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How wisteria reproduces – basic methods and a step-by-step algorithm

how wisteria reproduces Wisteria is a spectacular and hardy vine that does not require very active care. If you know how wisteria multiplies, you can decorate the site yourself with the help of new vine seedlings. This is a plant from the legume family, which perfectly greens vertical planes – a fence, a fence, a support. Wisteria flowers are shaped like bean or pea inflorescences, fruits are similar to ripe beans. The plant is frost-resistant, grows in one place for more than 100 years, blooms luxuriantly and abundantly. There are several ways to breed wisteria.

The main methods of breeding

one of the ways of propagation of wisteria

To grow a wisteria bush, you can use one of the following propagation options:

  • seeds;
  • cuttings;
  • layering;
  • dividing the bush;
  • inoculation.

The first three methods are most often used. How to propagate wisteria at home, the gardener decides for himself. The main criteria are knowledge and practical experience.

How wisteria reproduces by seeds

how wisteria reproduces by seedsPlanting material can be prepared independently or purchased at a specialized store. Seed germination lasts 2-3 years.

The main disadvantage of the method is the fact that the obtained seedlings may not preserve all varietal characteristics of the species.

However, plants grown in a similar way can be used as a rootstock for grafting varietal wisteria.

First, preliminary preparation of planting material is required – stratification. After seed stratification, the germination rate increases to 100%.

Step-by-step algorithm of the process:

  1. Place the seeds in moist peat, sphagnum, coconut. A convenient container for this stage is a zip bag or a regular jar with a lid..
  2. Place on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or in the vegetable compartment.
  3. Air the seeds at least once a week.

Once the seeds begin to hatch, they are ready to plant..

There are two ways to propagate wisteria by seed at home:

  • seedless – by direct sowing into the ground;
  • seedling.

If a seedless option is chosen, then the soil on the site should be prepared in advance. Dig up first, then add humus and sand, level the surface. Make small grooves 2 cm deep and spread out the wisteria seeds. Sprinkle with a thin layer of soil, water thoroughly with a spray bottle. Sowing time – March.germination of seeds into seedlings

For the second option, sowing seeds should be carried out 2 months before planting seedlings in the ground:

  • first prepare the soil and containers;
  • pour a drainage layer into the container, then fertile soil;
  • make grooves on the surface with a depth of 1.5 – 2 cm;
  • decompose germinated seeds;
  • sprinkle with earth with a layer of 2 mm.

Lay wisteria seeds horizontally to facilitate the germination process.

Cover the container with glass or foil, put in a dark place. After the sprouts appear, transfer the boxes to the light, remove the glass. If the seedlings stretch out during the growth process, they need to be dived..

Plant powerful plants in autumn, the rest in spring.

Cuttings of wisteria

rooting of wisteria cuttingsWith this method, all varietal characteristics of wisteria are preserved..

There are two methods for propagating wisteria by cuttings..

Using lignified cuttings

reproduction by lignified cuttingsFor cutting, you need to use the shoots of the current year. Cut in the fall. The length of the shanks is about 8 cm with 2-3 well-developed buds. Place the material in a moist substrate, store until spring at a temperature not exceeding + 3 ° C.

After wintering (mid-April) prepare containers for cuttings, fill them with soil. The top layer is moistened sand. Place future seedlings vertically at a distance of 10 cm from each other with a depth of 4 cm.Leave until autumn.

Then transplant into a greenhouse or greenhouse for growing. Young vines can be planted in a permanent place in a year..

Root processes

root propagationFor this method of propagation of wisteria by cuttings, you will need to dig an adult bush in the spring. The most developed roots are cut half the length, the rest by 1/3. After cutting off some of the roots, the bush needs to be dug again, adding fertile soil. The next spring, repeat the procedure, but now cut off the young overgrown roots. Cutting thickness 5 mm, length 10 cm. Treat the planting material with a fungicide and plant it on a prepared bed with fertile soil. The plot should be watered regularly. In autumn, sort the seedlings into 2 categories. The most viable ones are transplanted to a permanent place. The rest should be placed in a greenhouse for growing, followed by planting on the site.

Cutting is a successful way of propagation of wisteria, which does not require special knowledge.

How wisteria multiplies by layering

propagation of wisteria by layeringThe easiest and most affordable option is the propagation of wisteria by layering. At the same time, all varietal characteristics are preserved. It is necessary to press the one-year shoot to the ground, substitute a container with soil from below. Make an incision for 1/3 of the diameter of the shoot at the point of contact between the bark and the ground. Fix this place in a container, sprinkle with soil on top. Moisturize regularly. You can separate a new vine next year..

grafting wisteriaThese are the main ways wisteria reproduces at home. There are enough of them to get new viable vines..

Video about the propagation of wisteria by seeds

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