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Hamedorea graceful from seed: planting and care rules

hamedorea graceful from seed In order for the graceful chamedorea grown from seeds to have an attractive appearance, you need to know some secrets. Since this is an exotic plant, the care for it should be appropriate. Only then will the bamboo palm become a real highlight of your home..

Hamedorea graceful: a description of the appearance of the plant

reed palm Hamedorea, bamboo or reed palm, as it is also called, belongs to the genus Palm trees. This is one of the most beautiful plants, which not only gives the room a special comfort, but also has medicinal properties..

The plant is distinguished by large emerald leaves. The stem is low, the root system is slightly stiff. Most of the leaves are collected at the top of the plant. The shape of the bush is given to Hamedorea by new shoots that grow from the root system. At home, the bush grows up to 2.3 m.

With proper care, a plant can produce no more than two new leaves per year..

Growing Hamedorea from seeds

flowering hamedoreaIf you want to grow a healthy and beautiful plant, then you should pay special attention to the choice of planting material. The grains can be bought at a specialty store, or harvested by yourself. If you decide to save money, you will need to pollinate the plant first. Do this with a brush. The collection of planting material is carried out only after the pods fall to the ground.

Grain preparation

seeds of hamedorea gracefulThe purchased planting material must be prepared. For this, the grains are laid out in a small container and filled with water. You need to keep in this state from 2 to 5 days..

For better germination, you can put in water:

  • a few drops of medical iodine;
  • special growth accelerator.

At the end of this time, the grains can be sown into the soil. But if your seeds are harvested by yourself, you do not need to soak them..

To speed up the germination of seeds, it is recommended to file each of them a little with a file..

Soil selection

soil for hamedoreaAny soil will not work for Hamedorea. It is best to buy a special substrate from a store. You can also cook it yourself at home..

To do this, you need to combine in equal proportions:

  • moss, steamed sawdust, sand;
  • quartz sand, moss, turf soil and sawdust.

After all the components are mixed, the resulting substrate will need to be calcined. For this, the soil is placed on a baking sheet and kept in the oven for 15 minutes. You can also use the microwave. Some housewives freeze the substrate in the freezer..

Hamedorea graceful from seed: planting rules

seedlings of chamedorea seedsSowing grains is only necessary on the soil surface. The maximum depth should be no more than 2 cm. The grains should be placed with the sawn part into the soil. It is not worth sprinkling the planting material with soil.

As for the containers, the grains should be planted in medium-sized plastic cups. Do not forget about the holes in the bottom. This will help keep the plants dry..

They keep the vessels with seeds in a room that is well warmed by the sun. In order to see the first sprouts as quickly as possible, the cups will need to be covered with foil or transparent glass on top..

Conditions for good growth of seedlings:

  • constant high air temperature;
  • the presence of fresh warm air;
  • abundant watering.

If done correctly, the seeds will sprout in 30 days. In some cases, this process takes about 5 months..

After the appearance of two full-fledged leaves, a pick is carried out. Young plants are planted in separate small containers.

Plant care at home

hamedorea in room conditions

Indoor air temperature

This is an important condition on which the health of the palm tree depends. In the summer, the bush must be kept in a room where the thermometer readings are within +200 C. In winter, the temperature is lowered to +150 C.

Irrigation and air humidity

Since palm trees are native to tropical forests, the air humidity must be suitable. To get the desired indicators, it is recommended to put a pallet with pebbles and water near the flowerpot. Special electrical appliances also humidify the air well..

To make the leaves shiny, once or twice a week they need to be wiped with a wet cloth.

Do not forget about spraying. The bamboo palm loves such procedures very much. Water should be taken only clean, without impurities. If possible, it is best to moisten the leaves with rainwater..

Watering the palm tree should be systematic, especially in the summer period of the year, when the air temperature is high outside. To prevent the plant from starting to rot, a good drainage layer must be laid on the bottom of the container when planting.

Fertilizer hamedorea

They feed the palm tree from early spring to late autumn. For this, it is best to use universal preparations in liquid form. The procedure is carried out once or twice a week. You can also use special mixtures for palm trees..

Possible growing problems

defeat of hamedoreaIf you follow all the rules of care, then the palm tree will not hurt. All problems are associated with improper watering and lack of fertilization.

Most often, Hamedorea suffers from excess moisture. With improper watering, the root system of the plant begins to rot. It is almost impossible to save such a flower..

In dry air, palm leaves begin to dry out. Their yellowing can also be caused by a lack of moisture and high air temperatures. To return the plant to its original appearance, it is enough to adjust the irrigation and put a container of water near the flowerpot.

The least common bush affects a spider mite. It can be identified by small dots on the surface of the leaves. Getting rid of an insect is easy. It is enough to treat the plant with soapy water..

Hamedorea graceful will delight everyone with its extraordinary beauty leaves if you adhere to the basic rules of care. Improper watering, lack of feeding and inappropriate temperature will negatively affect the palm tree.

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