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Lush delight – Umbrella Iberis

Iberis umbrella at their summer cottage Iberis umbellate (translated from Latin. Iberis) is a plant belonging to the Cruciferous or Cabbage family. He is also known under the names Iberian, variegated, stenic, pepper. The flower got its name in honor of the Iberian Peninsula, the ancient name of which is Iberia. There are about 30 species of umbrella Iberis (you can see the photo below), but the most popular is the umbrella Iberis. It can be both perennial and annual species that endure winter or summer..

Iberis umbrella planting and care

landing site of the Iberis umbrella Proper care is the key to a lush and beautiful flowering. The choice of location depends on the preferences of a particular type of Iberis. But keep in mind that the plant is extremely negative about transplants, so choose a place so as not to disturb it..

Iberis umbrella is not capricious, but it is best to plant it on sandy and loamy soil. The only requirement is water permeability.

The lighting should be intense enough. Avoid unlit areas, as even partial shade negatively affects the condition of the Iberis. Shade or even partial shade for this plant is simply destructive..


Iberis flower bedThose who are delighted with the umbrella Iberis are wondering how to propagate this plant.

There are two ways: vegetative and seed. For the umbrella Iberis, the second method is preferable – even a novice gardener can cope with this task.


Iberis umbellate from the cuttingAfter flowering, cuttings are cut from the plant up to 5 cm long. Then they can either be planted in a greenhouse for rooting, or directly into the ground. In order for the plant to give roots faster, phytohormones are used. If your goal is to get a floral carpet, cuttings should initially be planted at least 15 cm apart, since the plant grows quickly and blooms very luxuriantly..

Iberis umbrella growing from seeds (with photo)

Iberis seed podsPlanting material can be collected with your own hands. Don’t feel like messing around? Then go to the store. Umbrella Iberis seeds are arranged in a pod.

Fruits ripen unevenly after flowering, therefore, when collecting material, the degree of ripening should be monitored.

The collected pods are laid out for a while for drying, then they are opened, the seeds are pulled out and placed in a dry place inaccessible to the sun’s rays..

Iberis seedsExperienced gardeners advise making seedlings first, and then replanting them in open ground. But many choose for themselves sowing seeds directly into the soil to a permanent place..

Iberis seedlingsIn the second case, sowing is carried out as soon as the first warm days come, but not earlier than the first decade of April. To begin with, shallow grooves are made in the beds and seeds are planted to a depth of no more than 1 cm.

For seedlings, sowing is performed in March, so that by May the young growth has grown, and it can be transplanted. The substrate is preliminarily moistened, and then the seeds are placed to a depth of 1 mm.

Since the Iberis umbrella is sensitive to transplantation, seeds for seedlings are sown not in one large box, but in several small ones..

To obtain good germination, the containers are covered with glass or film, or placed in a warm place. At the same time, do not forget about regular airing and diffused light so that the plants do not “roast”.

Iberis seedlingsIf you want to achieve flowering throughout the summer, seedlings should be planted in the ground twice: the first time in May, the second in July. If you followed all the requirements, flowering will come within 1.5 months after planting..

Iberis in landscape designIberis flowers are widely used in landscape design, where it is combined in various compositions. It looks great in rockeries, rock gardens, on natural slopes, along the paths. Iberis umbrella in an alpine slideIt can be placed next to conifers, alyssum, flowering shrubs, cineraria, herbal cloves. It is also used to create wedding bouquets..

Iberis video

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