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Proper pandanus care at home is the key to success

pandanus care at home An exotic spiral palm tree will bring a breath of heavenly bliss into the heavy city bustle. Caring for pandanus at home is not difficult at all. Indoor plant is ideal for beginner amateur flower growers. Moreover, with the help of a spectacular flowerpot, designers will be able to create original interior styles..

“You will recognize her from a thousand”

palm pandanus The palm tree grows in tropical climates in Africa as well as Asia. About 90 plant species can be found on the island of Madagascar. The main feature of the plant is its extraordinary vitality. Culture is able to adapt to different weather conditions.

The spiral tree (another name) is characterized by:

  • lanceolate leaves, covered with sharp thorns at the edges;
  • a spiral trunk formed due to the gradual withering away of the lower foliage;
  • “Aerial” roots serving as additional support.

In nature, a massive pandan grows up to 15-20 m.Therefore, at home, a flower will need enough space for development.

lush plants in the houseSince the needles of the palm tree are poisonous, many people ask if the pandanus can be kept at home. Undoubtedly, when the serrated edge of the leaf comes into contact with the skin, irritation will surely appear, but this is not fatal. If you put the flowerpot in a safe place, away from small children and animals, then such dangers can be avoided..spiny leaf edges

Popular varieties

About 800 species of tropical plants grow in natural conditions. The most beautiful varieties are chosen for decorative cultivation.:

  1. Veitch (Veitchii). The xiphoid leaves, bordered with white stripes and thorns, reach 1 m in length.The maximum height of the tree is 1.5 m..pandanus veitch
  2. Useful (Pandanus utilis). Rich green foliage (up to 100-150 cm long) with pale red thorns. The palm tree grows up to 3 meters.useful pandanus
  3. Hiding behind (Tectorius). The variety is characterized by elongated (up to 2 m) deciduous plates without needles. In culture, it can bloom with light pink or white inflorescences.hiding pandanus
  4. Sandera. Low-growing variety with glossy leaves (up to 80 cm), decorated with thorns, as well as lemon-colored stripes.pandanus sandera

In their natural habitat, pandanas grow on sandy and rocky soils, including near volcanoes. They are also found in coastal and mountainous areas..

The evergreen perennial has excellent decorative properties as well as an unpretentious character. The harm and benefits of pandanus makes many doubt whether it is worth growing a tropical culture at home. The whole reason lies in the halo in which the spiral pine is shrouded. It has long been considered a “vampire tree”. The reason for this was the thorns and the spiral-shaped trunk. However, for the generation of the 21st century, medieval superstitions are just a relic..

Simple pandanus home care

pandanus care at homeFirst of all, choose a suitable place for the flower. Tropical culture does not tolerate bright lighting, as well as lack of sunlight. Therefore, the flowerpot is sent to a room facing east or west. As already mentioned, a screw tree will need a lot of space to fully develop..

Usually the flowerpot is placed in:

  • corner of a small room;
  • hall;
  • winter garden.

In winter, it is advised to use additional lighting to increase daylight hours to 7-8 hours. For this, ordinary fluorescent lamps are suitable..

pandanus growing areaThe pot is placed near the window at a distance of 1 meter to provide the flower with diffused light. To obtain a sufficient amount of ultraviolet radiation, pandanas are recommended to be rotated around their axis. Moreover, it contributes to the uniform development of the crown..

In addition, they maintain an optimal microclimate:

  • temperature regime in summer – within 20-28˚С, and in winter – 16-18˚С;
  • protect from drafts (however, periodically ventilate the room);
  • provide high humidity (60-70%).

leaf washingAlthough the representative of the Pandanov family grows exclusively in hot climates, she still needs regular water procedures. Therefore, spraying and wiping the foliage is carried out weekly. To increase the percentage of moisture, special pallets with pebbles are used, which are constantly watered. To avoid leaf decay, always remove excess moisture in the axils of the trunk. proper care of pandanus

In summer, the flower is rarely taken out to the balcony or street. Otherwise, the culture will begin to develop intensively..

