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Pentas New Look – rules for growing an exotic flower

pentas new bow Pentas New Look is an attractive ornamental plant native to the African rainforest. Russian gardeners successfully grow pentas both outdoors and in flower pots. With proper care, the plant pleases with lush, bright and long-blooming star-shaped inflorescences, for which it is also called the “Egyptian Star”.

Botanical features of the flower

lush blooming shrub Pentas belongs to shrubs or herbaceous evergreens of the Madder family. Under natural conditions, the flower grows in the tropical forests of Africa and the island of Madagascar, where there are more than 50 varieties of pentasa.hybrid variety of pentas

Pentasa New Look is a hybrid variety. Its main features:

  • the bush is round, compact, voluminous and branched;
  • flower height does not exceed 20-26 cm;
  • erect shoots, dark green;
  • leaves are thin, oblong, with a smooth surface;
  • lush inflorescences are red, pink, lilac or white.

In the Russian climate, growing the pentasa New Look outdoors is only possible as an annual plant. As a perennial, an exotic flower is grown at home, in pots or containers.

Growing pentas New Look outdoors

pentas New Look outdoorsGrowing flowers in the open field requires preliminary preparation of seedlings. Seeds of an exotic plant can be bought at flower shops. Before sowing, it is advisable to soak them for 5 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Sowing seeds for growing seedlings is carried out in January.

Choosing a landing site

pentas growing placePentas New Look refers to plants that require an abundance of sunlight. The best option for growing an exotic flower will be a sunny area. Moreover, in the summer heat, the plant should not be in direct sunlight, it should be in shade.

decorates the plot of pentas new bowPentas does not have any special requirements for the quality and composition of the soil, but the flower grows best of all on fertile, well-drained soil. Plant growth slows down in soil with a high salt content.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

growing seedlings from seedsFor growing seedlings, low flower pots or plastic containers are used. Prepare a nutritious substrate consisting of leafy soil, sand and turf soil (in a ratio of 2: 1: 2).

Sowing technique:

  • slightly moisten the potting medium;
  • scatter seeds on the surface of the soil;
  • lightly press the seeds into the soil;
  • do not sprinkle the seeds with earth – this will significantly impair their germination;
  • cover the container with seedlings with glass or plastic wrap;
  • place in a warm and well-lit place.

seedlings after pickingIt is very important to provide the seedlings with the correct temperature regime not lower than + 21-26 ° С. Do not forget about regular moistening of the seedlings using a spray bottle..

After 15-22 days, the seeds germinate, after the appearance of the third true leaf, the seedlings can be dived and planted in separate flower containers.

Planting a pentas in open soil

Planting flowers in open ground is carried out after stable warm weather is established, and the soil warms up to at least + 10-15 ° С. This occurs 5-7 weeks after the young seedlings dive..

For planting pentasa New Look, it is best to choose the sunny sides of a site with rich, fertile soil..

Pentas New Look belongs to moisture-loving crops, so the planting site can be pre-drained by sprinkling some pebbles on the bottom of the planting holes.

After that, the matured seedlings can be planted in prepared holes, covered with soil, lightly tamped and watered abundantly.

Pentas New Look Care

flower carePentas New Look is characterized by minimal maintenance requirements. For a long and lush flowering, the plant requires timely watering, feeding, pruning, as well as treatment from diseases and pests.

mulchingExotic pentas is a moisture-loving plant that needs to be moisturized regularly. In summer and spring, watering is carried out at least 2 times a week, as the upper layers of the earth dry. Excess moisture is no less dangerous for the flower than its lack, as it causes rotting of the root system and the rapid death of the pentas.

For irrigation of the pentas, only filtered or soft settled water, free of chlorine, is used.

Top dressing

mineral fertilizers for pentasFor prolonged flowering of the pentas, regular feeding is required, which is applied throughout the growing season. Fertilizers need to be applied every 15 days. For this purpose, mineral complexes are used, intended for ornamental flowering plants and containing iron and nitrogen..

Fertilizers are diluted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Top dressing is applied directly during irrigation.


beautiful lush bushIn order for the New Look pentasa bushes to have a beautiful, neat shape, it is necessary to systematically prune them. To improve bushiness, crown formation is carried out.

Also, when caring for an exotic flower, it is advisable to pinch the upper part of young shoots from time to time. Thanks to this, it is possible to give the plant a different shape and increase the formation of flowering shoots. When growing a plant in open soil, transplanting is not carried out, since it is cultivated as an annual crop.

Diseases and pests

drug against diseasesPentas New Look has strong immunity. But in some cases, the plant can be attacked by spider mites or scale insects. To combat insect pests, insecticidal preparations are used – Aktara, Aktellik.

Among the diseases that affect pentas are leaf chlorosis. The disease can be identified by yellowing, lethargy and drying of the foliage. In such cases, the flowers need to be treated with iron chelates..

garden decoration pentas new lookPentas New Look is a vibrant herb that many Russian gardeners love. With minimal maintenance, this plant will become an exotic decoration of the garden plot, and the variety of color palette allows it to be used in landscape design.

New fashionable flower Pentas New Look – video

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