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Be sure to find out when to get gladioli from the refrigerator for germination.

a bouquet from your flower bed Gladiolus is a favorite of many gardeners. It adorns the garden with its bright, beautiful buds from mid-July to August. The size and number of flowers directly depends on the quality of preparation and germination of corms. Therefore, any florist should know when to get gladioli for germination from the refrigerator, how to germinate them correctly..

The defining condition for planting germinated bulbs is soil temperature. It should be 8-10 degrees. Such heating of the land in different regions is achieved approximately in April-May. Therefore, it is necessary to start germinating gladioli in the spring when 15-20 days remain until the specified soil temperature is reached. Overwintered bulbs need just such a time to gain strength and give new shoots..

The germination time in young and adult onions can differ, due to the different speed of biochemical processes in them..

For this reason, children should be removed from the refrigerator earlier, adult bulbs a little later..

Preparing gladioli after rest

preparation of bulbs When it’s time to get gladioli after winter storage, you need to perform a number of operations:

  1. Thorough inspection. This stage includes the release of overwintered corms from dry husks. The procedure is necessary to reject sick, shrunken or softened heads. Dried scales can also interfere with the penetration of a young sprout..
  2. Not all sick gladioli should be thrown away immediately. If the lesions on the bulb are minor, you can remove them with a sharp object. The cut should be treated with an antiseptic brilliant green, iodine and sprinkled with crushed coal.
  3. Aging in solutions of antibacterial substances. The procedure is necessary for additional disinfection from pests, strengthening the root system, saturating the bulbs with moisture. The holding time is several hours. You should use such substances as potassium permanganate, boric acid, karbofos. Having worried in advance about how to prepare gladioli bulbs for planting in spring, you will certainly get larger and more abundant flowers..

Experts use this recipe. In a liter of warm water, a mixture of 0.3 g of vitriol, 0.2 g of boric acid and potassium permanganate, 0.1 g of cobalt nitrate should be diluted. Extract the bulbs in this solution for 10-12 hours. Soaking increases the size of the flowers, the number of buds reaches several dozen.

What is the time frame for germinating gladioli in spring

A germination container should be chosen with low sides and a wide bottom. This could be a cardboard box or a plastic cup with holes. The corms are laid out exactly, in one layer, with their necks up. The container is placed in a warm place, without intense light and drafts..

When it is not possible to get gladioli from the refrigerator for germination, you can plant it directly into the soil, but you need to be prepared for the flowering period to shift, the size of the buds will be more modest.

Florists also use this method of preparing gladioli for planting in spring, as wet germination. It is more troublesome, but very effective. Place the bulbs in a container with sawdust moistened with water, sprinkle with them. Place the container in a lighted warm place. Regularly moisten the sawdust. If the observed growth is too fast, reduce moisture and shade..

Not only whole bulbs with sprouts can be recommended for planting. Large gladioli can be cut into pieces, according to the number of buds. Sometimes growers deliberately stimulate the appearance of lateral buds. Tricks are used, such as laying the bulb while sprouting, bottom up or sideways. Sometimes, additionally, treatment is carried out with a tuberization stimulant..

dividing the bulbsCut the bulbs a week before planting in the ground. Disinfect the cut points, sprinkle with crushed coal. Dry the parts, before planting, additionally treat with a fungicide.

The timing of the germination of gladioli in the spring is one to two weeks.

Landing gladioli in the ground

Well sprouted can be considered a corm with a sprout of 6-8 cm, swollen root tubercles or roots.

gladioli ready to plantGladioli are planted in holes from light, loose soil. The distance between the bulbs is at least 15 cm. When planting, sand should be added, and after the emergence of seedlings, sprinkle the ground with humus. The depth should be approximately equal to four bulb diameters..

Sprouted flowers planted in the ground can endure even short frosts without loss..

Cut bulbs start flowering later than usual.cut onions in bloom

Cleaning for storage

At the end of the flowering period of gladioli, the tops should be dug up and removed. Bulbs peeled from the ground should be treated with fungicides, especially if the plants have suffered diseases. The choice of the drug depends on the pest that has affected the gladioli. It could be Fundozol. Dry them thoroughly before storing them. Storage is carried out in cool dry conditions. A refrigerator, basement are ideal for these purposes. In the refrigerator, the bulbs are stored in a bag with holes..

Be sure to sign the varieties or colors of gladioli. You can put inscriptions directly on the corms, or tie ropes with inscriptions.

The dormant period in gladioli is about 6 months. During this period, gladioli should be regularly examined every two weeks. Make a note of when to take gladioli out of the refrigerator for germination.

the result of correct storage and plantingUseful tips for novice growers:

  1. Remember to remove wilted buds during flowering. This will extend the flowering period of the rest;
  2. Do not plant gladioli in one place for more than two years. This will save the plants from being damaged by the pest;
  3. It is not recommended to plant young onions (children) together with adults that are already in bloom. They can draw water and nutrients to themselves;
  4. Carefully consider the choice of gladioli variety. Currently, there are about two hundred varieties of this flower, differing in color and shape of flowers. Of these, you must choose the one that suits your desire and region of residence..

Gladiolus is a flower that is easy to care for. Take care of observing the rules for storing and preparing gladioli for planting, and the plant will certainly thank you with its beautiful flowering.

Video about preparing gladiolus bulbs for planting

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