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Growing snapdragon from seed: when to plant and how to care

growing snapdragon from seed when to plant What is interesting about growing snapdragons from seeds. When to plant a plant for lush bloom? This question is of interest to novice florists. A variety of varieties, visual appeal and undemanding care make this flower very popular among summer residents..

Features of the plant antirrinum

snapdragon or antirrinum Having bright, catchy flowers, snapdragon has another name – antirrinum. It is a herbaceous plant with an erect stem. It can reach 100-130 cm in height. Leaves – elongated.

Snapdragon varieties are subdivided, depending on plant height, into the following groups:


Plant height,



Giants 1,3
  • Arthur F1
  • Roman holidays, etc..
High 0.6 – 0.9
  • Madame Butterfly F1
  • Canary
  • Anna German and others.
Average 0.4 – 0.6
  • Golden Monarch
  • Ruby
  • Silver Lipstick et al.
Undersized Up to 0.4
  • The hobbit
  • Lampion
  • Tip-top, etc..
Dwarf Up to 0.2
  • Sakura blossom and others.

In the overwhelming majority, tall varieties of ornamental plants begin to bloom later than undersized ones..

snapdragons of different colorsFlowers, which have an unusual shape, reminiscent of an open lion’s mouth, are especially beautiful. Individual flowers form panicles of bright flowers that will decorate any area. And the very bloom of antirrinum is abundant, lasting all summer.

The shades of flower heads have a wide palette of tones and halftones:

  • yellow;
  • Red;
  • pink;
  • white and others.

perennial snapdragonBeing a perennial, the plant in the middle lane has to be planted anew every year. To do this, you need to prepare the soil, containers, and create all the conditions to grow your own snapdragon seedlings from seeds.

Growing snapdragon from seed

seed-grown snapdragonPlanting and caring for snapdragons, as in the photo, begins with the preparation of planting material and growing from seeds. The need to grow through seedlings is explained by the long period that passes from the moment the seeds enter the ground until the beginning of the flowering period..

Stage 1. Preparation of potting mix and containers

soil and containers for growing seedlingsPlanting dates depend on the climatic zone. It is preferable to sow seeds in prepared potting mix in March or April. You can choose a low container for snapdragon seedlings.

Preparing the potting mix:

  • peat (4/7 volume);
  • garden land (2/7 volume);
  • sand (1/7 volume).

All components are thoroughly mixed, the composition is sieved. To protect against weeds, the seedling soil can be baked in the oven for an hour. Due to the fact that slightly alkaline soil is more favorable for the snapdragon, the prepared soil can be enriched with a small amount of ash.

You can purchase a ready-made mixture for growing seedlings.

Stage 2. Planting seeds

snapdragon seedlingsWhen to Plant Snapdragon for Seed Growing? No later than April, otherwise the flowers will not have enough time to please with abundant flowering.

To do this, perform the following procedure:

  1. Prepare containers for seedlings.
  2. Fill them with potting soil.
  3. Densify.
  4. Scatter seeds on the ground.
  5. Above, literally a couple of millimeters with the ground.
  6. Collect water in a container with a spray and moisten the ground.
  7. Put glass on top of the container or cover with foil.
  8. Put in a warm place (+ 25 ° C) in the light.

After half a month or a little more, sprouts will begin to break through. The air temperature should be slightly reduced (to about + 20 ° C). Good lighting will help the sprouts not stretch out, but gain strength. Periodically, the soil needs to be moistened, loosened and ventilated..

Until the sprouts have matured, they should not be placed in direct sunlight..

Stage 3. Picking

picking seedlingsSnapdragon seedlings are picked after two true leaves appear on the germinated plants. This is a necessary procedure that benefits the antirrinum..

The soil mixture is taken from the same composition that was used for sowing the seeds. Transplant is carried out in the afternoon, in the late afternoon.picking process

The pick must be carried out very carefully, observing all the necessary rules:

  1. The earth with sprouts is moistened.
  2. New containers are being prepared, into which young plants will be transplanted. It is desirable that each of them should have its own separate container..
  3. Very carefully, using tweezers, separate one sprout from the total mass.
  4. New containers are filled with earth, and gently, with tweezers, transfer the sprouts.
  5. The earth around the seedling is compacted and moistened.

A week after such a transplant, the plants need feeding. For this, complex fertilizers are used, for example, nitroammofosku.

Stage 4. Topping

pinching snapdragonAfter 4 or 5 pairs of leaves appear on young plants, pinching the snapdragon is performed. It is carried out to stimulate the appearance of side shoots. The subsequent circular pinching will help to enhance the bushiness and splendor of the plant. Do it when 3 pairs of leaves appear on the side shoots.

Ignoring timely pinching can negatively affect the abundance of the future flowering of the plant and the splendor of the bush..

Planting in open ground: the place matters

Snapdragon seedling transplantHalf a month before planting the snapdragon in open ground, the seedlings must be hardened. To do this, every day she is briefly taken out into the open air. Plants prepared in this way will more easily survive planting, and will get stronger faster..

When to plant a snapdragon grown from seed in the ground? In May, when the warm weather has stabilized, you can start planting the snapdragon in a permanent place in the garden. His choice will greatly affect the abundance of flowering..

In sunny areas, snapdragons bloom more intensely than planted in the shade or partial shade.

Wells for planting are prepared in advance on the site. They must be of such a size that they can be loaded with a clod of earth. The distance between the holes should be at least 0.2 m for small varieties, and about 0.45 m for tall ones..

After the plants are planted and the soil is compacted, it is necessary to water it. You can also mulch with peat.

It is desirable that the soil is slightly alkaline. For this, if necessary, you can add ash.

Care after planting in open ground

caring for snapdragons in the flower bedSnapdragon planted in open ground requires periodic watering, weeding, and loosening of the soil. Snapdragon is rarely fed, using complex fertilizers for this, which were also used when growing seeds..

Regular watering of flowers will promote their active growth and abundant flowering. Watering is carried out at the root, trying to get as little water as possible on the flowers.

It is recommended not to allow the soil to dry out.

Growing a snapdragon from seed requires a meticulous approach, but once the flower has begun, caring for it will not require any effort – regular watering is enough. Antirrinum blooms until the beginning of autumn, delighting with bright decorative flowers.

How to sow and care for snapdragon seedlings – video

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