Neighborhood with other indoor plants for pandanus is contraindicated, since such a combination usually spoils the decorativeness of the green corner. Single copies look more original in the interior. Caring for a spiral palm tree at home also means choosing the right container and soil..

Soil mixture and pot

preparation of soil mixtureFor planting an exotic tree, use special palm substrates or universal mixtures. At the same time, a hole and powerful drainage must be made at the bottom of the flowerpot, which should be 2/3 of the volume. Often the soil mixture is prepared independently..

Mix in equal parts:

  • deciduous land;
  • humus;
  • sod composition;
  • sand;
  • peat (if possible).

For young seedlings, transplants are carried out annually, and for adults – every 3-4 years..

pot selectionThe answer to the question of what kind of pot is needed for a pandanus will be the diameter of the flowerpot. By tradition, flower growers take a container 3 cm larger in diameter from the previous one. In this case, the fact that the plant is tall is always taken into account. As a result, the width and height of the pot should be almost the same. The screw palm is transplanted in the spring by the transshipment method so as not to injure the delicate root system. The crown of a large tree is carefully fixed with a tourniquet in a bundle. When it comes to caring for pandanus at home, they also mean feeding and watering..

Adult specimens are not transplanted due to their overall dimensions. In this regard, every 3 years, the top layer of the earth is replaced with a new one..

“Nutritious moisture” for a tropical beauty

pandanus in a comfortable environmentWatering a decorative tree is carried out in 1-2 days. In winter, the frequency of procedures is reduced to 2-3 per week. Be sure to check the drying level of the topsoil, since moisture must constantly be in the root system. For each reception, a small amount of settled water is added. Both top and bottom irrigation systems are successfully used. Pandanus is also “not indifferent” to nutritional supplements..

Therefore, they usually make:

  • mineral fertilizers;
  • organics;
  • liquid formulations.

complex fertilizersIn the spring and summer, useful complexes include a tropical plant in the diet 2 times a month, and in the autumn-winter period – every 4 weeks. This is especially recommended during the period of active growth of the tree..

The plant is regularly inspected for pests and rot. Excess moisture often leads to decay of the rhizome.

The subtleties of reproduction

breeding features of pandanusCuttings are the fastest and most efficient way to reproduce pandanus. As the flower grows on the trunk, children are formed in the form of small bushes. Once they reach 18-22 cm in length, they are separated from the mother culture..

Next, choose one of the rooting methods:

  1. In water. Send the sprout into the water. When roots up to 3 cm long appear, the seedling is transferred to the pot.rooting in water
  2. In the ground. A drainage layer is made at the bottom of the container. Fill it with a mixture of turf and sand (2: 1). The cutting is deepened into the ground by 2 cm, covered with a layer of moss and a cap. The plant is ventilated and sprayed daily. When new leaves appear, the rooted cutting is transplanted to a new location..rooting cuttings in the ground

Despite the striking difference between the above methods, in any case, you can get the desired result. However, a florist should pay attention to pandanus disease when caring for home. Although an exotic crop is not whimsical, certain problems can arise when growing it..

Red zone – diseases and pests

disease and pest controlThe indisputable advantage of the screw pine is its high resistance to various diseases and pests..

However, the tough foliage of the culture often attracts attention:

  • spider mite;
  • scabbards;
  • mealybug;
  • false shields.

An ordinary soap solution can get rid of insect pests. The foliage is washed several times with the product..

Due to improper care, the leaves of the pandanus palm turn yellow, especially in the upper part of the crown. This is usually caused by a lack of moisture or nutritional deficiencies..pandanus leaves turn yellow

Similar symptoms are also found when:

  • watering with hard water mixed with limestone;
  • an excess of calcium in the soil;
  • bright lighting.

In addition, deciduous plates are not protected from burns. Direct sunlight will cause dry spots to form. Nevertheless, with painstaking care of the pandanus at home, the florist will receive a luxurious ornamental plant straight from the tropics. The green foliage of the palm tree will allow him to feel the presence of tropical summer in his home all year round..

Caring for pandanus at home, the moment of transplant – video

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