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Subtleties and rules for reproduction of crossandra by seeds and cuttings

reproduction of crossandra Crossandra is an ornamental plant from the tropics, distinguished by its luxurious appearance, fragility and capricious “character”. Reproduction of crossandra at home occurs in two ways – by cuttings and seeds. Each of them requires strict adherence to the rules, because with any mistakes in the cultivation of the crossandra, it quickly loses its decorative effect. Proper care will result in a lush and long-lasting flowering that can last from spring to the first frost..

Growing crossandra from seeds

growing crossandra from seeds In the wild, there are about 50 varieties of plants, but only two varieties are used in home floriculture – prickly and funnel-shaped crossandra. There are two ways to propagate crossandra at home – by seeds and cuttings..

The seed method is not very popular, since it does not guarantee the preservation of the characteristics of the mother plant. All plant varieties, especially hybrid ones, reproduce best vegetatively. But successful cultivation and adherence to all the subtleties allows you to get a luxurious flower from seeds.

Preparation of planting material

seed preparationBefore growing a crossandra from seeds, you need to prepare planting material. For sowing, seeds are used that are harvested from the plant or bought in a specialized store..

Seeds, self-collected from crossandra, do not need preliminary preparation – they are distinguished by excellent germination. Store shops need to be soaked for 2 hours in water (23-25 ​​° C) or in a solution of any growth stimulant (Zircon, Epin Extra, Heteroauxin).

Capacity and substrate

preparation of container and substrateFor the propagation of crossandra by seeds, a substrate made from sand, moistened peat, sphagnum and coconut fiber is best suited. All of these components can be purchased at specialist horticultural stores. Such soil is distinguished by good air permeability, promotes the rooting of seeds and their active germination..

For sowing seeds, you need to prepare small containers or pots, you can use peat containers.

Sowing seeds

the first shoots of seeds of crossandraCrossandra seeds are sown to a depth of no more than 5 mm, evenly over the surface of a loose substrate. The container must be covered with glass or plastic wrap and transferred to a warm and well-lit place.

For the germination of crossandra seeds, it is very important to maintain an air temperature of 22-24 ° C, as well as regularly moisten the soil with a spray bottle, they cannot be watered.

Crossandra seeds collected from the plant will sprout in about 7-10 days, purchased ones a little slower – within 15-20 days. After 4 weeks, young seedlings must be dived into separate pots..

care for seedlings of crossandraAfter that, after another 25-30 days, the crossandra can be pinched and transplanted into larger pots – 3-4 shoots each. For cultivation, it is best to use a nutritious substrate made from sod soil, rotted humus and peat. The top layer of the substrate should be made of perlite or sand.

Propagation of crossandra by cuttings

reproduction of crossandra by cuttingsThe method of propagation of crossandra by cuttings is more common and popular. It is simpler and more efficient than growing a plant from seed. For propagation, cuttings up to 7-10 cm long are used..

preparation of cuttings

The cuttings must be cut off, then the excess leaves must be removed, and the cut sites must be sprinkled with any Epin preparation or other growth stimulant. For germination, cuttings can be planted both in water and soil..

Rooting cuttings

rooting cuttings in water and soilOne of the most popular methods is the propagation of crossandra by cuttings in water. To do this, the cutting, separated from the mother plant, must be placed in a container with water. When the roots appear, they can be transplanted into pre-prepared soil..

For rooting cuttings of the crossandra, you can use a light nutritious substrate. Seedlings are planted in a large container with soil, which must be regularly moistened – this will speed up the rooting of cuttings..

Cover the container with plastic wrap, a lid, or glass. In this way, you can germinate cuttings of crossandra throughout the year..

Planting crossandra

transplanting rooted cuttings into a spacious potAfter rooting, the cuttings germinate for 30-60 days. After that, the seedlings can be pinched and planted in 3-5 pieces in large-diameter flowerpots. The drainage layer is necessarily filled up in the pot – thanks to this, the plant will be more lush.nutrient soil

On top of the drainage, soil is poured prepared from the following components:

  • perlite or sand;
  • rotted humus;
  • leaf turf;
  • peat.

These components are taken in a ratio of 1: 3: 3: 3. Every winter, in late January or early February, the plant must be transplanted into a new substrate, additionally enriched with minerals. With each transplant, the size of the flowerpot should be increased..

Crossandra care after planting

caring for crossandraAfter germination of cuttings or seeds, crossandra takes 7-8 months before reaching adult “age”. Under natural conditions, the plant reaches 85-100 cm in height, when grown at home – no more than 40-50 cm.

Crossandra care rules:

  1. The tropical flower is very fond of uniform sunlight, but it should not be placed in direct sunlight. This can lead to reddening of its leaves. It is best to place a pot of crossandra under diffused sunlight..
  2. In the room, it is important to maintain the air temperature not lower than + 18 ° С.temperature conditions
  3. On summer days, the leaves of the crossandra should be sprayed in the morning and in the evening with a spray bottle. For this, it is better to use settled or filtered water..
  4. The plant needs regular watering. In summer, it is watered every 8-10 days, in winter – no more than once every 15 days..
  5. Twice a month, the crossandra must be fed with complex mineral fertilizers for indoor plants.the result of proper care
  6. From October to February, the plant is dormant. At this time, you need to stop feeding and limit watering..

Crossandra is a beautiful houseplant with lush flowers and a whimsical character. With strict adherence to all the nuances and careful care, the florist will receive a bright and colorful flowering, lasting from spring to autumn..

Successful reproduction of crossandra by cuttings – video

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