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How to care for cyperus at home: rules and tips

how to care for cyperus at home The amazing variety of indoor cultures is awe-inspiring for many. Therefore, in order to figure out how to care for cyperus at home, it is important to get to know him better. In its natural environment, the plant is found in tropical and subtropical regions of the planet. It grows along the banks of rivers, swamps and lakes. The maximum height of the cyperus is about 3 m. Its close relatives grow on the territory of Europe: sedge, white-fed grass and reeds. However, true cyperus is a houseplant that requires certain conditions. What does a flower look like from the side? Let’s take off his transparent veil.

Cyperus – a juicy flower from the tropics

juicy flower from the tropics The plant belongs to the numerous Sedge family and has about 500 varieties. As an indoor culture, it began to be grown from the end of the last century..

From the side, the flower resembles a miniature palm tree or flowering dill. People call him:

  • venus grass;
  • indoor papyrus;
  • alternate-leaved sedge;
  • egyptian reed.

Due to the fact that many people know how to care for cyperus at home, the plant is widely used for a living interior of a living room. The main feature of the culture is herbaceous branches with unique nodules, which are located very close to each other. Narrowed leaf plates grow from them, forming the so-called umbrellas.

flowering cyperusErect triangular shoots grow directly from the soil. Since they do not have branches, it makes it easier to care for cyperus at home. The surface of the leaves is slightly rough, the edges are pointed. The plates are painted in various shades of green. Some varieties bred by breeders are distinguished by the variegated color of the leaf plates. Mature plants have a large number of shoots that form a lush carpet of many cute umbrellas. When the flowering period begins, graceful buds form in the axils of the foliage. However, the plant is grown mainly to create the original interior of an apartment or house..

Only a few types of crops are grown indoors..

How to care for cyperus at home: planting secrets, lighting, watering

care for cyperusIn order for the plant to please the eye and be distinguished by juicy foliage, it is necessary to properly care for it. There are several basic principles that contribute to the successful development of cyperus at home. Let’s consider how to apply each of them in practice..

Secrets of growing a tropical guest

growing cyperus

Proper planting of cyperus includes the preparation of a substrate that has a weak acidity. It is prepared from the following components:

  • garden land;
  • peat;
  • humus;
  • sand.

To drain excess fluid, create a drainage layer of natural or synthetic materials. Next, choose a suitable pot. It should be roomy and deep enough..

So that the plant does not lose strength for the development of the root system, a wide and spacious container should not be used..

Drainage is laid at the bottom of the pot. Then the prepared earth for cyperus is poured and the plant is planted. The topsoil is slightly compacted and filled with clean water. When the plant is rooted and has many shoots, it is transplanted into a new container. Often the procedure is performed every year so that the flower always has a presentable appearance..

cyperus transplantConsider the technology of how to transplant cyperus at home without destroying its root system. First of all, you need to fill the adult plant with plenty of liquid. This will help to remove it from the pot with little soil. Next, the rhizome is slightly shaken off to remove the old soil. Damaged roots are carefully cut with scissors, after which the plant is placed in a new pot.

Cyperus breeding methods

breeding method of cyperus

Like other indoor crops, Egyptian cane is planted:

  • using seeds;
  • cuttings;
  • using sockets.

The process of reproduction of cyperus from seeds at home is quite laborious. In addition, it takes a lot of time, although it is not always possible to get the result. However, it’s worth a try.

When growing cyperus with seeds, the properties of the mother culture are often lost..

growing from purchased seedlingsFirst you need to purchase high-quality planting material and a suitable vessel. It is filled with a substrate, which consists of peat, sand and ordinary garden soil. Then the surface is moistened with a spray bottle and seeds are sown, after which they are lightly pressed with the palm of your hand. To create a greenhouse effect, the containers are covered with glass or plastic wrap. The containers are placed in a room where the temperature does not exceed 18 ° C. Thanks to regular and abundant watering, young shoots will soon appear on the surface. When they take root and stretch out, they are transplanted into new pots, several pieces at a time. The procedure is performed at any time of the year..

propagation by cuttingsNow let’s look at how to propagate cyperus by grafting. To do this, use the lush tops of the plant, which are carefully cut with a knife. The dead parts of the shoots are removed, leaving only 5 cm in length. Newly formed umbrellas are placed on moistened sand or in a container with water, cuttings up. After about 14 days, white roots form near the leaves. This indicates that the plant is ready to plant..rooting cuttings

Quite often, gardeners use a special way of reproduction of cyperus – an umbrella. To do this, perform a few simple steps:

  • cut high-quality rosettes of leaves;
  • they are immersed in clean water, the temperature of which is about 25 ° C;
  • when the umbrellas sprout, they are planted in the ground;
  • the top layer is moistened and sprinkled with sand.

Interestingly, the roots are formed where the umbrella touches the substrate surface. When they grow up to 5 cm, the plant is transplanted into a new container. Over time, it will sprout many shoots and a unique green corner for relaxation will appear in the house..

Looking for the right place

comfortable conditionsSince Cyperus is native to the tropics, it needs to create typical conditions. First of all, this concerns lighting. Ideally, it should be diffused, although the plant is not afraid of direct sunlight. However, on hot days, they leave burns on the leaf plates of the plant..

In winter, when there is not enough sunlight, fluorescent lamps should be used.

The ideal place for growing Cyperus is the wide window sills that face the east or west side. If the windows in the house face south, it is advisable to create an artificial shade. This way, the leaves will not be harmed by the scorching summer sun..

Hydration Secrets

moisturizing cyperusSince cyperus needs water, a container with a flower is placed in a tray with moistened expanded clay. In addition, during the period of active development of the plant, the root system must always be moistened. In summer, when the temperature rises to 30 ° C, the sump is filled with clean water. In the cold season, it is recommended to drain the excess liquid. It is advisable to spray lush leaf plates regularly.

It turns out that if you know how to care for Cyperus at home, it always looks gorgeous. Therefore, it is important to always listen to the wise advice of experts. And then the living space will turn into a real oasis of bliss for the soul..

Reproduction of cyperus at home – video

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