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Carnation herb has the right to be in your garden

carnation herb Carnation herb is a favorite of designers. It is often used to create alpine slides and rocky gardens. This is an unpretentious plant that does not need special care. In order for the flowers to decorate the site for a long time, you just need to know how to plant, when to water and what to fertilize.

Carnation herb: description of the plant, main types

perennial herb Carnation belongs to the group of perennial herbaceous plants. In nature, the flower can be found on forest edges, on lawns and in places of felled forests. Prefers carnation sandy soils. Also thrives on hills, hillsides and river banks.

Popular types:

  1. Carnation herbal candy. One of the most unusual plants. It is a groundcover carnation that forms a crimson red carpet. Grows well both in open areas and in partial shade.carnation herbal candy
  2. Carnation herbal Kant libra. The bush reaches 15 cm in height. Compared to other varieties, Kant’s libra has large flowers. All buds are located on erect stems.carnation herb kant libra
  3. Carnation herb Sparkle. A beautiful plant that is not whimsical to care for. The variety is distinguished by long and abundant flowering. Light pink buds with dark edging. Exudes a pleasant aroma during flowering.
  4. Carnation herb Brilliant. The most popular variety. Bushes are compact and early flowering. The buds are small. When loose, they acquire a deep pink hue with a burgundy ring. Adult specimens reach 20 cm in height.carnation herbal diamond
  5. Carnation herb Albus. A variety with snow-white flowers. It is often used to create unusual landscape design..carnation herb Albus

All types of cloves should be grown in soil with a high acidity level, otherwise the plant will lose its attractiveness..

No less popular is the Arctic Fire herbal clove. The petals of the flowers are white with beautiful pink stains on the surface.

Planting seedlings of carnation herbaceous

planting seedlingsBefore planting a carnation, you need to choose the right site. In a flower garden, plants should be positioned so that they are not shaded by higher representatives of the fauna..

In the shade, the carnation will develop slowly and bloom weakly..

Seedlings should be planted only after the air warms up to +150 C. Before carrying out the procedure, the site must be prepared. Dig up the soil, pick out all the weeds and level.

Plants are planted at a distance of 30 cm from each other. The depth of the dimple should be about 15 cm.After planting, the seedlings should be watered abundantly.

Growing from seeds

shoots of seeds of carnation herbaceousIt is recommended to sow grains of carnation herb during the period from May to June. For this, use wide containers. The substrate should be light. You can buy the soil or prepare it yourself. For this, sod soil, peat and sand are combined in equal parts. You can also sow cloves in peat tablets.

The planting material must be disinfected before use. For this, the seeds are placed in a container and poured with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Keep grains in liquid for 15 to 20 minutes.

You should also treat the soil. To prevent bacteria and pests from remaining in the soil, which can spoil the planting material, it is recommended to calcine the substrate in the oven..

It is necessary to place the grains on the soil surface. It is not worth deepening the seeds. Sprinkle generously with clean water on top, and cover the container itself with glass or polyethylene. After the first shoots appear, the mini-greenhouse will need to be removed, and the container with plants should be moved to a well-lit place.

Watering the seedlings should be done with a spray bottle. Use only well-separated water. The liquid must be warm.

It is necessary to transplant seedlings into open ground after 4 full leaves appear on them. This should be done early in the morning, before sunrise, or late in the evening..

Reproduction by dividing the bush and cuttings

reproduction by dividing the bushA similar method is used only for adult bushes. The plant should be divided into parts in early spring. To do this, you need to dig out a bush, and then use a dive stick to free the roots from the soil. It is necessary to divide the plant with the help of a sharp knife, while making sure that in each part there is a well-developed deciduous rosette.

As for grafting, the procedure must be carried out in June. The length of the planting material should be within 10 cm with two pairs of leaves. Cuttings should be rooted in wet sand. To make them start up the roots faster, it is recommended to cover the top with polyethylene or use a glass jar. If everything is done correctly, then the first signs of growth can be observed in a month. Then the cuttings are transferred to open ground..

Cutting is the simplest method, so it is recommended for beginner gardeners..

Proper care of herbal cloves outdoors

carnation herbal careCarnation care is simple. But in order for the plant to be healthy and to please with bright flowers, you need to know some of its features..

Watering and feeding cloves

regular wateringTimely irrigation is very important for herbal cloves. This is due to its superficial root system. Watering the plant should be started from the beginning of spring. On hot days, the number of procedures should be increased. But do not abuse moisture, as this can lead to rotting of the root system..

fertilizationFertilize cloves in a complex manner. In the spring, it is recommended to make preparations based on nitrogen and phosphorus. In the summer, the flower should be fed with magnesium and calcium. It will also be good to add a small amount of iron-containing mixtures to the soil..

With an excess of mineral fertilizers, the leaves may begin to turn yellow and fall off..

Potential pests

carnation damageThe plant very rarely infects a fungus. But if young specimens grow in areas with high dampness, then they may suffer from rust..

As for insects, caterpillars and mucus like to feed on cloves. In late autumn, the terrestrial part is affected by mice. To prevent this, it is recommended to cover the bushes with pine branches..

Growing problems:

  1. Nematodes and wood lice. The best control method is insecticides. Agrozin is considered an effective drug. You need to use it according to the instructions..
  2. Spider mite. It appears on bushes during the hot season. The tick feeds on sap from leaves and twigs. If you do nothing, the plant will begin to wilt and dry out. Therefore, at the first signs of the disease, shoots should be treated with an infusion of garlic or sulfur. Also fights well against Aldicarb mite.
  3. Alternaria Long grayish-brown spots are a symptom of the disease. From above, they are abundantly covered with a dark bloom. Severely affected leaves should be completely removed, and the plant itself should be treated with a fungicide.

Carnation herb is a very beautiful plant. If you follow all the recommendations, then the flower will become a real decoration of any garden plot. Also, the plant will help make a unique and unforgettable landscape design that will win the hearts of all guests..

Sowing carnation herb for seedlings – video

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