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What are the features of growing exotic perilla from seeds

growing perilla from seeds Perilla is a perennial herb with a spicy aroma and an unusual, exotic appearance. Growing perilla from seeds is possible both in the open field and in a pot on a windowsill. This allows the gardener to easily grow a colorful herbaceous culture that is widely used in culinary, alternative medicine, cosmetology, and landscape design..

Popular varieties of perilla

unique railing in the garden Perilla is a perennial herb from the Yaroslavl family. Under natural conditions, it grows in China, Japan, India. Due to its spicy aroma and rich composition, perilla is widely used in cooking and herbal medicine. This perennial is used as a decorative decoration of the infield..

There are several dozen types of perilla. Among Russian gardeners, the following varieties are most often used for growing perilla from seeds:

  1. Dewdrop is a tall bush, reaching 1.3-1.6 m in height. It is a hardy variety with red leaves, easy maintenance and grown in regions with cold climates..
  2. Akashiso is a frost-hardy species with purple foliage, reaching 1 m in height.
  3. Aoshiso – bushes up to 1-1.2 m, covered with green leaves and resistant to sudden temperature changes
  4. Mulatto is a low-growing plant native to Korea, growing up to 70-90 cm.The bushes are covered with lush reddish-purple leaves.
  5. Shrub – a tall bush with a lush and powerful burgundy crown, reaching 1.3-1.4 m in height.

types of perilla for cultivationPerilla red mint is a common cultivar. This is a low-growing plant up to 50-60 cm high, covered with purple leaves and fringed edges..perilla red

Due to its aesthetic appeal, red mint is often used in landscape design to create a “hedge” and original compositions.

Growing perilla from seeds

growing perilla from seedsOne of the most popular perilla varieties among Russian gardeners is Rosinka. Growing vegetable perilla Rosinka from seeds is carried out both by sowing directly into open soil, and by preliminary cultivation of seedlings.

The first method is less common. Seeds are sown in open soil in November or early March. This growing method is more suitable for southern territories, since the seedlings take root for a long time and are characterized by slow growth..

For regions of Russia with a temperate climate, growing perilla through seedlings is more suitable.

Seed preparation

perilla seedsTo grow perilla from seeds, you need to properly prepare the seed material. To speed up germination of seedlings, soak the seeds in water and leave for 3 days. During this time, the liquid must be changed to clean one time. For germination, use only fresh seeds that have been stored for no more than 1 year..preparation of perilla seeds for sowing

Perilla seeds can be prepared in another way – put them on wet sand and transfer to a cool place for 7 days..

Growing seedlings

growing seedlingsTo grow perilla Mulatka, Rosinka or any other variety, you need to prepare small plastic containers and a nutrient substrate. To do this, mix peat with humus in a 1: 2 ratio. In addition to the substrate, you can add complex mineral fertilizers.

Be sure to fill the container with a layer of drainage – for example, expanded clay. Then place the perilla seeds in small rows on top of the nutrient medium. Moisten the soil well and cover the container with plastic wrap, without covering the seeds with soil, transfer to a warm room.

The first shoots appear 14-16 days after sowing the seeds. They do not require special care – it is enough to moisten the sprouts and open the film.

Transplant into open soil

the perilla needs to be transplanted into the open groundTransplanting the perilla into open soil is carried out after at least 2 permanent leaves appear on the seedlings. It is best to postpone planting work until the end of May or the first half of June, when the risk of return frosts disappears..

Perilla is distinguished by its unpretentiousness to the quality and composition of the soil, but loves sunlight very much. That is why for its cultivation it is best to choose evenly, well-lit areas, protected from wind and drafts..

Perilla landing

growing perilla from seeds in the open fieldFor the full growth and development of a plant, it is best to start planting it when the air temperature is stable at a level not lower than + 20 ° C. It is necessary to leave a distance of at least 25-30 cm between the perilla bushes, since the plant has a lush, rapidly growing crown.

Rules for planting a railing in open ground:

  • the best option for growing perilla will be the site where beans or peas were grown last year;
  • before planting, dig up the soil to a depth of 15-20 cm;
  • feed the soil with compost at the rate of 30 kg per 10 square meters;
  • sow 3-4 seeds at a distance of 25-35 cm, to a depth of no more than 5 mm.

Gently sprinkle the perilla seeds with soil, water the beds and evenly level the soil with a rake.

When the sprouts are old enough and take root, they must be thinned out. To do this, leave the strongest and healthiest plant from each bush, remove the rest. They can be used as a fragrant spice for meat, fish and vegetable dishes..

Railing maintenance

handrail careThe railings are easy to maintain. When growing a spicy plant, standard measures are used – watering, loosening, weed control and feeding.outdoor handrail maintenance

Basic rules for the care of the railing:

  1. A perennial tolerates a lack of moisture well, so it does not need regular moisture. Perilla should be watered only during prolonged dry weather..blank
  2. Loosening of the soil is carried out after each watering, as well as as the soil dries up. The soil should be loosened very carefully, being careful not to damage the fragile root system of the plant..
  3. Top dressing – perilla can be fed with both complex mineral fertilizers and organic matter (dry bird droppings).

Weeding is done to control and prevent weeds. Like loosening, it requires care..

Growing a railing on a windowsill

growing perilla from seeds on a windowsillFragrant perilla can be grown on a windowsill, in regular flower pots.

Thanks to this, you can get not only fragrant spice, but also a decorative interior decoration.:

  • pour nutrient substrate into small containers;
  • make small grooves;
  • moisten the rows and sow the desired amount of seeds;
  • cover the seeds with plastic wrap, without covering them with soil;
  • place the container on a sunny windowsill;
  • after the sprouts appear, sprinkle them with sand and moisten them well;
  • transplant the grown sprouts into flowerpots;
  • for active growth of perilla and lush foliage, the tops of the shoots must be pinched.

railing on the windowsillPerilla is a perennial herb native to Asia. Due to its attractive appearance, it will become a bright decoration of any personal plot, and its leaves will be a fragrant addition to various dishes. The plant is unpretentious in care, and therefore even novice gardeners can grow it..

Growing perilla from seeds at home – video

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