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What you need to know about planting heliopsis and caring for a sun flower

heliopsis planting and care The American continent is considered the birthplace of a large and bright “chamomile”. However, today, planting and caring for heliopsis is a common thing for our gardeners. The plant has been decorating mixborders and alpine slides for a long time. Its compact varieties are grown in large pots on verandas or terraces. Dissolving its lush buds, the flower illuminates the suburban area, both in clear and cloudy weather. What attracts flower lovers of flora? How to grow such beauty on your site? Is there a secret to successful plant care? We will find out the answers to the questions and feel the love for the sunny flower.

It’s always joyful with him

bright suns in the garden These are the feelings that a bright perennial called heliopsis evokes. Translated from Greek, it means “sunlike”. And this is no coincidence. Bright golden balls really resemble the greatest daylight.

plant of the aster familyThe culture belongs to the numerous “Astrovye” family. Its close relatives are sunflower, majors and rudbeckia. However, heliopsis flowers are distinguished by their unique elegance. Biologists distinguish over 10 varieties that are widely used to create stylish designs. Let’s get to know some of them.

Sunflower heliopsis

sunflower helioptisThe plant rises above the soil by about 100 cm.

The foliage is characterized by:

  • opposite arrangement on the branches;
  • the integrity of the plate;
  • oval shape;
  • jagged bezel.

Golden-colored buds are up to 9 cm in diameter. Depending on the variety, there are double and semi-double variations. Blooming is pleasing to the eye almost all summer. There are several varieties of the variety..

Grungy heliopsis

rough heliopsisThe variety was bred on the basis of the Sunflower specimen. The culture grows up to 1.5 m. The foliage and shoots are covered with hard villi, for which the rough heliopsis got its name. The bright inflorescence is colored fiery yellow. Its diameter varies from 5 to 7 cm. It fits perfectly into the country landscape design. The plant is also used to decorate the boundary line..

heliopsis golden ballsHeliopsis Golden balls is especially popular. It has lush foliage and large buds. Sometimes they bloom at the same time, completely covering the greenery. The plant is not afraid of cold weather, therefore it endures winters without shelter..

The flower looks original on a flower bed with calendula and rudbeckia.

Lorain Sunshine

Lorraine Sunshine varietyThe flower has a pleasant aroma. It grows up to 80 cm. The buds consist of a compact basket framed with yellow lanceolate petals. Leaf plates are distinguished by white-green ripples, which give the plant a unique decorative effect..

Summer Knights

summer knights varietyThe variety appeared thanks to American breeders. Flowers grow up to 1.2 m. They have brownish stems covered with leaves with a bright bronze tint. In the center of the bud there is an orange-scarlet core. The petals are painted in a rich yellow color.

Heliopsis Asahi

Asahi varietyFrom the outside, the variety resembles miniature dahlias, which attracts the attention of gardeners. Asahi’s heliopsis buds have practically no core. The petals are compactly arranged in a “basket” and are colored yellow or orange.


heliopsis goldenfeaderThe culture belongs to the double flower varieties. The petals of the buds are neatly arranged in rows that go one after the other. The result is voluminous “chamomile”. They smell good and are able to decorate any flower bed..

Planting heliopsis and care in the open area

planting heliopsis and care in the open fieldTo get a sunny flower, let’s figure out its agricultural technology..

There are several options for planting a plant:

  • through seedlings;
  • sowing seeds directly to a flower bed;
  • reproduction by dividing the bush.

Each of them has its own characteristics, times and terms. Applying the advice of experts in practice, we will receive a sunny flower for a flower bed as a gift.

We grow seedlings

sowing seeds for seedlingsThe process of planting a heliospice and caring for it begins with the preparation of a high-quality substrate.

It consists of components:

  • sod land;
  • peat;
  • coarse sand (river).

15 days before sowing, the mixture is impregnated with a solution of potassium permanganate and covered with film or glass. After the expiration of the period, it is poured into a container with a hole at the bottom, after laying the drainage.

The topsoil is leveled. The grain is sown and moistened with a spray bottle. Cover with glass from above or stretch polyethylene. The containers are taken to a room where there is an abundance of sunlight and a temperature of about + 20 ° C. After a week, they are removed to a colder place (maximum temperature + 4 ° C). During this period, the planting material will undergo a stratification procedure..

It is advisable to regularly remove the shelter in order to ventilate the crops and remove the formed condensate.

seedlings of heliopsisWhen sprouts appear, the glass or film is removed. Fortified seedlings dive into separate containers filled with fertile soil. Then they are transferred to a room with a temperature of up to + 15 ° C. Before planting in open ground, the flowers are systematically moistened.

Everything has its time

heliopsis is ready for open ground transplantThe planting period of heliopsis is of great importance for its development. The plant may suffer from spring frosts, and then all the work will be in vain. Therefore, the seedlings are transferred to the flower bed in late May or early June..

The site must meet the following requirements:

  • an abundance of light;
  • lack of drafts;
  • clay soil.

In addition, before planting heliopsis in a flower bed, the drainage layer is covered. For this, the top layer of the earth is removed. Fine gravel and sand are laid. Level the site, and then return the soil to its place. Holes are made in the flowerbed, a little water is poured into them and heliopsis bushes are planted.

Flowers are placed at a distance of 50 cm from each other.

Simplified landing option

sowing seeds in open ground

To sow a crop directly into open ground, a number of simple procedures are followed:

  • plow the area thoroughly;
  • fall asleep drainage;
  • level the surface;
  • make small funnels;
  • sow grain.

The covered area is watered from a spray bottle. After 25 days, sprouts will appear. Dense crops are thinned out, leaving the best specimens. Carefully weed the flowerbed.

Dividing the bush

young heliopsis bushLong-term heliopsis needs rejuvenation. In about 5-7 years, the culture loses its decorative effect, so it is transplanted. In the spring, the bushes are carefully dug out of the flower bed. The rhizome is cut into several parts, so that each has 3 live buds. The resulting specimens are placed in a flower bed and watered abundantly.

The rules of loving care

caring careGardeners noticed that neglect of plants often leads to a loss of decorativeness, and sometimes death. Heliopsis hybrid varieties require special attention. In dry periods, the flowers are additionally moistened with a watering can or a spray bottle. A few days after the procedure, the dried soil is slightly fluffed so that the root system receives a dose of oxygen..

garden decoration heliopsisIf flowers grow on rich soil, refrain from fertilizers. Otherwise, heliopsis will release many shoots without buds. To form a beautiful bush, the plant is cut off and the tops are pinched. Thanks to this, it shoots out side branches and gradually rounds out. Supports are installed near young specimens. They help the culture withstand strong winds and heavy rainfall..

If the flowers are struck by aphids, they are treated with a solution of laundry soap or an insecticide.

The technology of planting heliopsis and caring for it in an open flower bed is quite simple for novice gardeners. The first step is to choose a crop variety. Then the sowing method: in open ground or for seedlings. Prepare the land for the container and in the flower bed. Follow the diagram provided by the agronomists. As a result, a solar flower called heliopsis will shine with its fire in the country..

Planting heliopsis and care at their summer cottage – video

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