flowers, you should choose where the seeds will be sown. The best options for seeds are soil, peat tablets or cassettes.

It is not recommended to use organic fertilizers for this type of plant..


  1. Landing in peat tablets. This method is no different from that when sowing in cassettes. If you purchased seeds not in granules, then you should use toothpicks, the edges of which are recommended to be wet. Lean the seeds against them, and lower them inside the tablet, preferably closer to the center. A week later, you can expect the first shoots of seedlings.lobelia in peat tablets
  2. Sowing seeds into the soil. Lobelia prefers loose, nutritious soil. It is best to purchase ready-made soil. Take a suitable container, pour the prepared soil there and pour with phytosporin. Compact the earth after it dries. Since the seeds are small, it is better to mix them with sand and sow. You cannot sprinkle the top with soil, just slap the seeds slightly.sowing lobelia in the ground
  3. Landing in cassettes. Lobelia seeds are often used in granules, which contain about 8 seeds. In this case, it is better to plant the plant in cassettes. These devices are boxes with cells, each of which has special recesses. It is in them that we need to put our granules. As you can see, this method is quite simple..lobelia in cassettes

There is also another landing option. To do this, you need to pour a small layer of snow on the prepared ground, and put seeds on top. sowing lobelia in the snowWhen it begins to melt, the grains will drop and take the required position in the ground. Then the containers must be covered with foil and removed to a warm place. Lobelia seedling care includes daily airing of the seedlings.

Watering and diving a plant

dive seedlings of lobeliaWhen you notice that the seedlings have begun to hatch, immediately transfer the containers to the brightest place in your apartment. Water seedlings should be carefully watered daily. Examine the plants carefully; at the first sign of any disease, the damaged sprouts should be removed and the soil should be treated with a fungicide.

Since the container in which the seeds are planted is covered, condensation collects on it and additional moisture is formed. To avoid the appearance of mold and various diseases of seedlings, you need to regularly ventilate, open the lid for at least 20 minutes twice a day..

Watering rules

wateringAt first, after seed germination, you need to water the plants as the soil dries out. When the seedlings are already strong, and you will not cover them, then you will need to irrigate much more often. As soon as the soil hardens, moisten immediately so that the sprouts do not disappear, as their root system is weak. Top dressing at this stage is not needed.

Seedling picking

picking seedlingsThis procedure is necessary when you want to transplant it into a common container. The sprouts are planted in bunches containing from five to ten plants. Before planting lobelia, you should remember that this should be done as carefully as possible. The most convenient way to perform this procedure is with a teaspoon. All actions must be extremely precise, since it is easy to damage the root system of the plant..

The transplant is carried out about three weeks after the first shoots. For this, use small disposable cups with a diameter of up to five centimeters, or drawers. The distance between the sprouts should be about 5 centimeters. You need to act as carefully as possible, since the seedlings are very thin and fragile. Try not to damage them.

The first flowering of lobelia after sowing can be observed after 2.5 months..

Several seedlings should be planted in one container, since it is almost impossible to separate them one by one. With any attempt to do this, there is a great danger of harming the plant. Make a small depression in the soil, put the seedlings in it, lightly press down with soil and water. It remains to be patient, and wait until the seedlings grow a little.

Planting lobelia outdoors

planting lobelia in open groundWhen you pick the lobelia, the seedlings will begin to grow much more intensively. During this period, try to create suitable conditions for the plants. First of all, it should be as light as possible in the room where the pots are located. Best placed on a windowsill or glazed balcony. Also, don’t forget about regular watering..

Knowing when to plant your lobelia seedlings outdoors can create a beautiful and healthy plant. Such flowers will be colorful and large.

beautiful lobeliaLanding time. The most suitable time for planting grown seedlings in the ground is the end of May. Before the process, it is advisable to harden the plants. To do this, you need to take out the pots with seedlings outside, or at least open the balcony or window more often. Then the seedlings will be easier to adapt to new conditions after transplanting..

lobelia soilChoice of substrate. The soil for lobelia should be fertile and moist. Dig holes about 30 cm deep with 15 cm spacing between them. Do not forget about drainage, expanded clay and chipped bricks will do. Plant the plant from the pot into the prepared grooves, sprinkle with earth and water.

soil preparationOpen ground planting rules. Before transplanting lobelia, you should prepare the soil in advance. It must be loosened, and mineral fertilizers applied to the pits, and seedlings should be placed there. To achieve a beautiful border of flowers, maintain a distance between the seedlings of about 15 cm.Often lobelias begin to bloom even on the balcony or window, in which case it will be possible to plant already blooming beauties.

Outdoor plant care

tender lobeliaFor those who want to grow a beautiful flower, there are some rules to follow. Particular attention should be paid to watering the plant, since not only the appearance, but also the duration of flowering depends on it. Also, before planting and starting to care for lobelia, you need to know where it is best to place it and what means to fertilize.


Try to protect your flower from direct sunlight, as burns will appear on the leaves of the plant. Lobelia prefers bright diffused light. Feed with mineral fertilizers on time. Prune plants after flowering to create new shoots.


watering lobeliaFirst of all, you need to provide regular, moderate watering, but you need to ensure that the water does not stagnate. If the soil dries out, the plant can quickly stop blooming. To make the bush lush, spherical, pinch it in time. They do this after the culture has already adapted to new conditions. Remove the tip of the twig, and then the tip will grow to the sides..


lobelia haircutWhen the first flowering has passed, trim the branches of the lobelia, retreating from the top to five centimeters. In the place of the cut, over time, you will see new shoots. Before freezing, cut the bush almost to the root itself, and cover it with fallen leaves on top. There are varieties that cannot stand extreme cold, so transplant the plants into pots and bring them into a warm room..


fertilizerMany do not know how to feed lobelia for growth. In fact, everything is simple. Usual universal preparations can be used as fertilizer. The frequency of application depends on the composition of the soil. Plant feeding is carried out up to three times during the whole season. You can also use ready-made mineral formulations that contain phosphorus, calcium and nitrogen..

Do not use fertilizers often, as this promotes the growth of the foliage, and not the flowers themselves..

Potential pests

lobelia pestsTo the delight of flower growers, lobelias are very resistant to various diseases and pests. The only exceptions are slugs, which attack plants grown near water bodies. In addition, with an excess of moisture, they can become moldy, so you need to be careful when watering..

In order for the plant to feel good on the site and give it a special charm, you need to know what to plant the lobelia with. The best options are allisum and Iberis. Petunias, begonias, ageratums will also make an excellent composition.

The process of growing and caring for lobelia is quite laborious. But do not be upset by adhering to simple recommendations, these plants will undoubtedly become one of your favorites..

Lobelia growing videos

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